1 September 2014

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10:00 PMBatman Returns: The Caped Crusader clashes with Catwoman and saves gloomy Gotham City from the foul Penguin's plot.
1:00 AMBatman Returns: The Caped Crusader clashes with Catwoman and saves gloomy Gotham City from the foul Penguin's plot.
4:00 AMHappy Endings - Secrets and Limos: Brad has a hard time relating to his boss; Dave is afraid to introduce his girlfriend to the gang.
4:30 AMHappy Endings - Spooky Endings: While Brad and Jane are house-sitting in the suburbs, the rest of the gang attends a party.
5:00 AMHappy Endings - Lying Around: Brad lies and says he has to go out of town for work when Jane's former sorority sister visits.
5:30 AMHappy Endings - Full Court Dress: Alex offers to design Jane a dress for Jane for a charity event; Penny helps Max baby-sit.
6:00 AMHappy Endings - The Code War: The return of Max's high-school girlfriend affects everyone in the group differently.
6:30 AMHappy Endings - Grinches Be Crazy: Desperate to earn money, Max agrees to play Santa at Penny's charity event.
7:00 AMHappy Endings - You Snooze, You Bruise: Dave gets bullied at the gym and Alex teaches him to fight back; residents challenge Jane.
7:30 AMHappy Endings - The Shrink, the Dare, Her Date and Her Brother: Dave has a surprising reaction when his shrink starts dating Penny; Alex and Brad bond.
8:00 AMHappy Endings - Makin' Changes!: Penny tries to change the slacker she is dating; Brad starts acting like he did in college.
8:30 AMHappy Endings - The St. Valentine's Day Maxssacre: Alex seeks out a party in a questionable part of town; Max has an encounter with an ex-boyfriend.
9:00 AMHappy Endings - Meat the Parrots: Dave's father comes to town with his new girlfriend -- Penny's mother; Alex adopts a parrot.
9:30 AMNewNowNext Music: Music videos geared toward the gay community.
10:00 AMWill & Grace - Wedding Balls: Will persuades Grace to help plan the wedding for his visiting friends.
10:30 AMWill & Grace - Fagel Attraction: Will goes under cover with a sociable detective after his laptop computer is ripped off.
11:00 AMWill & Grace - Cheatin' Trouble Blues: Will presents his parents with a cruise for their anniversary.
11:30 AMWill & Grace - Went to a Garden Potty: Grace accidentally beheads Will's beloved garden gnome.
12:00 PMHappy Endings - The Butterfly Effect Effect: The gang relies on Brad and Jane's annual argument to let them know when winter will end.
12:30 PMHappy Endings - Cocktails & Dreams: Dave gets a liquor license for his food truck, making it a new hot spot; the gang avoids Dave.
1:00 PMHappy Endings - The Kerkovich Way: Alex and Jane try to convince Dave that he is remembering something that never happened.
1:30 PMHappy Endings - Party of Six: After years of bad luck celebrating Penny's birthday, the gang starts to believe the day is cursed.
2:00 PMHappy Endings - Big White Lies: Things spiral out of control after Penny tells a white lie to avoid an irritating childhood friend.
2:30 PMHappy Endings - Kickball 2: The Kickening: When Alex gets everyone to play on her store-sponsored kickball team, Jane defects to a better team.
3:00 PMHappy Endings - Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and One Funeral): The gang goes to Derrick and Eric's wedding; Brad tries to tell Jane something important.
3:30 PMHappy Endings - Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires: Dave and Alex start dating; Max tends to Penny after an accident lands her in a full body cast.
4:00 PMHappy Endings - Sabado Free-Gante: Dave and Alex look for an apartment; Max shows Brad how to have a night out for free.
4:30 PMHappy Endings - Boys II Menorah: When Brad and Max work together at a bar mitzvah, Max is jealous of Brad's performance.
5:00 PMWill & Grace - One Gay at a Time: As she attempts to steal doughnuts at an AA meeting, Grace has a surprise reunion with Val.
5:30 PMWill & Grace - Company: Grace accuses Will of being too nice to strangers.
6:00 PMWill & Grace - Key Party: Will's birthday takes on a new meaning because of his new partner.
6:30 PMWill & Grace - The Newlydreads: Will convinces Jack to aid a local gay-bookstore owner to save his store from closing.
7:00 PMAirplane!: A pilot afraid to fly follows his stewardess ex-girlfriend and must take over for the poisoned crew.
9:00 PMAirplane!: A pilot afraid to fly follows his stewardess ex-girlfriend and must take over for the poisoned crew.
11:00 PMScrubs - My Fruit Cups: Dr. Cox must choose between sexy pharmaceutical rep and his ex-wife.
11:30 PMScrubs - My Lucky Day: A cancer patient (Alan Ruck) in remission sues Elliot for telling him he was going to die.