21 December 2014

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMCops Reloaded: A man's grandmother scolds him for being caught carrying drugs and a gun; an abusive husband.
12:00 AMCops Reloaded: A suspect tests his swimming skills while evading police; a driver gives chase and crashes.
12:30 AMCops Reloaded: A suicidal man's plan to have police shoot him backfires; a driver begs to speak to her lawyer.
1:00 AMCops Reloaded: A drug dealer swallows incriminating evidence; a woman is questioned for spraying mace.
1:30 AMRon White: They Call Me Tater Salad: The comic's unique views on contemporary American life including bouncers and his ex-wife.
3:00 AMDiggin Up Bones: $188.00 free S&H145 pieces Existing upsells / flex-pay (1st- $94.00 & ``free S&H'' / 2nd- $94.00).
3:30 AMTotal Gym for $14.95: Total Gym Fit is the only piece of fitness equipment you need to get into the best shape ever.
4:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
5:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
6:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
7:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
8:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
9:00 AMCMT Music: Music videos.
10:00 AMCMT Social: Vote of music videos; send requests by hashtagging ``CMTSocial.''
11:00 AMHot 20 Countdown: A countdown of the 20 biggest music videos and the hottest news stories in country music.
2:00 PMReba - Where There's Smoke: Cheyenne and Van must run interference at a client party after Reba takes a pill, by mistake.
2:40 PMReba - Reba and the One: Barbra Jean signs Reba up for an online dating, Reba starts spending less time with the family.
3:20 PMReba - As Is: When Reba teams up with Van to invest in real estate, Van buys an uninspected house.
4:00 PMBurlesque: A small-town gal with a great voice becomes a performer in a musical revue.
7:00 PMA Christmas Story 2: Teenage Ralphie and his friends must earn enough money to fix his new car before Christmas Eve.
9:30 PMCops Reloaded: A suspect's getaway hits a snag when his pants get caught on a fence; an emotional breakdown.
10:00 PMCops Reloaded: A little person challenges an officer; police settle a violent fight between two combatants.
10:30 PMCops Reloaded: A driver goes in circles to evade police; officers force a drug suspect to spit out his cocaine.
11:00 PMCops Reloaded: An officer deals with a rowdy restaurant patron; an undercover sting nails several drug offenders.
11:30 PMCops Reloaded: A carjacker with 13 warrants is outnumbered by police; an officer takes away a woman's boyfriend.