28 November 2015

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11:00 PMLocal Programming
11:30 PMThe Facts of Life - Dream Marriage: Blair dreams of the future for herself and her friends.
12:00 AMA Different World - Monet Is the Root of All Evil: Whitley sponsors an art show that is labeled obscene by an outside group.
12:31 AMA Different World - If I Should Die Before I Wake: An oratory professor (Whoopi Goldberg) gives her class a unique assignment.
1:03 AMA Different World - Never Can Say Goodbye: Ron begs a dean (Robert Guillaume) to let him make up a course.
1:34 AMA Different World - We've Only Just Begun: Dwayne buys a ring; Whitley eyes another gem.
2:05 AMA Different World - The Dwayne Mutiny: Dwayne is not getting any support when Whitley threatens to walk out and his algebra class mutinies.
2:34 AMA Different World - Home Is Where the Fire Is: Bickering distracts Whitley and Kim from a hazard in Lena's (Jada Pinkett) room.
3:03 AMBewitched - Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory: Larry almost loses an important client when Aunt Clara intercedes.
3:32 AMBewitched - The Crone of Cawdor: Endora casts aspersions on Darrin's trustworthiness when his new client is attractive.
4:00 AMBewitched - No More, Mr. Nice Guy: Annoyed by Darrin's popularity, Endora makes everyone hate him.
4:30 AMBewitched - It's Wishcraft: Darrin is worried that his parents will discover that Tabitha can levitate her toys.
5:00 AMBewitched - How to Fail in Business With All Kinds of Help: Darrin looses an account when he thinks his client Madame Maruska is Endora.
5:30 AMBewitched - Bewitched, Bothered and Infuriated: Aunt Clara's failing powers create panic for the Tates on their second honeymoon.
6:00 AMRoseanne - Construction Junction: Dan weighs a business opportunity; Jackie fears her new computer.
6:30 AMRoseanne - Springtime for David: David leaves the Conner household to work and live at a bizarre amusement park.
7:00 AMRoseanne - Another Mouth to Shut Up: Roseanne and Dan are shocked and have very different reactions to Darlene and David's big news.
7:30 AMRoseanne - Morning Becomes Obnoxious: A television news reporter interviews Roseanne in the street.
8:00 AMRoseanne - Ballroom Blitz: Roseanne helps pay for Darlene's wedding; Bev takes dance lessons.
8:30 AMRoseanne - The Wedding: Dan and Roseanne express their emotions on Darlene's wedding day.
9:00 AMRoseanne - Heart & Soul: David and Darlene postpone their honeymoon when an unplanned event occurs at the wedding reception.
9:30 AMRoseanne - Fights and Stuff: Dan and Roseanne's marriage is threatened after Dan returns home from the hospital.
10:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Mother and Daughter: Tootie and her mother seem unable to communicate.
10:30 AMThe Facts of Life - All by Herself: Blair edges Geri out of charity-auction plans.
11:00 AMThe Facts of Life - Seems Like Old Times: Jo's Brooklyn boyfriend returns unexpectedly.
11:30 AMThe Facts of Life - Joint Custody: Raymond's impending divorce may end Edna's Edibles.
12:00 PMThe Facts of Life - The Summer of '84: Mrs. Garrett and the girls reminisce about summer.
12:30 PMThe Facts of Life - Slices of Life: Jo's pizza business does better than she planned.
1:00 PMThe Facts of Life - Love at First Byte: Natalie takes a risk when she chooses computer dating as the subject of her term paper.
1:30 PMThe Facts of Life - My Boyfriend's Back: Tootie worries about being accepted by Jeff's pals.
2:00 PMThe Facts of Life - Cruisin': The girls go cruising to find Mr. Right.
2:30 PMThe Poseidon Adventure: Clergyman leads capsized-liner survivors to high point.
6:00 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - RuVealed: Draggle Rock: The queens connect with their inner child when they star in a children's television show.
7:00 PMRuPaul's Drag Race - RuVealed: Black Swan: Why It Gotta Be Black?: The queens enter the world of classical ballet where they are coached by choreographer Travis Wall.
8:00 PMSome Like It Hot: To evade gangsters, two men don skirts and makeup and join an all-girl band with a sizzling singer.
11:30 PMSome Like It Hot: To evade gangsters, two men don skirts and makeup and join an all-girl band with a sizzling singer.