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Hell Will Take Anybody

Author: Clay Loomis from Arroyo Grande, California
17 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, SyFy Channel movies have almost reached the level of special effects that theatrical movies had 20 years ago. Almost. To be honest, I think they are satisfied with the level of visual effects they are getting now, as the quality has not really improved in about 5 years. I'd say this one was on the high side of their scale though.

Oh yes, the movie. We all know the drill here. A bunch of actors you've never heard of before, moan and lurch their way towards the realization that they aren't going to be the next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Chances are, you'll never see any of them again.The movie's concept is actually pretty decent. College students playing around with an experimental matter transporter gizmo accidentally open a hole to Hell. And they don't waste time getting there either. It was only about 5 minutes into this thing and we had our half dozen kids stumbling around in Hell, looking for a way out.

It looks like a PG version of a crossed zombie/slasher flick. Nothing particularly exciting or new, and you certainly won't be scared or thrilled, but hey, it's SyFy. If you were expecting Oscar quality stuff, you wouldn't be watching a SyFy original film.

We don't actually know if this is Hell, or another dimension the kids opened up. Although, if it's another dimension, it's one MESSED UP dimension. In the end, a college professor pulls out two of them, or maybe they got out on their own. One kid popped out in Russia for no reason I can fathom, (and just what happens to you if you die while in Hell? Where do you go then?). Nothing is explained and little makes sense. Congratulations, you and I just burnt two hours on another ridiculous SyFy movie.

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Just no...

Author: Squirrell Master from USA
1 April 2016

I enjoy cliché over the top movies and I enjoy well written well directed movies. Casting can be hit or miss but with a good script and direction can be hidden well.

Unfortunately the writing isn't quite cliché but uncomfortable. They use historical references without actually giving any real or fun bits from mythology.

I tried very hard to like this movie but the motivations of the characters, the cheap hooks that fail to hook let me cringing for most of the film.

It is a shame because this movie could have been great if there was more planning and time spent working on the nuances that get the view to care about the plot and characters.

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Not horrible - but pretty damn Cheesy

Author: Leethal1 from New Zealand
1 April 2016

Its is a T.V movie, so perhaps i had a too higher opinion going in, but it is what it is.. Some Good points - Sets were good, premise and story line were very intriguing, some of the costumes and characters were great as well..... unfortunately 'the actors'...who they were i do not know? and weather I should blame them or the script i am not entirely sure. But the Acting was clichéd and cringe worthy to say the least. Had they had better direction and dialogue this may have been something to be enjoyed. However like so many horror movies I have seen lately, there is no sense of realism, no sense of real fear. I would not recommend this.

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Surprisingly Enjoyable Halloween Fare

Author: Phil Tennant from Australia
30 October 2015

Considering this is a SyFy channel movie, I wasn't expecting a great deal. Not to say they haven't made good movies in the past, but within the constraints of made for TV movies. However I was very pleasantly surprised. Basically in the first 10 minutes you find out a group of students have been experimenting with teleportation, and after something goes wrong, they are sent to what is possibly either an alternate dimension, or hell, or both! It is somewhat of a Sci-Fi/Horror crossover (although the only real Sci-Fi component is the teleportation) that doesn't take itself too seriously, and is all the more enjoyable for that. Imagine Supernatural meets Grimm if it was written by Clive Barker (Hellraiser). There are some quite gruesome (for TV) scenes, although the special effects budget doesn't always do them justice. The scenery and settings were atmospheric suitably hellish, and the action doesn't let up throughout. In all this was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

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found it but didn't quite know what to do with it

Author: A_Different_Drummer from North America
10 April 2016

reviewers notes humbly submitted:

1. Traditional narrative tells us any story needs a beginning, a middle and an end. This script disposes of the beginning. By the 3:00 mark you are in the middle. Daring. Ballsy. Cool.

2. "This is like a bad trip man." (dialog). Do people still say that? I know I once said that but I am way old. Haven't young people evolved since then?

3. Speaking of evolution, I prefer the new horror meme to the old one. The old one was that young people went to summer camp and as punishment for being young, healthy (and under-appreciative of those qualities) they were killed one by one. The new meme is is that young people try to tamper with the space-time continuum and also get punished. I like it.

