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Spy Vs Whistle Blowers at Best

Author: channelnoise from Pakistan
24 September 2016

Its an excellent new series. Its still to be aired and we are seeing some judgmental reviews already. The series need time and story needs to be understood in it's context. Some have criticized the story for being about hunting down whistle blowers. Well the story just began. It shows, how much spy agencies are on the verge of collapsing their personal identity all the time. It also reveals how people with potential sources can be a threat to the worlds biggest spy agency. At the same, it highlights personal lives, tedious inside jobs and also the rogues within the various agencies. It also shows how German spy agency and the CIA work together in the marriage of inconvenience.

I must say its a thriller with a very strong cast and must be seen without any prejudice. Spy agencies are controversial around the world and this series makes every thing more intriguing. Its not even aired but quality music, great camera work and outstanding cast should make it one of the successful new series. I highly recommend it to people with taste in spy movies.

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Good spy story so far with strong cast

Author: nerdvert from United States
21 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Based on the first two episodes of Berlin Station, I'd recommend this show. This is a promising spy thriller written by bestselling author Olen Steinhauer, who is a master at telling spy stories. The first two episodes provide the framework for the story and its ensemble of characters, each with their own foibles, lies and background that remains to be revealed.

As the IMDb summary outlines, a CIA field agent is sent to Berlin to uncover the whistle-blower Thomas Shaw who is releasing damaging intel against the CIA. The station is under a ticking timebomb to find out who Shaw is before the next set of damaging leaks. Central to the story is Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) and Hector DeJean (Rhys Ifans) who both have something to hide and both involved in finding (or hiding?) Thomas Shaw. Cool cinematic shots of Berlin and strong acting by all cast, with promise to build over the next episodes. Don't expect this to be a thrill-ride in the first two episodes, this isn't a feature movie. But overall, thumbs up!

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Nothing Obvious

Author: tom-96457 from United States
14 December 2016

After 9 episodes, I'm anxious for the final episode and hoping this isn't a single season series. The writing is excellent and leaves me thinking about the questions that linger between episodes. I love the fact that the writers are totally faking me out time and again. Nothing predictable here.

The cast has been giving an all-out performance. The character Hector is a very convincing "dark" character. Very believable and probably the best performance of the entire cast.

The first episode lays the ground work leaving some questions not being answered until the last episode. Character development is top notch.

While this may be seen as a somewhat anti-American in the way that it vilifies the CIA, it's a great story line.

Very impressive production.

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It's not a super spy, flashy gadgets leaving bodies in the street kind of spy show...but that's OK

Author: chelseagirl74
22 November 2016

It's not Jason Bourne, it's not James Bond and perhaps that's why a lot of people seem to think it is dull. The real world of espionage is probably more dull than any of us will ever know. I have seen it being accused of being pro CIA, I don't think so personally, of course the characters in the show are going to think they are the proverbial "good guys" everyone thinks they are the good guys.But we are already starting to see that they aren't always the good guys.Some were already bashing it after just one episode.I think it's one of the better things I've seen just lately. Well worth a watch if you are actually looking for something half decent.

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A really terrific espionage thriller in the best tradition of John Le Carré

Author: mboughn from Toronto, Canada
14 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you are looking for the high octane action of Jason Bourne, don't bother with Berlin Station. But if you admire the slow moving, intricately plotted, politically thoughtful stories of John Le Carré, you will love it. Ignore the reviewers here who find it "anti-American." It is neither pro nor anti. Instead, it slowly unfolds the moral complexities of the contemporary world in which "friends" and "enemies" are finally indistinguishable. German intelligence agents from both sides of the former wall, Mossad agents, and CIA operatives with various allegiances (and sexual preferences) negotiate a political landscape in which "good" and "evil" are the illusions of naive fools and moral choices are never simple. Clearly, some of the other reviews here were written early in the series because their judgments are based on plot elements that are later reversed or complicated. The show continues to unfold new surprises right up to the end. Far more complex than Homeland with which it is often compared, this is television for intelligent adults with sophisticated tastes and some appreciation for the subtleties of the genre.

