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SRK is now officially back....First Fan and now Dear Zindagi

Author: alisheraz587
24 November 2016

Let me get this straight this is one of the best movies of year..

If an actor is making commercial movies more often than there comes a time in his life when audience get sick of his usual attitude towards selection of script.Then the actor starts to realize that now time has come to let everyone know that he got some acting skills.This was the situation of Shah Rukh Khan.His last few movies were all commercial with Fan being an exception.It was his time to return and shut all of his critics.But man o man how did he comeback.Truly sensational.

Now let's get back to movie.

Preview(No spoilers): Movie is about a girl who is desperate who is fighting all the hardships of life.Her on again off again love life until she meets this middle aged psychiatrist Jehangir which teaches her how to be free, how to say no to life, how to live it in your own way.

Direction:As everybody here knows that movie's director is Gauri Shinde.She debuted with English Vinglish which was both commercial and critical success.This is Gauri's second directorial venture and she totally nailed it.Movie is almost as flawless as it gets.I rarely found a glitch in it.Indeed the movie shows her hard work.

Acting:As movie's mainly focused on Alia Bhatt's character so let's first discuss her. She gives her truly best and her character was brought to life by her.She is god gifted and has a lot of talent. This girl will surely go a long way in her career. And then there is Shah Rukh Khan.I actually watched this movie because of him.Earlier this year his Fan was released.The movie didn't do well on Box Office but was a really great movie and SRK nailed both the characters.Like Fan he was the main highlight of the Dear Zindagi too.His sarcasm his cuteness and above all his acting in this movie is absolutely out of the world.As he faced a lot of criticism for Dilwal,Happy New Year,Chennai Express etc but now he is back to shut all of his critics.

Cinematography:Movie does well in this section too.It was interesting how the story progressed with time.

Story:Story is as simple as it gets and yet very complicated.It was very thought provoking.It changes the way you look at your life at your destiny.Story is pure work of class and hard work put in by Gauri Shinde.

Overall:Overall the movie is very likable.Even hours later of watching it it stayed on top of my mind.

Pros:+Shah Rukh back to his best.

+Great and flawless story.


+All the hard work put in by whole team

Cons:None that I can find.

At the end I strongly recommend it to everyone to go and watch this movie. Its one in a million type of movie.Don't miss it

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Will nurture all the broken hearts out there.

Author: Maulin Parmar from Ahmedabad, India
25 November 2016

Everyone knows that this is another classic film of this year. The movie - Pink shows us about the freedom of a girl, her choices and her decisions, with a little bit of negativity around her. But, this film offers you only positive vibes.

Directed by Gauri Shinde, who earlier made English Vinglish, comes up with a really fresh concept. Starring the leading actress of this generation, Alia Bhatt & the superb actor Shah Rukh Khan.

What should a girl do to find out a perfect match for her, what are her fears, her break-ups and link-ups, her relations with her family members, especially when she had a dull past in her kitty, and then how to overcome all the worries of life with a smile and be happy! - This is what the film is.

If you loved English Vinglish type films, than you will give it 5 out of 5. Otherwise don't go to make some noise with your chit-chats, that irritates a lot to a true viewer. I'm happy that I didn't face it in this film.

What to tell about the performance! I mean, Alia was extraordinary in Udta Punjab, so I think she would get the award for that film. I guess, this film would get her nominations in all the ceremony, for sure. She is just a cutie-pie. I'm declaring her the best actress of this generation. SRK is at his best. After Fan, this is again a power-booster for his so called Changed Filmography which was started with Fan. After this, Raees and The Ring are there, so all the fans, just come up to applause his choices.

Every other actors are totally good with their respective roles. But, I would like to mention Ali Zafar. This guy is such a talented man. His voice quality is superb. He plays a suitable role to his real life. All songs are like cherries on the cake. Amit Trivedi had given the music to suit the situation and the though of the lyrics. While, Kausar Munir as a lyric writer is also good, as three songs are in my mind right now, Just Go To Hell O Dil, Taareefon Se & Love You Zindagi.

Cinematography is perfect. Set-ups, locations of Goa, costumes - everything just comes to the place perfectly, and that's why the film looks so fresh and engaging.

The best part of the film is its dialogues. Especially those which are spoken by Dr. Jehangir Khan, that is SRK. "Don't let your past blackmail your present to ruin your future." All the girls out there, just go for it. All the members of that so called 'Society' has to definitely go and watch this. Every broken heart wants a nurture, and Dear Zindagi will provide you that. Kudos and cheers to the entire team!

