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A girl stunt pilot, helps two brothers, in the world of sports - Find the balance between extreme stunts and the marketable sports industry. This fun, movie, trilogy is: 1) Exertion- Part 1 2) Part 2 is Inertia 3) Part 3 is Exemption - It comes complete, with new gear designs from Tiffinni Saint Ranae, and State of the art, gizmos, and inventions. Created and patented, by Tiffinni Saint Ranae, who is heralded as a modern day, Girl Da Vinci, Tesla-like, Visionary. Cool, new technology - Fun, new, sports, and new, takes on games, created by Tiffinni Saint Ranae - Artwork landscapes, created by Tiffinni Saint Ranae, as well as new technology, and an awesome, energizing, exuberant, soundtrack, by Tiffinni Saint Ranae.

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