4. Despite such promising ideas, at the end of the day this is still a low-budget film with pretensions of not looking like what it is. Typical of its class, by the 3/4 mark the budget seems to run out and the director relies on closeups in dark rooms. Not to extend the dramatic impact. But because they are cheaper to do.

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cliché science fiction horror

Author: robinthealchemist
25 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i had hoped that they would make it more hellish... the kids who were supposed to be smart and science students, were actually your average football retards. i mean, who walk around hell yelling: hello, hello, is anyone there? or: help! please Help! as if thats gonna happen... also the "demons" were not quite demonic, i mean why wouldn't a hell-spawn play with his prey before brutally devouring it? it lacked torment and ruin as one would expect from hell, i was hoping the entire movie for the people to meet gruesome ends, and was rather disappointed... sure i didn't have too high expectations, but is a bit more carnage too much too ask from hell?

this movie was good enough to escape from Christmas (a hellish experience returning every year, the colors and happiness *ugh...) but comes nowhere near stuff like silent hill.

they should have put a bit more work into the script and text, and it could have been better. but all you get now are sniveling weaklings scared of everything, and you just want them to die quick (but horribly) and get it over with.

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Just a television movie. But I've seen worse movies.

Author: Peter Pluymers ( from Kortessem, Belgium
29 July 2016

"Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here."

"They found hell" isn't a cryptic or symbolic movie title. It's just literally where a group of students ended up in this 80's feeling Science Fiction horror. After ten minutes you realize that this isn't a spectacular release for major cinemas. It's a film suitable for the SyFy channel. Not only because it contains some absurdities or because of the somewhat dated special effects, but also due to the poor acting as well. But despite these shortcomings, I still managed to sit out the entire film.

The most striking feature of this movie is the ridiculous short intro. After some craters appear in Russia (no idea how they turned up there and don't expect any explanation) a group of young people hurry back to their lab to resume a kind of experiment with a teleporter. Before they know it, another flaming crater appears again (pitifully bad effects by the way) and almost the entire gang is drawn into this devilish hole. The lack of any explanation about the nature and purpose of this experiment caused the first irritation. Apparently the absence of all this is necessary to get the teenagers as fast as possibly there where they should be. And that's hell.

A devilish intro, so to speak. And that it's hell where they ended up, is emphasized in the dialogue between the group members. The second irritation moment. It was a bit too much for me after hearing these ambiguous statements for the umpteenth time: "What the hell?", "Where the hell are we?", "What the hell happened?" and "It's hot as hell down here". And hearing for the thousandth time someone calling for help (meanwhile they surely realized it wasn't really clever to yell loudly in this place) began to get on my nerves as well. And believe me, I lost count of how many times "Oh my God" was used. Were they hoping for help from a divine, heavenly person? It was obvious they were in hell. This was as clear as daylight after they deciphered a Latin phrase that was written above a wooden gate: "Omens relinquite spes, o vos intrantes". A quote from Dante which was eventually spelled wrong as well.

And yet there were also some positive points in this mediocre movie. I thought the decors were very successful at times. A chaotic and terrifying place where the victims were confronted with their own fears. They ended up in different places, which resulted in different angles of incidence. I got a real "Dungeon Keeper" feeling when watching this. Especially the demonic and repulsive-looking "collector", pulling a rickety cart full of rotting corpses, was magnificent. The ferryman who could provide a possible way out (after paying of course) looked rather spooky. Some scenes were similar to those of other famous movies such as "Evil Dead" and "Saw". Expect also some gore fragments (which were mostly a bit exaggerated).

As befits a true B-movie, the performances were simply mediocre and at times really annoying. Most of them were unknown actors. And the final climax lay in the line of the entire film. Also incomprehensible and unexplained. Maybe it wasn't the best SF/Horror, but I've seen worse. That's for sure.

More reviews here :

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Indeed, they found hell incarnate

Author: David Roggenkamp
5 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A team of college students decide to play around with physics; little do they know they've opened up a portal into the gates of Hell. If we wanted to talk about Gothic architecture (think medieval times), this movie is certainly inviting. In fact, everything in this film is based on the memories of 'Hell' of the college students. If you want to see demonic gargoyles, dragons, stone architecture, along with dead bodies and the living dead, this is most certainly the movie for you.