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Dear Zindagi is like a therapy..What an Experience!!

Author: rangdetumpy from India
25 November 2016

Dear Gauri Shinde,

Thanks for gifting us a story where the journey is more important than the destination. One needs courage to make an intrusive film on a young individual's internal complications and involve us in her expedition. Eventually the therapeutic route engulfs us to an extent that we start our quest for happiness within our imperfection existence. And therein lies your success, your ability to convey some simple yet deep statements about Life without striking with a sledgehammer to prove your point.

And thankfully there's no excessive drama – what a beauty!! Yeah, the narrative is verbose but those dialogues are so free flowing and real. Many a times I didn't feel like watching a movie.

Thanks again, for gifting us Dr Jehangir "Jugs" Khan. A life-mentor like him around can prompt any soul to sing "Love you Zindagi". Lots of thanks for giving Shah Rukh Khan a scope for a restained performance. His gentle, calm aura is infectious. And it seems Alia Bhatt can't go wrong... Dear Zindagi belongs to her and it is yet another triumph for this young talent. Also, convey my note to your casting director for the flawless casting (one who played Jackie is my fav), Laxman Utekar for the cinematography & Amit Trivedi (ofcourse). The protagonist's issues are very urban centric and the decision to release it only 1100 screens is spot-on.

Be it problem of house wives or millennial, you seem to hit the right chords... These two beautifully crafted slice-of-life films surely make you a sought after director in my list.

A heartfelt film with all heart & heart……and the statement on parenting..

Yours thankfully, An ardent (& momentarily happy) cine-lover

P.S : "you and only you is the teacher of your School of life" - a much required statement that should flow into our psyche....

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Gauri Shinde knows how to make you smile. Brings us the finest performance of Alia Bhatt with a commendable SRK as her support.

Author: kamran_3012 from United Arab Emirates
24 November 2016

Finally saw Dear Zindagi. I hope this one isn't as exaggerated as my previous reviews. Gauri Shinde is a really brilliant director, she knows how make good characters by casting perfect actors in them. Alia Bhatt plays the role of a life time. She is excellent through out the movie. The character has extreme depth and very well written. Her performance is almost as good as her role in Udta Punjab if not better. Shah Rukh Khan is a breath of fresh air. Right from the first scene to his final scene. His and Alia Bhatt's chemistry was brilliant. Great Role by him. Ali Zafar, Kunal Kapoor, Angad Bedi and Aditya Roy Kapur are extremely well placed and help Kiara's story move forward. Pluses- Story, Acting, Cinematography, Second half, The scenes which feature Srk and Alia. The family moments of Kiara and her family, her Friends. The execution of the entire movie from event to event. The whole final act which leaves you in a happy mood. The breakdown sequence. The maturity in the direction which takes the movie into a new level. The Dialogues given to SRK. Negatives- The music is good but isn't great. The Editing in the first half could have been better. If you have enjoyed movies like Wake Up Sid, Kapoor and Sons Rockstar, Queen, English Vinglish . Go for this one. One of the best movies of the year. Something which has come kind of close to Udta Punjab.

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Effortless Direction by Gauri Shindhe and this deserves an Applause..

Author: umashankar pati from Odisha, India
25 November 2016

After English Vinglish, Gauri Shinde is Back with Bang! She Directed the film very well. Music is simply Soulful, #LoveYouZindagi and #AeZindagiGaleLagaLe is already HIT Among the Youth. Cinematography is Eye Catching. Watertight Story & Screenplay. There is no dull moment throughout the flick. Fast Paced First & Second Half. That's the finest part of the film. Classy Production Designing, Editing is Sharp & Crispy. Climax is simply Outstanding. Dialogues are well written & wonderful at many places.  Shah Rukh Khan is a breath of fresh air. Right from the first scene to his final scene. His and Alia Bhatt's chemistry was brilliant.  Story was very thought provoking.It changes the way you look at your life at your destiny.Story is pure work of class and hard work put in by Gauri Shinde. "Don't let your past blackmail your present to ruin your beautiful future. SHAH RUKH's charm took the movie to a different level. This movie is not a genre of all the audiences but for the ones who love classy Movies not massy ones.

Pros: Shah Rukh back at his best. Great and flawless story. Cinematography is brilliant All the hard work put in by whole team

Cons:None that I can find, only thing is the editing could have been more better and the music could have been more good.

