5 May 2015

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11:30 PMFood Paradise - Burger Bliss: The nation's juiciest burgers, featuring beefy patties filled with hot gooey cheddar cheese.
12:00 AMBizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - Baja Mexico: Andrew explores the peninsula and the food of Baja in Mexico.
1:00 AMFood Paradise - Nosh the Night Away: Sweet chicken sausage doused in spicy cheese in Atlanta; a giant pizza covered in crispy bacon.
1:30 AMFood Paradise - Sandwich-Craft: A deep-fried crab topped with thick bacon in San Francisco; fresh shrimp and alligator sausage.
2:00 AMFood Paradise - Deep Fried Frenzy: A sauced-up rack of baby backs in San Diego; duck fat fried french fries; a mystical corn dog.
2:30 AMFood Paradise - Burger Bliss: The nation's juiciest burgers, featuring beefy patties filled with hot gooey cheddar cheese.
3:00 AMBizarre Foods America - Alaskan Wilderness: Moose Fat & Muskrat  : Grilled octopus in Canada; fried tail of caiman; a frog smoothie in Peru.
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4:30 AMBest Kept Secret!?: Say goodbye to bad cholesterol, joint pain, mood swings, and brain fog in 30 days or less.
5:00 AMBeat Anxiety & Depression: Highly personal, real stories of people who suffered and recovered from anxiety and depression.
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6:30 AMHenry Rifles - Made in America: Learn how Henry Repeating Arms manufactures their legendary rifles. Free catalog.
7:00 AMTry Green Tea CR(tm) FREE: Green Tea combined with BCM-95(R) BioCurcumin(R) plus Resveratrol for healthy aging.
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8:00 AMFast Joint Relief: The answer for Joint Pain in a delicious drink!
8:30 AMBuy gold, at-cost!
9:00 AMAnthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Naples: Tony delves into true Italian food and culture by dining with a family and going to a wedding.
10:00 AMAnthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Venice: Tony visits the ancient monuments, palazzos, cafes and markets in Venice.
11:00 AMBizarre Foods America - Las Vegas  : Andrew gets behind the scenes to see the grand scale of the food scene in Las Vegas.
12:00 PMBizarre Foods America - Detroit  : Andrew visits Motown and gets revved up about tasting some soul food and lamb brain sandwiches.
1:00 PMBizarre Foods America - New Mexico  : Zimmern explores the many layers of flavors from the past and present.
2:00 PMBizarre Foods America - Wisconsin  : Science behind what makes milk taste better; a traditional Serbian casserole made with lamb organs.
3:00 PMFood Paradise - Truck Stop Paradise: 16-ounce steak in Virginia; fried pork sandwich in Iowa; crawfish stew in Louisiana.
4:00 PMBizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - Buenos Aires: Andrew heads to Buenos Aires and explores the meat culture.
5:00 PMMan v. Food - Butte: Adam visits Butte, Mont. to try the pasty, a culinary tradition of Butte.
5:30 PMMan v. Food - Knoxville: Adam visits Knoxville, Tenn. and tries the five-pound barbeque burrito challenge at Sweet P's BBQ.
6:00 PMBizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern - Spain: Andrew Zimmern samples suckling pig in Spain.
7:00 PMMan v. Food - Des Moines: Adam visits Des Moines, Iowa to sample Midwestern comfort food and the area's most unique pizza.
7:30 PMMan v. Food - Austin: Texas-sized doughnuts, barbecue and breakfast tacos in Austin.
8:00 PMMan v. Food - Boulder: Adam heads to Boulder, CO for mile-high pizza, bacon pancakes and the biggest wing challenge yet.
8:30 PMMan v. Food - Long Island: Adam stops by Ciao Baby; International Delight Cafe; Port Royal Grille.
9:00 PMMan Finds Food - Tweet Secrets  : Deep fried grilled cheese; sweet ice cream soda science experiment; cheese chili hidden hot dog.
9:30 PMMan Finds Food - Knot Your Average Food  : Garlic-knot nachos; BBQ surf & turf Po' Boy; redfish on the half shell.
10:00 PMMan v. Food - Sarasota: Adam enjoys deep-fried hot dogs, homemade pies and his first mystery challenge in Sarasota, Fla.
10:30 PMMan v. Food - Niagara Falls: Adam visits the honeymoon capital of the world; Riverstone Grill; Haystack steak sandwich.
11:00 PMMan v. Food - Oklahoma City: Adam has a presidential t-bone steak while visiting Oklahoma City; the Fried Catfish Challenge.
11:30 PMMan v. Food - Seattle: Adam Richman tries award-winning burgers, fresh seafood and a 12-egg omelet challenge in Seattle.
12:00 AMLocal Programming