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If you can stomach the fear, go. Confident hands created this film. Its nightmare lingers for weeks.
Though it doesn't end with quite the punctuation it deserves, The Eyes of My Mother is a beautiful nightmare from start to finish.
Pesce's spare script doesn't seek to obscure, but its quiet, matter-of-fact handling of drastic dramatic events will catch some off-guard.
It's intense as hell, and a supreme example of how the morally repugnant can be made to look weirdly beautiful.
The Eyes of My Mother is both strange and strangely enthralling.
There's a brooding tonal growth that Pesce is able to establish, as he unravels a film that becomes more horrific with each passing second.
I've been watching horror films since I was three years old. They've never given me nightmares. Until now.
This film is so unabashedly, so unflinchingly evil that it is extremely impressive and extreme unlikeable.
Pesce asks viewers to go along with the absurdity while offering nothing to justify any of it. It's a murder ballad gone out of tune.
Slant Magazine
Though the film strives to be audacious and galvanizing, it's easily shaken off as an exercise in stunted necrophilia erotica.

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