At the end I strongly recommend it to everyone to go and watch this movie. Its one in a million type of movie.Don't miss it. So I Rate it 8 out of 10 stars but this film is a classic.

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Just Misses a 'Classic' Tag but still a Must Watch Film !

Author: Samahire404 from India
25 November 2016

DEAR ZINDAGI REVIEW : It's Second Consecutive Classic for Director Gauri Shinde, Best Film Of Aliaa Bhatt's Career till now and Best Film of SRK as a Supporting Actor. I think my first sentence is enough to describe so much about film, still i'm excited to write more.

Story - It's Simple, realistic and Interesting story but still No one has ever dared to make a Film on it, so Gauri Wins it here only. Some scenes looks repetitive and unnecessary but still it has everything to Impress audience.

Acting - If you think Highway was best what Aliaa could have done then Dear Zindagi proves it wrong. Aliaa raises her bar, her Best Performance till date. She will fight with Sonam Kapoor for Best Actress Award this year. SRK steals the show from the very first appearance, and keeps you hook till the End with his Unbeatable Charm. I expect Best Supporting Actor Award for him. He made it look like that Character is written for him only. Supporting Starcast is Highly impressive.

Screenplay - With Runtime of 149 Minutes Dear Zindagi has Entertaining and Engaged Screenplay. Few scenes are just Highly Classy like I could not resist and sent Flying Kisses to Screen and SRK's Last Scene makes you Senti. It nearly does not have any loo breaks, only few Moments in 2nd half might irritate you.

Music - We all Know Amit Trivedi never delivered Massy Chartbuster Album, but his Music helps Film's Screenplay and theme. Not a Single Hit Song but 'Just Go To Hell' is terrific Situational Song, 'Love You Zindagi' is good as an Audio, 'Tu Hi Hai' is a Let down.

Dialogues - As it is an Offbeat and Multiplex Audience Film, almost 30% dialogues are in English. Few Clap Worthy, Deep and Life Lessons type of Dialogues are there along with couple of Vulgar words.

Cinematography - Film looks fresh and eye pleasing for almost every scene but few scenes could have been shot better. Natural beauty has been captured well.

Direction - I loved and started believing Gauri Shinde with her very first flick English Vinglish and she doesn't break Belief here. Direction is Top Class especially in some Motivational Scenes. Few scenes have minuses, for instance Make up, Aliaa looks dull in couple of scenes and SRK looks 10 year older in that Ship scene. Gauri Shinde should be the Best Female Director in today's Era. But the Problem is Both of her Films are only for Multiplex Audience, i would love to see her making a Massy + Classy Film. No doubts, No One could have dared to make Urban Classic films English Vinglish and Dear Zindagi except Gauri Shinde.

Final Words - Dear Zindagi should be considered as Highly Urban Audience Classic, actually its not a Classic for me i mean Gauri just missed that Tag by few Inches, but still it is a Must Watch film for Classes. After watching film you will come back home with some Life Lessons and might try to live Life in Different way. Thank you Gauri, Aliaa and SRK for this Beautiful and Sweet Film. I would have gone with 7/10* Stars but giving 8/10* stars, 1 Extra for that SRK's never ending Charm. Go for it, do not miss this Kaira and Jug's Sweet Journey...

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Gauri Shinde nails it the second time too - Alia is the best actress - SRK thank you for doing this part

Author: Sarthak Mishra from Cincinnati, Ohio
24 November 2016

A beautiful cinematic experience. This movie makes you: laugh, shed a few good tears, feel happy, rethink about your own life, fall in love with Alia, fall in love with SRK all over again. To add to these, it has lovely direction, cinematography and background score! When it comes to acting, everyone has done a fab job. Alia is winning best actress award for sure. SRK was the right choice for this supporting role; I am so glad a Superstar like him agreed to do this role. All other actors were perfect too. After Zoya Akhtar, Gauri Shinde brings new hope to storytelling in Bollywood. Go watch it at a theater near u! Its high time Indian audience supports movies like these. Love you Zindagi!

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Stop blaming your childhood for being a pig!

Author: Raghu Nandan from Bangalore
1 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off, the movie is not a stereotype love story and that alone unfortunately deserves a star today.

1) Kaira is such a PIG! Being a pig is very different from having commitment issues.

Alia plays Kaira, an emerging cinematographer with friends who drink and party and wears jeans that are so torn that the knee completely pops out of it. This is supposed to tell you how cool, hip and happening she is.

