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Painfully bad.

Author: danteism from United States
1 August 2016

Being a fan of his plays I thought that perhaps with Neil Labute at the helm this would be an interesting take on the vampire genre, but alas, it's even worse than most. Stilted dialogue, cheap production values, halfway through the first episode I was already fidgeting and eager to move on to something else.

Want something better on SyFy? Watch The Expanse.

Better recent Sci-Fi in general? Check out Humans (BBC/AMC co-production).

Looking for a vampire fix? See the original UK TV show Ultraviolet, the original BBC version of Being Human, or HBO's True Blood.

Whatever you do, don't waste your time with this.

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VanHelsing I think NOT

Author: er-500
6 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all this has nothing to do with the story of Van Helsing and in fact this show does a great disservice to the very name. Set in 2019 the vampires act and look more like zombies, the main characters aren't inspiring and the script is just plain awful. The whole thing stumbles along at a very slow pace and even the action parts are slow and predictable. As for Van Helsing well he's a woman who's been laying on, what appears to be an operating table, for quite a long time in a laboratory of sorts. Van Helsing is guarded by a lone soldier who feeds the once doctor, now vampire, with his own blood via an iv line. Sounds ridiculous? well it is. The Syfy channel is quite good at bringing out crap TV series and with this one they don't disappoint.

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awful beyond redemption

Author: flowirin from New Zealand
31 August 2016

Perhaps there was some underlying humour i failed to get?

Scene after boring scene, with people behaving really strangely and all the time some woman lying on a table - perfect makeup - apparently for years.

My partner and i were joking about how attentive her minder must have been, or perhaps she didn't sweat or have normal bodily functions.

ah well, a random princess seems about right in this mess of a show.

Badly shot, with bad choreography and awful dialogue and actions, this is completely miss-able. And stupid vampires. really really stupid vampires.

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Ven Helsing is not bad

Author: limey_pete
5 November 2016

The trick to watching certain genres in film is not to expect too much. You watch Van Damm or Schwarzenegger, you don't expect much. The Mechanic was entertaining, but it wasn't George III, right? It isn't reasonable to expect a TV show to be more than what it is. That's the case with Van Helsing. It is what it is: a SYFY channel original program with probably not the biggest budget in the world. Almost every TV show is rocky in the first season. It takes awhile for everything to shake down. Van Helsing is shaking okay. I watch it weekly, love the characters, and it's always a treat watching Christopher Heyerdahl. So hang in, be patient, give the show a chance. I think Season 2 will be much better. And besides, I'm interested to see the evolution of everything in this particular post-apocalyptic world, including when and how Vanessa becomes aware of who - and what - she is.

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First episodes are typically SYFY bad, but it gets better.

Author: knippenberg-57086 from Netherlabds
19 November 2016

Even though I didn't really like the first episode(s) I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. Of course it's not a top rated series but for SYFY standards it actually gets pretty interesting as soon as the character roles start evolving. I wrote this since the last couple of episodes really got my attention.

If you don't like series in apocalyptic settings, skip this. If you keep in mind that the budget for this was A LOT less than for the top rated series.. you might actually appreciate it.

Final judgment: The acting gets better The whole 'feral vampire' thing is kind of overdone. I think more people are annoying by the stupidity (and constant growling) of the vampires. The story line gets interesting so curiosity about what will happen next will make up it.

If you already finished the better series out there and like the setting of this story, it's worth watching.

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Van Helsing is a nice alternative or addition to TWD

Author: kossuth-216-212612 from Austria
13 November 2016

This show is quite enjoyable, especially because it doesn't take itself too seriously, like it quite often does happen to the big budget ones. I personally like the acting and the characters and wouldn't really change much about it. If more people would watch it, more people would like it. just like with any other show, while only the picky dicks are around you get bad reviews but when people start watching just for the fun of it. The characters are actually very interesting and well thought through. Its innovative especially in that respect and this makes it very enjoyable. Im looking forward to every episode, having a great time watching it

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The vampires were turned into dirty homeless people who bite

Author: usjdnb from Madrid
24 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Since the beginning the vampires were a particular race, evil, elegant even charming sometimes, with superpowers, glowing eyes, teeth and claws.

Well in this magnificent series they turned the vampires into homeless people who bite the "uninfected". It is a sad combination between a zombie dressed as a person who lives on the street, crawls like a monkey, growls like a rabid dog and surprise : IT BITES.

There is a couple of "ancient" ones. She tries to imitate vampire ladies from Underworld and he is so pathetic your intellect simply refuses to understand what is happening.

He tries to speak Romanian, aside from the fact that a 4th grader in a play would express more emotions than he does, Romanians do not understand what he is trying to say.

The script is a joke, but hello!! not even a bad joke. I do not understand how people can actually back a project like that. It hurts just to try to watch it.

Nacho Libre gave me shingles, I am afraid to watch this series any further. I fear for my own sanity. 5 out of 10 is HUGE for this crap.

P.S : I never even had a IMDb account, but hey I must warn the others!

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Author: taniaewatkins
24 September 2016

Tuned in thinking I was getting a 1800s style show about van hellsing with sophisticated vampires (admittedly all I tuned in for was the name and knew nothing else about the show). I love the story of van hellsing.

What I got was a terrible walking dead rip off. Turned off half way through. The vampires came across as zombies with intelligence. And not much intelligence at that. Yawn. If I wanted to watch that kind of show I would have tuned into walking dead or another zombie related show. Which there are many of.

If this was a zombie show ... it might add something to this genre. It doesn't to the vampire genre. I was confused half way through the first episode as to what was happening and why things were as they were. There was no explanation offered. Just here's a generic post apocalyptic world and we expect you to get it because of its generic-ness.

Swing and a miss for me.

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The most awful TV show I've ever watched!!!

Author: Madamelejuge from Egypt
25 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To sum up, it's a very bad low production zombie post apocalyptic TV show: - The vampires are behaving like zombies. The funny thing is that Vanessa Helsing (the star!!) is the one with healing powers not the so- called vampires (just LOL) - This Vanessa is a distant relative of Van Helsing, the story has nothing to do with the original story. I think they chose this title just to draw viewers (to their doom!!) - Very irritating, very boring, very cliché, bad bad writing, poor set and costume, poor sound effects. - I would also say bad acting, but I hate to offend the actors, it's the director's fault, their only mistake is that they agreed to appear on this show.

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By episode 7 it has great potential

Author: patriciamassiwer from Gets much better by episode 7 and on
21 November 2016

Give it a chance....Yes if you watch only a couple of episodes you might say, "eh, can take it or leave it". However I like to put in at least a few episodes to see if a new show develops. Many now popular shows started out slow. Even the huge hit, Seinfeld was iffy the whole first season. In fact they didn't have their breakout season until season 4. It's a shame that shows are chopped so quickly these days. Sometimes it takes a few episodes to even start developing characters. I recommend just watching at least to episode 8. By then, you will see the characters are finally developing and there are also a few surprises. Now at episode 10, it's practically a different show. Hopefully you will give it a chance too and then by episode 10 you will know for sure if you like it. For me, it's a show I look forward to and I am hoping this will develop into something even better!

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