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A realistic slow-burn of international power games which took its time but really came through in the end

Author: feelinesound from United Kingdom
30 December 2016

I was doubtful at first, it seemed like a B-level series with B-level actors, a B-level concept on a WTF-level channel. The first couple of episodes did little to change my mind either, Berlin was just as weirdly misrepresented as in Homeland (seriously guys, Potsdamer Platz might be a nice shooting location but it's not where you'd hold confidential meetings or drop-offs). Moreover, many of the characters seemed to conform to silly stereotypes for the sake of giving the show a bit more of a flashy Hollywood feel at the expense of authenticity, with seemingly very obvious good guys and bad guys, the devious mole and the self-serving back-stabbing vice chief, and so on.

Well it certainly took its time, but as the show kept spinning its complex plot like an intricate spider's web its depth (along with that of its characters) was very slowly revealed, until towards the end I found myself really starting to sympathize with almost all of the main players -- none of whom ended up being as one-dimensional or gimmicky as they seemed at first. Even more impressive was that the complicated and multi-layered plot, with so many characters and B-plots and C-plots, really seemed to coalesce in the end into one meaningful story without any major loose ends or plot holes, every character's actions seeming completely in line with their personalities and motives. And suddenly it seemed more and authentic than both the shamelessly ridiculous Hollywood-style espionage thrillers like Bond and MI (of course) but also the opposite-end 'ultra-realistic' style of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and other John Le Carre adaptations, where the lack of human emotion can often give the movie a surreal edge.

Could it have had a tad more energy at times? Sure. A slightly better cast? Less broadly generic direction and score? You bet. Did it upset me when the Mossad agents sounded every bit as German as the BfV agents? Yes, it did. I would've really liked to see a more brilliantly executed version of this show, but very few shows are perfect and this one still proved pretty rich and enjoyable even with its slight imperfections.

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Great Spy Show, can't wait for the next season!

Author: Melis Ertem from Turkey
21 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Great show with a strong cast and wonderful thriller with spy action. Much more authentic and realistic then a Bond. Also can be indicative to what is going on in the world! Can't wait for the next season. It includes double agents, agents who love their country, dirty agents who tries to convince everyone including them selves that what ever they do they do it for the love of their country...twist after twist with human integrity in question...How far would you go? That is the main question...Between yourself and human etics how far you can go for your country? For keeping your integrity can you sell your country or your fellow co-workers or vice versa to keep your position can you give away your integrity? On every episode there is a new twist and new questions. And one can wonder, can this be happening in real world?

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Excellent, despite being anti-American

Author: vespet2000 from Bulgaria
12 December 2016

Contrary to what negative reviewers said here, it is pretty anti-American and anti-CIA. It is acceptable only because it is very well done, excellent stories, only very tiny plot-holes.

It tries to tell us how complicated the relationship between CIA and the German authorities can be these days.

Layers and sub-layers, emotional debt, excellent acting, and what I value most, the story is coherent, while not perfect. Unlike so many block-buster crappy movies that are for 14-year olds. It's even slightly better than the 5th season of Homeland and this was their best season, also set in Germany.

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poor copy of previously aired series

Author: bobo-91777 from United States
4 January 2017

I did not like this show at all. It is a very bad copy of the 5th season of Homeland, with the same plot and characters (Syria and Iran, Mossad, Russians, Cia, Berlin govt and police, the station director, the "brilliant" girl, the solo guy, blabla), but with very uninspired actors, lack of nerve, no transitions between scenes, no introduction of new characters (they simply pop out of nowhere) and a lot of small errors and approximations that make even more difficult to believe it. I do not continue on the list, but above all, what made me quite sad, was the level of copy of Homeland. Come on, this is a copy, and a bad one.

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Cashing in the CIA / Pentagon incentive to produce such bullshit makes sense, indeed. To watch it much less.

Author: christoph-brincken from Vienna
23 September 2016

It is bad enough, that hunting whistle blowers by the most evil empire since Adolf happens, to make a show out of it, well that's a wee bit sick. But. OK, let's have a look. A uninspired story, with unappealing characters in the hip metropolis Berlin. Some actors are clearly German, others speak German with an English accent. Not enough German actors in Berlin? I think not. After some minutes of boredom I switched to fast forward. Cashing in the CIA / Pentagon incentive to produce such bullshit makes sense, indeed. To watch it much less. - and another line to have 10 lines and yet another line to have 10 lines to have 10 lines and yet another line to have 10 lines line to have 10 lines and yet another line to have 10 lines to have 10 lines and yet another line to have 10 lines

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