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Much better than the current 3.4 rating.

Author: bot man
11 January 2017

I saw the original Death race 2000 back in 1977, My Dad was one of the first people to get HBO back then and he let me stay up and watch Blazing saddles with him, He fell asleep then Death race 2000 came on. An R rated movie, I was 11. I loved it. the other death race sequels got it all wrong, the original was a cult B movie with a very dark sense of humor. the two sequels that followed were bad action movies.

If you liked the original Death race 2000, you will love this movie. It is as if no time has passed. It captures the same feeling and has the same wacky humor and blood and guts as the original. this is destined to be another cult classic as it was Intended to be. The acting was better than I expected. it has good cast of characters. It starts off slow but about 20 minutes in I was hooked.

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Way better than the original at this point..

Author: adonis98-743-186503 from Greece
17 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The year 2050 the planet has become overpopulated, to help control population the government develops a race. The Death Race. Annually competitors race across the country scoring points for killing people with their vehicles. Death Race 2050 is finally here and it's not as bad as i thought it was going to be, let me start with the good stuff first Manu Bennett as Frankenstein was great he did a good job if you enjoyed his performance in Arrow you will enjoy his performance in Death Race 2050 as well also Marci Miller as Annie was really great as well i found her character to be very interesting and useful and she helped way more than the original Annie did in Death Race 2000 also some of the action and humor were actually pretty good but the rest of the film is well kinda terrible with many actors being over the top and awful like Burt Grinstead as Perfectus, Yancy Butler as Hamilton and Malcolm McDowell as the Chairman, certain characters and death scenes were campy as hell there's even a woman that finds pleasure by the actual car for some reason. But that's the good thing about Death Race 2050 it's a reboot and although it's definitely better than the original in terms of action and casting the 2 leads is the exact same film again but a bit more campy with more violence and lots of green screen but overall i found myself enjoying it and believe me it's not a masterpiece just like the first one wasn't i mean how can this have a 3.2 and the original has a 6.2? It's the same film except some new stuff like characters and a bit more violence but other than that it's the same movie. If you want to see a dumb and campy action movie full of gore and cartoony villains this is the movie for you if not go check out the Death Race from 2008 starring Jason Statham because that in my opinion is the best of the whole franchise!!!

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A subtle masterpiece

Author: Declan McCann
14 January 2017

The Village Voice said this "is the only movie that matters in 2017" and with only two weeks into the year, they very well may be right. Death Race 2050 is set in a well thought out dystopic near-future, masked with a ridiculously fantastic premise. I loved this movie and give it 10/10 because it accomplished what it set out to do, with many subtle threads and social commentaries. The humour can be silly without being stupid, the political and social messages are profound without being preachy, the casting is great, and the acting is perfectly dialed in. The movie has an uplifting and inspiring conclusion despite not taking itself seriously all the way through. If given a chance, it will gain a cult following similar to "Idiocracy."

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I hope 2050 people will like it.

Author: Niaz Islam Arif from Bangladesh
12 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really don't get it that why they even bothered to make this film. If they want give away their money then there are lots of charity and philanthropic organizations out there. Maybe the success of Mad Max prompted this amazingly redundant movie.

This movie redefine the word meaningless. The script is the most terrible thing about the movie. It had no story, no sense and neither any logic behind scenes. You will wonder why are the characters doing things. The main character was supposed to be a tough person while he turned out to be a hopeless romantic. The leader of the rebel party is the girlfriend of the ruling party, and their supports kill each other. Does that make any sense to you? And the ending, let's not talk about the ending it was completely bizarre and pointless. The main hero helps to start a mass murder and take the responsibility of repopulating earth. Great story has amazing ending.

I was bit surprised to see Manu Bennett in this film. His acting was okay but script ruined him. Marci Miller also tried to save the movie but script also let her down. Apart from these two all the other actors and actress were terrible with their sloppy and over acting, which made the movie worse.

Final thoughts: do not try to watch this one at home or anywhere.

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Attempts to go back to its campy roots

Author: jackmeat from chicago
11 January 2017

My quick rating - 3.9/10. If you look at my database, you'll notice I kept this. Not because it was good, but because it tried to go back to the schlocky nonsense of the original (1973. of course, the year I was born). So the movie is the same ole, post apocalyptic world where a way to trim the population, even though they don't much bring attention to that, is by allowing drivers to kill people on the roads for sports and ratings. In doing so, this movie also tries to take jabs at the tech and always connected world along with politics. These attempts are slightly amusing but mostly fall flat. The effects are a joke, and the action is choreographed by a blind man (no offense if he/she was actually blind). This is what made the original so great, and what makes this pretty bad. It just needed to take this campy feeling and do something slightly different with it. Back to my original point, the cult classic is just that, and this belongs in the collection just because of its existence. So if you feel that way as well, check this one out. Nods to Mr. Corman for bringing that campiness back.

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