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The City is Mine

Author: Thomas Drufke
3 May 2016

Look, I understand we all know Barry isn't dead and definitely retained his powers, but I think this episode did a good job of handling Barry's inner conflict with the particle accelerator. Pair that with wonderful acting all around (yes, I mean everyone) and you get a very good episode of Flash that puts it back on track for the rest of the season.

We began the episode with the team using a hologram of Flash to try and take down villains just by the intimidation factor. It was a neat idea if only it didn't completely backfire when Zoom took down all of the cops. I'm still not all that thrilled at the way they handled the Zoom character, but it was nice seeing him do something meaningful for the show by killing cops on national television. They didn't have the guts to kill off anybody from the main cast, but it was a cool moment.

No matter what Barry was saying, we all knew he was going to go through with the particle accelerator. It also became very obvious that this was the episode Jesse and Wally were going to get their speed. They haven't had a ton of screen time on the show, so pairing them in the secret room together, giving extended scenes to them, and even mentioning "electricity" a few times made it pretty evident. But hey, if they were going to do it, might as well be now.

Zoom's pawn of the week was Rupture, who turned out to be Cisco's brother from Earth-2, Dante. Dante's presence didn't do anything to add to the show in terms of quality, but I didn't mind seeing Cisco get extended time. Rupture was nothing special, and it still doesn't completely make sense why Zoom doesn't do what he wants instead of sending another villains out to do his work. Seriously, where does he run off to?

Iris had a good week, and Candice Patton got some time to shine. Patton showed me that it isn't entirely her fault that Iris has become uninteresting, because she clearly has what it takes to handle an emotional scene, as shown in her big moment with Barry. I'm still not pro-Barry and Iris, but this episode helped convince me just a little bit.

Lastly, Barry's dad was back this week, and sure he had plenty of advice for his son, but he also dropped a bombshell as to who is in the mask on earth 2. Apparently, Garrick is Henry's mother's maiden name, which has been rumored. The man under the mask is still not fully clear, but the fact that Garrick is within the family of the Allen's, hints at what may be to come.

+Zoom does something

+Cool reveal at the end

+Jesse and Wally get powers

+Well acted all around

-No real need for Cisco's brother


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Expecto patronum!

Author: Small Army from Sweden
4 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The third PA explosion is what's happening in this episode, and we knew it just had to result in Wally and/or Jesse getting their powers. While that remains to be determined we clearly saw what it did to Barry.

In the beginning of this episode we saw Barry using hologram projections to trick a pair of criminals in a getaway car. It was pretty clever and I wonder why they never thought of this before. Anyway, it did make me wonder if it was meant, perhaps unintentionally, as a hint towards Mirror Master who is most known for utilizing this method of trickery, but to commit crime of course. I'm hoping that we will see Mirror Master next season.

Speaking of villains, Zoom is back and he brought his henchmen Rupture with him. To continue the theme of almost every Earth-2 doppelganger being a villain Rupture is no exception as he reveals himself to be Dante Ramon, Reverb's brother. Rupture has been mislead, probably by Zoom, to believe Cisco/Vibe killed Reverb. He attempts to kill Cisco who's meeting with Earth-1 Dante. Just like his brother, Rupture dies by Zoom's hand, literally. Obviously he was included to make the title and so we could see Cisco and Dante grow closer through yet another life or death situation. Cisco truly needed a hug after these last couple of episodes.

Barry meets with his father, his real father, Henry whose mother's maiden name was Garrick. I lit up as soon as he said it and now my theories have come down to: 1. His doppelganger is the real Jay Garrick and 2. His doppelganger is the man in the iron mask. At least, Henry is related to the name Garrick.

Hunter Zolomon was masquerading as Jay Garrick and he clearly doesn't do that anymore. He is in full Zoom mode now, killing cops, killing Rupture, speaking to Caitlin with his Zoom-voice and eyes. I wonder what Zoom will do now that Barry is not only without speed but gone to what I'm assuming is the speed force.

No, the third PA explosion didn't grant Barry his speed force powers. Instead his body completely ruptured, Dr. Manhattan-style. As painful as it looked I knew this couldn't be the end of Barry. Even if Wally and Jesse got hit with the energy wave, which by the way seemed to avoid the group watching and steer through the hallway just as if it chose them. Either it didn't choose them or it did because the energy could've been Barry and his powers split to give them both a share of it. Anyway, Cisco's patronum was hilarious.

All in all I very much enjoyed this episode, it brought so many emotions and little easter eggs that'll probably have me theorizing until the season's end. Next week's episode looks interesting, I know Kevin Smith directed it and he's a huge fan of the show so it'll be fun to see how well he did.

