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lack of smoothness
lassaed bayoudh27 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
*** This review may contain spoilers *** I didn't really appreciate that end. Looked very hasty and disconnected from the rest of the film; as if someone tells us "now came the time to reveal the truth, Take it as it is, and forget what you were watching during one hour". the lack of smoothness and connection,has clearly ripped the end and made it too direct. Also,I found the participation of neighbor "rose" with no meaning. that character has only one purpose, is to increase the suspense without being really related to the story.
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Game of mirrors
Ruben Mooijman10 July 2017
One reason I'd like to see 'L'Amant Double' for a second time, is just to count the number of scenes featuring mirrors. A rough estimate: somewhere between twenty and thirty. Sometimes there are two or three mirror scenes in a time span of just a few minutes. A few of them really stand out in a cinematographic way. In one scene, we see a conversation between two people, but it seems as if they are talking to each other's mirror image: they are never shown talking directly to each other.

The symbolism of it all is clear. In 'L'Amant Double', lead character Chloé is in love with twin brothers. At least, that's what she thinks. And that's what we think. Unless the twins are really two sides of the same personality. But two sides of which personality exactly? His, or a projection of hers? What is real, what is imagined? Director François Ozon plays the game of mirrors perfectly, and keeps it up until the very end. When you think it's all clear, there are still some strange things. Which one of the twin brothers was the smoker again?

The film is very stylish. Ozon has made the most of the locations. In the museum where Chloé works as a guard, outrageous art is being exposed. It's a perfect backdrop for some visually beautiful scenes. The clothing, the hairdo's, the furniture: everything is done in the best of Parisian tastes.

There's much to enjoy in 'L'Amant Double', for different kinds of moviegoers. It is a thriller of some sorts, with the suspense building up until the last few minutes. It's also a psychological drama, with lots of twists and turns. And in the very end, there's even a little bit of horror. But overall, this is a very French film, with some kinky scenes and a nice amount of Parisian elegance.
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mirror games
dromasca17 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After having seen last week the 2016 "Frantz" I continued yesterday my (François) Ozon cure with "The Double Lover" (or "L'amant double" in original) the latest film of the French director, a film that was present also in the 2017 competition at the Cannes festival. Both movies deal with issues of identity, truth and deception and how these can impact relationships between men and women. This is were similarities stop. There are many differences and almost all in favor of the 2016 film.

The story which is 'freely' inspired by a novel by Joyce Carol Oates (which has already originated a movie by David Cronenberg) starts as the story about a relationship between a psychoanalyst and his patient that turns into a strange and uneasy love affair. While the relation between shrink and patient needs to be based on trust and truth, in this case the contrary happens, as each of the two characters avoids fully sharing their feelings, hides things from the past, speaks half truths or plain lies. They seem that they cannot work as a couple on any plan. The bad start of the relation develops to worse and the odd things that happen on screen are complicated by having them told in a mix of genres - French art film with Paris and a museum of disturbing modern art as background, erotic thriller, horror and guilt in the Hitchcock and Polanski traditions. All these get together in a 'bouillion' that becomes less and less credible, up to the point that the story cannot be solved but by explaining that all was some kind of dementia delirium with very prosaic physiological roots. What should have been a sophisticated game of mirrors becomes a multiplication of images by mirrors disposed in a chaotic manner. To make things worse, the ending makes the mistake of explaining too much in sordid details. Hard to believe that the film with this ending comes in the filmography of Ozon just after "Frantz" with the wonderful ambiguity of its open ending.

Acting is also problematic. Ozon's choice of actors seems sometimes odd (not only here) because they are characters that do not feel well in their own skins. In this case he chose Marine Vacth (his discovery in "Young & Beautiful ") for a role that needs more expressiveness and fragility than what the actress delivered on screen. There is no chemistry between her and either of the two selves (or twin brothers) played by Jérémie Renier . I will never complain about seeing again Jacqueline Bisset in a film and I appreciate Ozon's creating in every film of his strong and interesting feminine characters that break the stereotypes, but her role or maybe roles (another odd double) seem to be wasted talent here.

"The Double Lover" never reaches at cinematographic level its ambitions. The jury at Cannes 2017 deserves an award for not giving - despite the names of the director and the cast - any award to this movie.
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Fine French film
ghent118 June 2017
Good movie in the general tradition of Shutter Island and Black Swan. The film never seems to decide if it wants to work out a story or build up suspense. It's neither a thriller or a drama. Yet I enjoyed watching it. Acting by the two main actors is excellent. There's quite some open eroticism in the French style but always matched to the story. Towards the end I was moved. Worth checking out.
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le pire du cinema francais et du cinéma tout court
sixgale6 October 2017
This film is annoying and totally uninteresting from beginning to the end. Between the inaudible remarks of the main actress diaphanous insignificant and aesthetically disgusting (it makes a little think of a praying Mantis straying frigid lost), the scenario without tail nor head and a story that makes no sense, the title " perverse games of a tormented pseudo-bourgeoise"would be better suited to all this waste of time and money. Really, this film held a selection rank at the Cannes Film Festival? It is pathetic
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Not sure it makes total sense, but good fun nonetheless
euroGary8 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Introducing his film "L'amant double" at the 2017 London Film Festival, director François Ozon informed the British audience that to the French we Brits have a reputation for kinkiness - therefore, he hoped we would enjoy his film.

Plagued by stomach pains that she is told are all in her head, Chloé (Marine Vacth) starts seeing psychiatrist Paul (Jérémie Renier with awful yellow beard and messy hairstyle). The pair fall in love (so much so that he's willing to let her use a dildo on him), but soon after they set up home together Chloé discovers that Paul has a twin brother whom he has never mentioned. Intrigued, she sets up a meeting with the twin, Louis (Renier again, with same awful yellow beard but neater hair) and before long she's boffing both brothers. But for what reason did Paul disown his twin, and how will that impact on Chloé's own fragile mental state?

So what is this film - psychological thriller? Mystery? Comedy, even (Myriam Boyer's cat-obsessed neighbour)? Ozon has produced such an entertaining film that it does not seem to matter. Which is not to say the film is flawless - I am not convinced the final explanation is 100% watertight; and French films where women lose their grip on reality are ten a penny.

Vacth is an engaging lead and Renier constructs two distinct characters as the twins (and, like Vacth, engages in a decent amount of on-screen nudity, which is always welcome). A surprise to me was the splendid performance of Jacqueline Bisset in her own dual role - it is a very nice turn indeed.
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FilmFlowCritics21 November 2017
Only the french can open a movie with a vagina wide spread and not call it porn.

The french certainly have a different tolerance for nudity and sex as we all know but if it becomes pointless it just results in a cheap tool, as sex sells. I have to say though, that I didn't have the feeling at any time in the movie. All nudity scenes are there for a reason. While the style in which the film was shot in, is thrilling and you want to know what happens next, this has a small downside to it.

This movie has two possible endings, which you can see coming pretty early. So I was thinking either this will happen, or that. One of them then actually happened. So you have a 50/50 chance of being surprised. Normally I hate, when movies are to predictable, but in this case, it didn't actually hurt the film that much. The last scene though (without getting into spoilers) feels just ridiculous and it feels like, its simply there for pure shock value and nothing else to end the film with sort of a jump scare. Overall it's still an entertaining movie, nothing new, nothing to classy but you wont be bored for a minute and that also matters a lot.
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