1 September 2014

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11:02 PMFalling Skies - Space Oddity: Lexi's return complicates Tom's mission; Lexi is forced to save her father's life.
12:03 AMFalling Skies - Shoot the Moon: Tom and Lexi must find a way to destroy the Espheni power core; an Espheni bomb is dropped.
1:04 AMAmerican Gangster: A chauffeur rises to prominence as the most-powerful crime boss in 1970s Harlem.
4:00 AMLaw & Order - Virtue: A rape/murder investigation leads to a high-ranking city official.
5:00 AMSmallville - Wither: Clark and Chloe pursue a creature who uses male human bodies to procreate.
6:00 AMSmallville - Arrow: Lois witnesses the Green Arrow steal a rare diamond necklace from Martha's neck.
7:00 AMCharmed - The Demon Who Came in From the Cold: Cole infiltrates an underworld brotherhood to learn about an evil.
8:00 AMCharmed - Exit Strategy: Danger grows when a former mentor plots to turn Cole's powers against the sisters.
9:00 AMSupernatural - Clip Show: When Sam and Dean reunite with Castiel, they find a film that could be the key to the third trial.
10:00 AMSupernatural - Sacrifice: Dean and Sam are cornered as Crowley is poised to undo all the good they have ever done.
11:00 AMRizzoli & Isles - A New Day: Jane works to solve the murder of a jogger; Jane tries to hide her pregnancy from her mother.
12:00 PMRizzoli & Isles - ... Goodbye: The team tries to unravel a bizarre case while dealing with the loss of a colleague.
1:00 PMRizzoli & Isles - Too Good to Be True: Jane discovers that it will be difficult to keep her pregnancy quiet.
2:00 PMRizzoli & Isles - Doomsday: A man is found murdered inside his doomsday fallout shelter; Frankie keeps a secret.
3:00 PMRizzoli & Isles - The Best Laid Plans: The team investigates the murder of a wealthy woman with terminal cancer; Maura meets a man.
4:00 PMRizzoli & Isles - Knockout: While Maura is away at a convention, Jane needs Susie's help to solve a murder.
5:00 PMRizzoli & Isles - Boston Keltic: Jane and Maura are brought into the world of Keltic writings by the murder of a rare bookseller.
6:00 PMRizzoli & Isles - Lost & Found: The team tries to find a witness to the contract killing of a woman outside of a nightclub.
7:00 PMRizzoli & Isles - It Takes a Village: The team's skills are tested when the mummified remains of a woman are found; Jane tries to recover.
8:00 PMRizzoli & Isles - Phoenix Rising: Jane refuses to believe that she is not ready to go back on duty.
9:00 PMDallas - Hurt: Elena confronts the Ewings for what J.R. did to her father and for framing Cliff.
10:01 PMDallas - Hurt: Elena confronts the Ewings for what J.R. did to her father and for framing Cliff.
11:02 PMCastle - Still: When Beckett steps on a pressure-sensitive bomb, the team searches for a way to save her.