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IMDbTV Picks For Wednesday

Legends Red Band Extant The Bridge

"Legends" Martin takes Kyle Dobson into custody in the aftermath of a shoot-out. But when Dobson is wounded, Martin is forced to take him to a Houston Hospital -- and Dobson's mysterious employers, The Verax Corporation, send a team of professional hitmen to retrieve him. (TNT, 9pm - new)

"The Red Band Society" An unlikely group of rebellious adolescents residing at Los Angeles's Ocean Park Hospital bond and support one another. (Fox, 9pm - series premiere)

"The 100" Clarke pleads with Bellamy to do the right thing as conflict on the ground comes to a head. Bellamy forces Octavia to make a difficult decision, as situation on the Ark comes to a stunning conclusion. (The CW, 9pm - repeat)

"Modern Family" Mitchell and Cameron's wedding day has arrived, but Pepper Saltzman has to solve a slew of problems. Jay and Gloria let Cameron's family stay at their place, and Claire takes being Best Woman to heart. (ABC, 9pm - repeat)

"Extant" Molly returns to space in an attempt redirect the Seraphim away from Earth and protect the world's population from the deadly spores. (CBS, 10pm - season finale)

"The Bridge" Marco hits a crossroads in his relationship with Fausto, and Sonya squares off with Eleanor. (FX, 10pm - new)

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