If death warmed over, and indeed hell warmed over are something that may give you nightmares - I would look elsewhere. In fact, the entire movie literally looks like a living nightmare - something I found to be surprising. The professor was about the only character that I did not like. He seems to be a combination of Bill Nye and one of the more recent Dr. Whos. More importantly, he seems intent on playing God where children are 'inferior' and do not know what they are doing; moreover he also seems to like the whole "Mad Scientist laugh" at points which seems completely unnecessary. Did the college students have to rely on his help? I'm sure the movie could have found some way, such as a portal - for them to get back; it's almost expected in movies. Instead they used a pair of jumper cables from a Jeep to a transponder (teleporter in this case) and 'gave it more juice' by hitting the gas. I got sick of the movie by this point; but it all worked out in the end. Charon's appearance across the River Styx was also pretty sweet.

Originally posted to Orion Age (

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Not too bad for a SyFy Halloween movie

Author: Michael Ervin from Lancaster, CA
24 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yes, this is a typical low-budget SyFy action horror movie. And yes,the actors are all unknowns. But...I had a good time watching it. Some college students perform an experiment in teleportation, but something goes very wrong. SPOILERS The movie starts with an explosion in Russia, leaving a distinctive crater. Then we move to some college students trying out their "transponder." Immediately they get pulled through a portal into what they believe is Hell. Interestingly, there is a gate with the sign from Dante's Inferno-"Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here". This ought to tell them that Wherever they are, it is not really Hell. It is a very messed up place, though. This is Hell portrayed as a Halloween Hell House or a Hell dimension from the Buffy/Angel-verse. The only problem is there are all manner of creatures trying to torture or kill them as they struggle to find a way to return to Earth. I have to agree with other reviewers that the cutaways back to the college, with a professor trying to get them back did not add much to it. The other thing that bothered me was that they kept saying things like "Oh My God!" and "Help me!", but not one of them thought to pray, or to call out to God for help. I got tired of them calling for help, but never calling to anyone specific. Who did they think was going to answer? Anyway, I still enjoyed the movie. It was not very good, but it kept moving, and I had to keep watching to see if anyone made it out. If you can see it for free, it might be worth a watch.

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Fun and exciting Sci-Fi Channel creature feature

Author: GL84 from Los Angeles, Ca
20 October 2015

Conducting an experiment in the desert, a group of college students are thrust into a different dimension that is the literal personification of Hell and must find a way of navigating through the treacherous demons and creatures in order to get back to the surface.

Despite some minor problems, this was quite an enjoyable and thrilling effort with a lot to like. The biggest thing to this one is the fact that it manages to get this one started off and going almost immediately with the opening dimensional rift found even before finishing the credits and then managing to get them down into the demonic levels not far afterward that manages to mean the pace here is truly frenetic and breakneck. That it means a lot of time here exploring this creepy location and encountering the creepy-looking creatures and demons throughout here is what really tends to drive this one, managing to further place a lot of action here as their continuous need to escape from the creatures really drives this one nicely. There's more action in here than expected because of this, with people being forced to run through thick overgrown forests to get away from the creatures lurking within the forest, a series of rooms designed for the dismemberment and disposal of bodies, a gloriously deceptive Gothic church that should've been a grand giveaway about the purposes of the scene, out into the woods to be chased by the dogs and down into the pit with the giant pendulum above them that serves as quite a nasty surprise throughout here, and with all these different locations and encounters throughout here there's just a frantic and never-ending assault of confrontations here. These are dark, chilling and take advantage of literature and history quite nicely by offering plenty of call-backs and nods to how Hell has been played up throughout the ages from the demons gathering bodies into fire pits, holding souls prisoner until the time to collect them and move them to torture pits guarded over by ravenous zombies and other demented ghouls which makes for a thrilling time throughout here. Combined with the strong make-up work on the creatures and the bloody deaths from the numerous kills here, there's a lot to like here without a whole lot of flaws. The only real flaw present in this one is the film's continuous flipping back to the adventures of the student and professor back on campus attempting to fix the ramifications of the experiment, which don't really seem all that vital or contribute much of anything to the film beyond simply taking time away from the group down in Hell by mainly spilling scientific psychobabble that doesn't make any sense. While it's necessary to show how they're attempting to get them back to the surface, the whole kidnapping and holding hostage angle mixed alongside these overly nonsensical scientific discussions aren't the way it should happen. Likewise, the CGI is a little troubling, following the same patterns as many of these Sci-Fi Channel originals but that's to be expected here and doesn't really hurt it the way the other one does.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Language.

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