Kaira is in a relationship with this guy Sid. She cheats on him with another guy Raghavendra, a co-producer. Now, she makes a point blank statement that she slept with Raghavendra. Kaira says this during a romantic dinner with Sid. This scene has been considered a revolution in Bollywood cinema, a bold move in direction, a classic way to project the commitment issues Kaira is having. Really?

Lets for a second consider a guy cheating on a girl when the girl has been really nice to him. The guy says "You know what, I slept with Raagini, I am sorry". You would expect the girl to slap him or at least throw a glass of water on his face. The girl would call him a pig and the whole world would nod. The feminists would nod vigorously. Equality is a two way street and it begs us to call her a "pig". Now, lets move on.

Raghavendra likes Kaira. He tells a dude who asks her out, that he is with her. He is honest enough to explain that he is going to New York and will have to work with a girl who was his ex-girlfriend. He want's her to know that it is weird for him too and would want to keep things professional. Kaira ignores him, does not respond properly and goes about dancing, with arms around the guy who asked her out, in front of Rahavendra. That's what pigs do. Luckily, Raghavendra gets the message and gets engaged to another girl. Meanwhile, Kaira thinks he is in love with her and is waiting for his call with pasta prepared from Ragu sauce! She is broke when she figures that he has moved on. Smashing the "Ragu sauce", shouting and mocking other people in love, she goes crazy. At this point we are disgusted and hate Kaira (The main character) rather than having any kind of sympathy.

2) Counselor with beach therapy

Kiara's parents are based in Goa. She moves there and bumps into a counselor "Jug" (Dr. Jehangir Khan played by SRK). Kaira conveniently conveys that people call her a slut for just having multiple relationships. SRK compares relationship to buying chair. We got to try a few before settling for the one. The issue with Kaira though is having multiple relationships in parallel! That's analogous to sitting on one chair while spreading legs on the other.

Kiara meets Suresh, a techie, a guy with funny accent with western influence. She goes about asking him something to the effect of why he deserves her? It is like a company hiring an employee. Had it been the other way round, a feminist would have bashed the guy. Suresh claims that he could be fun if he meets the right girl for him.

SRK plays his age and has not overacted. This is a revolution for him and that again, unfortunately deserves another star. Jug provides wisdom amidst long walks on the beach and cycling. The kind of wisdom easily found on good morning notes. - Don't let your past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future. - Every broken thing can be fixed - A genius is one who knows when to stop. (Not everybody is a genius, hence condoms?)

This day-to-day "gyaan" and beach walk makes Kaira reveal that she was left to live with her grandparents till her 2nd grade. Her parents separated her, from her loving grandparents, just because she failed in 2nd grade. She was heartbroken and now as an adult she chooses breaking hearts before possibly being heartbroken. This revelation of Kaira was well enacted by Alia and deserves another star.

3) Cheating in a relationship and having commitment issues are not the same. If you consider F.R.I.E.N.D.S show, Chandler has commitment issues. Kaira is a pig. If the director wanted to portray a person with just commitment issues, well, she should have done just that. Kaira falls in love with Jug, but Jug is smart enough to back off. He advises her not to look for one person to satisfy all your emotional needs. Fair enough, she makes her move, hugs trees and has a new take on life.

Was she able to remove the pig in her? Lets hope so!

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Don't let your past, blackmail your present to ruin your future..

Author: Arth Joshi
24 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dear Zindagi

Simple, sweet and beautiful. Gauri Shinde proves it again with her tremendous skill of writing. Alia Bhatt is an apt for this role and she worked hard on it too. The story is quite practical, so you can relate to it too which makes it more interesting and dialogues are written perfectly, so the movie just kind of flows. But that's where you get stuck, because the movie builds up way too much for you to start expecting something out of the box, but turns out to be quite ordinary, which maybe makes it more special.

A must watch for the confused kids out there.

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Could have been better

Author: Rohitash Chandra from Fiji
26 November 2016

The story could have been better with more cases handled by Dr. Khan who gave a good performance and valuable perspectives about life and relationships. Alia Bhatt played a role which did not actually need extra focus which made the movie quite boring.

More characters with psychological problems handled by Dr. Khan would have given much weight to the story. Alia Bhatt character showed the status of a confused generation torn between west and eastern culture that fails to understand the difficulties parents go through to offer a luxurious life to children yet they are ignored. This is the escapist wannabe generation who tries to copy the west and get their psychological problems.

Cannot be compared to Dhoni and Pink which were brilliant. Nonetheless, I give this 7 over 10 for an attempt .

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