25 August 2016

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10:15 PMMiracle in the Rain: A mousy New York secretary meets and loves a lonely soldier, but then loses him to war.
12:15 AMTwo Girls and a Sailor: A sailor from a rich family meets a nightclub-singing sister act in wartime New York.
2:30 AMThe Romance of Rosy Ridge: A mysterious Civil War veteran courts a Missouri farmer's daughter amid postwar unrest.
4:30 AMInvitation: A rich man buys a husband for his dying daughter, and she finds out.
6:00 AMLured: A dancer helps Scotland Yard identify a murderer.
7:45 AMThe Lost Patrol: Unseen Arab snipers hunt World War I British cavalrymen in the desert.
9:00 AMDick Tracy Meets Gruesome: Tess Trueheart tips off Tracy to an ugly crook who robs banks with a paralyzing gas.
10:15 AMThe Mask of Fu Manchu: Fiendish Fu races archaeologists and a Scotland Yard inspector to the relics of Genghis Khan.
11:45 AMThe Fatal Hour: Master sleuth Mr. Wong and a newswoman help a police captain catch a killer.
1:00 PMBritish Intelligence: A British pilot and a double agent catch a German spy posing as a Cabinet butler.
2:15 PMThe Walking Dead: A scientist revives a framed man sent to the electric chair.
3:30 PMThe Man They Could Not Hang: A hanged mad scientist returns for revenge, revived by a mechanical heart.
4:45 PMThe Terror: A French lieutenant follows a ghostly beauty to a baron's Baltic coast castle.
6:15 PMBlack Sabbath: Karloff introduces tales of a haunted nurse, a stalked call girl and a vampire.
8:00 PMFrankenstein: Baron Frankenstein creates a monster from cadavers and a killer's brain.
9:30 PMBride of Frankenstein: Baron Frankenstein creates a hissing, frizzy-haired female for his other monster.
11:00 PMThe Mummy: An Egyptian mummy searches Cairo for the girl he thinks is his long-lost princess.