26 November 2014

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMInside the NFL - 2014 Week 13
12:30 AMWeb Therapy - Charity Galore  : A past patient calls from witness protection; Ewan tries to get Fiona to declare his brother insane.
1:00 AMDjango Unchained: A former slave and a German bounty hunter roam the American South in search of wanted criminals.
3:50 AMGosford Park: When a murder occurs during a hunting party in England, guests and servants must remain inside.
6:15 AMThe Rugrats Movie: Toddlers get lost in the forest while trying to return an infant to the hospital. Animated.
7:45 AMA Night at the Roxbury: Brainless brothers want their own dance club.
9:15 AMStep Up Revolution: Dancers band together to save their historic neighborhood from a developer.
11:00 AMLost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued: Musicians record an album using newly discovered lyrics originally written by Bob Dylan in 1967.
12:50 PMLost Songs Videos
1:00 PMFruitvale Station: Flashbacks reveal the final day in the life of Oscar Grant, a young man shot dead by police.
2:30 PMLincoln: In his final months, Lincoln takes steps to ensure the end of slavery forever.
5:00 PMAugust: Osage County: Their father's funeral reunites three sisters with their corrosive mother.
7:00 PMSinister: A true-crime novelist uncovers a supernatural force behind the gruesome murders of a family.
9:00 PMThe Affair: The Solloways return to Brooklyn as the summer comes to an end.
10:00 PMHomeland - There's Something Else Going On: Carrie uses improvisation to salvage her mission; the CIA closes in on a leak.
11:00 PMSex With Sunny Megatron - The More the Merrier  : Sunny conducts a sexy, calorie-burning experiment and checks into online orgies.
11:30 PMThe Affair: The Solloways return to Brooklyn as the summer comes to an end.