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Flash - S02E20 Rupture

Author: Jordan Forbes
4 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Going into this episode I really loved the premise. I really liked the opening to this episode how they were staging the Flash around Central City. It was the typical Cisco thing to do in this situation. I liked how following on from that we got to see the follow up from Wells idea from last episode. It was a nice flow on from last week and they really got to the point early which I liked.

The return of Barry's dad, Henry Allen was really nice. It's been such a long time since we saw him and I liked how Barry went to him to have a really great emotional moment for the episode. Also coming out of this was a massive clue, something which for me was a massive clue to the man in the iron mask. Going into this episode I really thought the real Jay would be the man in the mask but there was something Henry said that both now adds petrol to a theory that has been circling and creates a new one. Garrick was Henry's mother maiden name. For me, I think it adds to a massive theory that has been circling that is is actually John Wesley Shipp as the man in the iron mask as his 90s version of the Flash. There is already strong evidence suggesting this, mostly because we saw the vision of him when they travelled to Earth 2. I think what this moment in the episode also does is suggest that the version of John Wesley Shipp that might be the man in the iron mask is indeed the real Jay Garrick.

Back to John Wesley Shipp for a minute though, I thought he was fantastic. He really played the role of the father amazingly. I loved his talk with Joe and Wells when they were discussing Barry. This really was a talent overload. Shipp, Cavanagh and Martin. Cavanagh and Martin week in and week out are 2 of the best performers every week and now adding Shipp into one big conversation was amazing. I like how themselves as the characters all had emotional stakes in Barry and it was really cool to see them have such a big and emotional conversation.

Something that has really been building the past few weeks and again this week is Wally. After a rough start, Wally is really hitting his straps now. He has been characterised fantastically in recent weeks and its really paying off now. I like how he is starting the fit into the team and I really liked how this episode he started that connection with Jesse. As we all assume, these 2 will become Kid Flash and Jesse Quick and there was so many little tip of the hat to that through their scene. When they decided to break out I knew that this was the moment they became speedsters, and of course we can only assume that when they awake, they will indeed be Kid Flash and Jesse Quick.

Zoom was again fantastic this episode. This really was the first time we saw Zoom take out a group of people and it was great. Credit to the editors and directors to how that scene was put together. The cracking of the necks in slow mo were brutal yet awesome to see happen. With us actually seeing Zoom do thing we have only hear stories of was great and it really added his dark nature. Just one last thing to do with Zoom, I really hope we some form of explanation into what happens with his eyes. It was creepy the first time he did it and it was creepy again tonight.

I thought another big emotional point of the episode was everything with Barry and Iris. They have really been building this relationship up recently and I like how its really starting to develop to the point that now Iris wants to be with Barry. Regardless of what you think about the relationship itself, you can't deny that the acting was spot on for this moment. The way that they brought the emotion, especially with the situation of the episode. I thought that this moment is really going to be a big landmark in how season 3 will play out.

The ending was amazing. First of all the silent acting during this sequence was amazing. Everything from the tear running down Gustin's face to the panic on Shipp's face were all nailed to perfection. As someone who has some knowledge of the Crisis on Infinite Earth story line, it was really awesome to see it being played out on the TV show. Basically in this story line, Barry is turned into pure speed force. It is than believed that from that, this version of Barry becomes the lightning which strikes Barry originally to turn him into the Flash, therefore giving his current powers to his past self. I think the aspect they are really adapt from this story is the speed force side of it. With that, we all know that Barry is not dead and I really think that he is in fact turned into pure speed force. The next episode is going to be really interesting to see how the show handles everything that is happened and explain how Barry comes back into the physical world. There was a part of me expecting them to show the opening scenes of the series where Barry is hit by lightning, hinting that speed force Barry joined with the particle accelerator to create the Flash. I actually think that sequence is going to be the how the series as a whole will end, with speed force Barry being the one that creates the season 1 Barry Allen as the Flash.

10/10 - See more reviews at

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A world without The Flash and Zoom returns to Central City.

