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IMDbTV Picks For Tuesday

NCIS Pretty Little Liars Arrow Drunk History

"NCIS" DiNozzo goes on a special assignment to bring home an Admiral's daughter from Marseilles, France, but when he encounters a crime scene, he must turn to the team for help. (CBS, 8pm - repeat)

"Pretty Little Liars" Alison moves in with Hanna, which pushes Hanna further down a dark path. (ABC Family, 8pm - new)

"Arrow" Felicity feels left out when Sara joins the team, but when a new criminal known as the Clock King surfaces, she decides that she has found her match. (The CW, 8pm - repeat)

"New Girl" When Nick has an awkward run-in with his ex-girlfriend Caroline, Jess tries to convince him that exes can still be friends. (Fox, 9pm - repeat)

"Covert Affairs" While on an undercover mission, Annie must keep her guard up after she accepts an invitation to the Russian Embassy in Paris. (USA, 10pm - new)

"Drunk History" Charles Sumner gets caned on the Senate floor. Judge J. Waties Waring helps end segregation. And the people telling these stories are gloriously hammered. (Comedy Central, 10pm - new)

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