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At one stage action is taking place in a basement the characters move past an electrical switch on a wall of modern design.. This are called 'Surface Switch' a plastic box with a dial like switch to 'ON or OFF. This design would not have been available in the time era of the movie.
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Factual errors 

There is a scene in which Sister Charlotte appears to be administering the sacrament of confession to one of her assigned charges.

Within the Catholic Church, the sacrament of confession can only be administered by a priest, so Sister Charlotte would never have had any authority to hear one's confession and administer penance.
Sister Charlotte takes Janice's confession. Only a Catholic priest is allowed by the church to hear confessions.

Plot holes 

When Janice is pushed by some sort of demon nun into the barn, she screams loudly but the other girls don't seem to hear it. However, when she screams inside the barn, they suddenly hear it.
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Revealing mistakes 

After the prayer said by Mr. Mullins before the meal, Sister Charlotte does not make the sign of the cross as any good Catholic would. Neither do the girls nor Mr. Mullins.
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The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Plot holes 

The film suggests at the end that Linda, the blonde protagonist, later became Annabelle Higgins, the cultist killer who murdered her parents in the original Annabelle film and called on a demon to possess the Annabelle doll. This is an odd and clumsy route for the story to take for several reasons. In the original Annabelle film, it was implied that Annabelle was the Higgins' daughter her entire life. She was even shown as a very small girl at one point in a family picture, much younger than Linda was by the time the Higgins supposedly adopted her in this film. Moreover if Linda/Annabelle had lived from preteen years to young womanhood possessed by a demon, there would have been ample signs of demonic possession years before she disappeared for a year to join first the hippies, then a Satanic cult. She most likely would have killed way before then too. The idea that a demon possessed a Christian child for likely more than a decade, showed no evidence of its existence, and did all this just so it could kill two people at the end of its possession is extremely far-fetched.
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