23 July 2014

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10:00 PMThe Covenant: A corporate climber falls under the spell of an evil character.
12:30 AMThe X-Files - Darkness Falls: Mulder and Scully investigate the disappearances of loggers in Washington state.
1:30 AMThe X-Files - Tooms: Mulder is upset when an accused killer is freed because of insufficient evidence.
2:30 AMThe X-Files - Born Again: Mulder and Scully investigate an 8-year-old suspect when two cops are killed.
3:30 AM1 girl 5 gays: AJ and the boys talk about politics.
4:00 AMEating Out: The Open Weekend: Zack and Benji open their relationship for a weekend of fun at a gay resort in Palm Springs.
6:00 AMScandalicious - 20 Extreme Celebrity Feuds  : Everybody likes a good fight, especially if the brawlers are A-list stars.
7:00 AMScandalicious - Sexiest Nearly Naked Celebs  : A peek at some of the sexiest, most revealing and riskiest fashion choices of the hottest stars.
8:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Built to Kill: Grissom finds clues in a miniature replica of a crime scene from the death of a rock star.
9:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Toe Tags: The bodies in the morgue give voice to their own murder investigations.
10:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Fannysmackin': The team investigates a spree of brutal beatings that take place within a few hours of one another.
11:00 AMCSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Double-Cross: The team uncovers a love triangle that could reveal a murderer.
12:00 PMDesigning Women - Reese's Friend: Julia jumps to the conclusion that Reese is seeing another woman.
12:30 PMDesigning Women - Nashville Bound: Charlene is convinced that she will become the next country music star.
1:00 PMDesigning Women - O Susannah: Suzanne volunteers her services as a temporary foster mother to a Vietnamese girl (Connie Lew).
1:30 PMDesigning Women - Mary Jo's Dad Dates Charlene: Mary Jo's divorced father takes a romantic interest in Charlene.
2:00 PMDesigning Women - Seams From a Marriage: The Sugarbakers suspect a lucrative assignment means compromise.
2:30 PMDesigning Women - Grand Slam, Thank You Ma'am: Suzanne's baseball star ex-husband reveals intimate details in his autobiography.
3:00 PMDesigning Women - Bachelor Suite: Mary Jo is sexually harassed by a handsome and wealthy client.
3:30 PMThe Golden Girls - Dancing in the Dark: Rose feels insecure about her romance with a college professor (Harold Gould).
4:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Not Another Monday: Sophia faces a moral dilemma when an ill friend asks for help in ending her life.
4:30 PMThe Golden Girls - That Old Feeling: Blanche turns the tables and proposes to her brother-in-law (George Grizzard).
5:00 PMThe Golden Girls - Comedy of Errors: Dorothy's stab at stand-up shtick is sidetracked by Sophia's heckling.
5:30 PMThe Nanny - Fran Gets Mugged: When Fran and Brighton are mugged in Central Park, the perpetrator gets more than a purse.
6:00 PMThe Nanny - Pen Pal: Fran panics when her longtime pen pal wants to meet face-to-face.
6:30 PMThe Nanny - Franny and the Professor: C.C.'s college-professor brother bets he can make Fran a ``Jeopardy'' contestant.
7:00 PMThe Nanny - The Dope Diamond: Fran accepts a marriage proposal from a doctor, but the groom-to-be vanishes.
7:30 PMGhost Town: A dentist sees spirits after having a near-death experience.
10:00 PMBatman Returns: The Caped Crusader clashes with Catwoman and saves gloomy Gotham City from the foul Penguin's plot.