20 April 2015

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10:02 PMGone: A year after escaping from a serial killer, a woman tries to rescue her sister from the same madman.
12:02 AMThe Surrogate: Hoping to have a baby, a college professor and his wife hire a surrogate who has a deadly agenda.
2:04 AMGone: A year after escaping from a serial killer, a woman tries to rescue her sister from the same madman.
4:04 AMWinning The Wrinkle War With Dr. Denese SkinScience: Winning the Wrinkle War with Dr.Denese SkinScience. Guaranteed by GuthyRenker or your money back.
4:34 AMSit & Workout!: Get an easy and convenient total body workout in just minutes a day!
5:04 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:34 AMCeleb Hair Styling Tips: The Instyler rotating hot iron is a hair straightening and curling tool unlike any other!
6:00 AMCindy Crawford Reveals Secret to Ageless Beauty: Cindy Crawford's supermodel secret to youthful, radiant-looking skin with Meaningful Beauty.
6:30 AMNew Zumba Incredible Results System: Zumba Incredible Results is an all-new DVD system packed with exciting, easy-to-follow workouts.
7:00 AMWEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System: WEN by Chaz Dean is revolutionary hair care that cleans and conditions without harsh chemicals.
7:30 AMMission Makeover - The Grit to Be Great  : Team building; challenging your sweet tooth with Zing; dance fun fitness.
8:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: Charlotte Polis; Chad Langford; Jeannie Wagner; Peru's Nazca Plateau.
9:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: The FBI conducts an undercover drug sting in Miami; missing rock star.
10:00 AMFrasier - The Doctor Is Out: Seattle's opera conductor believes Frasier is gay and starts wooing him with lavish gifts.
10:30 AMFrasier - The Babysitter: Frasier and Martin fall for the boys' childhood sitter; Niles begins to show anxiety.
11:00 AMFrasier - The Placeholder: Frasier feels like a fifth wheel at dinner; Roz is determined to find someone for Frasier.
11:30 AMFrasier - I'm Listening: Frasier overhears his dad's new girlfriend make a date with another man.
12:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Natural History: The gang attends a black-tie fundraiser at the Natural History Museum; Ted meets Zoey's husband.
12:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Glitter: Barney finds a copy of the kids' show featuring Robin's alter ego.
1:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - Fear (of the Unknown): The doctors bid Cristina farewell; a possible act of terrorism rocks the city.
2:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - A Hard Day's Night: Surgical intern Meredith Grey tries to balance life and work.
3:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - The First Cut Is the Deepest: A young woman clings to life after a brutal attack, leaving the surgical staff optimistic.
4:00 PMWife Swap - Martin/Vallone: A Rastafarian mother relies on Jah to provide for her family.
5:00 PMWife Swap - Carmichael/Hanna: A woman who raises pigs swaps lives with an artistic belly dancer.
6:00 PMDance Moms - Mackenzie's Time to Shine  : Mackenzie has the opportunity to prove herself; Abby decides to push the envelope with a routine.
7:00 PMDance Moms - Hollywood, Round Two  : The ALDC returns to Los Angeles to compete; Abby decides to manage Kendall's new singing career.
8:00 PMDance Moms - Dance & Chat: Maddie vs. Kalani  : Determined to have a victory, the girls face Murrieta Dance Project; Abby gives solos.
9:00 PMDance Moms - Video Killed the ADLC Star  : JoJo and Kendall have challenging solos for the last competition in Los Angeles.
10:02 PMKim of Queens - Hannah in a Huff  : Allisyn takes the mothers out for a night on the town; Kim prepares the girls for a pageant.
11:02 PMLittle Women: LA: Terra's Little Family - Everything Is Not Okay  : Terra has a breakdown when she realizes that she and Joe are not totally ready for the baby.
11:32 PMLittle Women: LA: Terra's Little Family - The Final Countdown  : Tonya gives Terra some advice about being a mother; Joe and Terra celebrate their last night alone.