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Poetry in motion
sevenchimera13 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Drying out and parched yet drowning. Awake in a nightmare or living a waking dream. Vivid yet beyond tangible. The voice inside his head taunting him of memories of love lost. He's trudging toward the ocean despite his hatred for water. Drowning when all he wants is to float. Sparse yet defeaning silent moments in the midst of palpable disquieting internal chatter. We see him and what he sees. Opens with a big wave and ends in still water.

Visually stunning. Intense sound design. Good editing (but with some intentional judder?). Haunting soundtrack. Great first film. Can't wait for Kristen Stewart's next directorial effort.
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Stewart's Directional Debut doesn't disappoint..
adonis98-743-18650311 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Come Swim is a diptych of one man's day; half impressionist and half realist portraits. Kristen Stewart is my favorite actress working today and films such as Personal Shopper, Still Alice and Camp X-Ray showed her talent well enough. The film first of all in terms of visuals is stunning i mean stunning and some shots like the change up from the bathroom to the desk was fantastic, the shots under water looked like a painting and the make up on Josh's character was amazing. The film takes place during one day and just like it's title water plays a big part on the plot of the film in general. Now as far as flaws go? I wish that the movie had a more clear ending or that it lead to something else on that aspect where it went but as a first try from Stewart to that department? It was great and i can't wait to see what she will do in the near future both in front and behind the camera. (8/10)
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Obvious filmmaking
Oliver Jones21 February 2017
Decent visuals, but what do you expect from a HUGE budget and world class crew who can pull off anything? Kristen had everything she needed at her disposal. This is not the same for 99% of short filmmakers.

Given that, its a shame the story was flat. Ideas are what counts. It was Too blatant. Too obvious. Hope she continues though as I do like her.
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