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I kill demons, not people. Unless those people are demons, who look like people. And then I kill people, but they're not really people, they're demons.

Author: tenshi_ippikiookami
27 November 2016

Another episode that advances at a snail's pace and its saved by the last five minutes. The series should be doing something about pace, because it is dragging a story-line that is thin as they come and wasting one of the most amazing characters ever.

Ash and the team are trapped in Ash's house, while the townsfolk have it surrounded and are asking for Ash's head (Baal has something to do into all this hate). Pablo is an open book (kind of). Chet has a crush on someone from Ash's past (creepy creepy). And Ash... well, Ash is a little bit lost with all that is going around.

As said above, the episode is another one that teeters on pointlessness. A bunch of characters shouting, more shooting in the dark, very little humor, characters that are used and thrown away for no purpose, totally wasted... The biggest problem is the pace, as the show is trying to fit two minutes of plot into a twenty-five minutes episode. It would be better to have shorter seasons (I know, I know, money), around six episodes, than a longer one that makes it all so boring.

With four episodes till the end of the second season, "Ash vs Evil Dead" is starting to overcome its welcome. A sharp turn will be necessary to infuse new life into the show.

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Ash Is Cooler When He Fights Giggling, Crazy Enemies!..

Author: hamidullahgenc from Istanbul, Turkey
24 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode proves that the cast of the show is quite alright. In fact, they are really good.

For the last two episodes, things have been real slow like they were killing time in a police station instead of exploring the myth further. I mean you can do tricks any time anywhere being not bound by anything.

But the story writers attribute, with this episode, the total of three episodes to Baal, and never show complexity and hardship in terms of the storytelling that leads the show to a better station.

Instead, Ash and his cool friends messed around for little.

They sure are good with the soundtracks and photography and editing, but they need to get the show on track to better stories.

I hope it gets better in the rest of the season. Amen.

Bruce Campbell is so versatile and still kicks solidly that you cannot easily find an actor doing his job so seriously. Beneath every joke he makes, there is a deeper meaning and a cover for his deep troubles and old wounds. He is a man that randomly become a target for the supernatural forces, and did have to kill his friends along with his sister and that even his dad wouldn't believe his innocence...

In this world we are pretty much like Ash, fighting our way through new problems at every corner... But still, we can be very polite about it and keep helping others on our way. Yeah, Ash's sense of humour 'd look fine on us too!.. Especially this line is delivered so well by Ash that it has both a five percent sadness and a ninety five percent humor in it:

"Let's get one thing straight, yo-yos. I kill demons, not people. Unless those people are demons, who look like people. And then I kill people, but they're not really people, they're demons. You understand?"

You have the humor, Mr. Campbell!..

Ray Santiago acts like he is the moral compass and friendly tutor in and he is to create original segments in the show as Pablo. He is like any one of us, trying to find his way to achieving good things in life. I am a Pablo! Fun and drama. Cool!..

Dana DeLorenzo is the one you want to be close to as a smart sister / friend / colleague because of the freedom and charisma she means in the show. Ash well-put it: "You're like the daughter I never had." So, keep up the interestingly good work, Ms. DeLorenzo!..

Lucy Lawless's past cannot be argued. Puff. Wow. She is expected to bring quality to the show from the moment she first appeared. And she acts well as Ruby. But the truth is, her very existence is not well reasoned that even she doesn't know what to do in the show. Her. Part. Is. Not. Clear. Or can I say should not necessarily be in every episode... It is not you, Ms. Lucy. If I talk badly of you, I'll turn to a stone. (Science, b****!..)

Ted Raimi... You are the coolest and dumbest friend Ash can use and enjoy most as Chet!.. With you, Ash's "saga" becomes much more clear like it did with Lee Majors, as Ash's father Brock. (You are one mean father, Mr. Brock!.. Ash is nothing like you!..) Yep!.. (Hey, it is sin to talk behind one's back!..) Therefore, it's been fun seeing you, Mr. Chet. Stay in pieces so Ash won't have to send you back to your grave!..

So, I did an overall interpretation of the season two so far and a character exploration of a kind. How about one last passage?

"Let there arise out of you a band of people who invite to goodness, and enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency. They are the ones to attain felicity." The Gracious Koran - (3: 104)

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Ash vs Cheryl

Author: The-Social-Introvert
5 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Pablo's transformation is getting worse and the crew make their way to Ash's home so that Ruby can do some kind of spell to help him. A town mob has also gathered outside the house attempting to take out "Ashy-Slashy" since they of course are blaming the recent deaths on him.

The highlight of this episode is the return of Ellen Sandweiss reprising her role as Cheryl, Ash's dead sister from the original movie. The Kandarian demon has returned and, I'm not sure how since Cheryl was buried, but it possesses her or at least takes the form of her and begins to attack Ash and his friend. The fight in the hallway was intense for season 2's standards. There's a particular shot of deadite Cheryle gliding and cackling across the hallway that is pretty creepy. But my complaints about the overuse of bottom of the barrel humour from the last episode remain, and the death of one of Ash's buddies at the hands of evil Cheryl does little emotionally as a result.

He ends up taking her out in front of the mob who begin to warm up to him, just as he's bumped on the head by Baal. No doubt in the next episode he will attempt to seduce Ash to do his mischievous bidding.

Oh and by the way, I hope Kelly dies. She is really annoying!

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