Author: prettylittleflash from United States
4 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A world without The Flash is a very bad thing especially for the people of Central City now under Zoom's control. However the people of Central City did not know that Barry has lost his powers thanks to Cisco creating a hologram version of the Flash. Meanwhile Zoom returns to the Central City PD and tells everyone there the town is under his control and if they try to stop them he will kill them. He then tells everyone to get out of the building and handcuffs Caitlin to a desk. Harrison is determined to find a way to get Barry is his powers back even if it means recreating the particle accelerator. He thinks if he recreates everything exactly as it happened that night Barry will get his speed back and all will be right. Barry doesn't k ow what to do so he finds his Dad and brings him back with him hoping maybe with his advice he will know if he should go along with Harrison's plan. One of my favorite things about the episode was Iris FINALLY confessing her feelings for Barry. Now I don't know about anyone else but I've been waiting for this to happens since last season. Barry seems shocked that Iris loves him in the way he has always wanted and Iris leaves him to go check on Wally and Jesse. In the meantime Cisco has a "vibe" about his brother so he sets up a meeting with him just to make sure he is okay. They are attacked by the earth two's Cisco's brother because Zoom told him Cisco had killed his brother. They escape and try to figure out a way to stop this new metahuman without the flash. Eventually Zoom ends up killing Cisco's brother point 2 because he failed to defeat the Central City PD. Zoom then kills everyone in the room but Joe, Barry and the police captain threatening to kill them along with everyone in the city if they don't follow his rules. This only pisses off Barry and he then decides that he must become the flash again to stop zoom. I loved the Harry Potter references in this episode especially when Cisco is on the roof trying to get lightening to strike the antenna he says "Expecto Patronum". While Barry is strapped in the particle accelerator he ends up disintegrating or so it seems and the rays from it end up hitting Wally and Jesse as their running to find out why the building was shaking and knocking them out. Everyone thinks Barry is dead especially Iris who thinks she has once again lost the man she loves. Zoom shows up and laughs at Harrison for trying to get Barry his speed back but killing him the process. I think this was one of the best episodes this season and can't wait to see how this season will end. Will Barry get his speed and defeat Zoom or is he lost forever?

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the Flash self-explosion

Author: Amir Ahmadi
4 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The flash series I guess is getting a little boring. I mean I'm a flash fan but for two years we are watching the same pattern. They find a threat, retreat the first battle and win the next. And moreover, these super threats always come out to be quite similar. This episode wasn't much of a deal for me as I've seen it done before in both comics and animated movies,but the thing I believe is interesting is that Barry actually gave birth to more two speedsters. And I'm sure like how it's gone by now in both the flash and the arrow, this season we'll be watching a battle between two groups of meta-humans. I'm hoping that this will catch the creators' attention so next season we're not watching the same stories, the same plots, and the same cliché events.

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Rupture continues The Flash's snail-pace destruction of the titular "hero"

Author: imakk2001 from United States
3 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I understand the reasoning behind this season's writing. They're prepping for the next Flash. All the stupid decisions/constant self-doubt makes Barry so unlikable we'll be cheering when he's replaced by Wally. And it's working. Much like the iron mask guy, they dragged out should he/shouldn't he too long. What should have been a hero moment when he finally made his decision was too little too late. People are dead, no making up for that. Not then, not now. Getting fried like that is what he deserves for all the deaths he's caused, indirectly though they may be. This is no hero overcoming hardships/bravely stepping forth to help others. This is just a guy making an ever bigger mess each time he tries to clean up the previous mess he made.

A few stand-outs:

+ Reverb's scythe is pretty kick ass. VFX is the only component of the show to not drop the ball this season.

+ We got an actual Captain Singh appearance, instead of a shout-out. And they almost whacked him off, don't think I didn't notice, show.

- Iris still following other people's paths instead of her own, still shoehorned into StarLabs.

- Cisco and Dante's reconciliation was an expanded redux of last season's Rogue Time, ie yet another retread of last season.

Barry's I'm-my-best-with-my-powers sums up this season's Flash: Barry Allen isn't a hero, he's just an empty suit. Which is fitting for such an unheroic super hero show. Score: 5

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It's a (CW) trap!

Author: FightOwensFight from Miami Beach, Florida
3 May 2016

Storyline-wise this is a totally acceptable episode of The Flash... Moving forward, the show is in a very exciting spot for fans. Jesse Quick & Kid Flash both have received their powers and Wells is in quite a precarious position as it looks as if Barry is gone and Wells is responsible.

As exciting of a chapter as The Flash is currently turning to, it's not without its problems... And I'm compelled to say something as there are times when this show makes me want to bang my head on a brick wall. For one, The Flash (for the most part) has a great cast but Iris is like a huge anchor weighing them all down. Her movements are almost robotic, she looks uncomfortable during scenes where she has to channel extreme emotion, and watching her struggle to find the right emotional note she'll take it to another level by making awkward movements... It's like she doesn't know what to do with her body. Which begs the question... Where is the director to give her some direction?!

I also wish they'd turn down the quintessential 'whiny superhero' bit that Barry has been going through as of late... It was a huge turnoff when it was such a big focus of the Toby Maguire Spider-Man films. If you have to attack it, do so and move on, it's become a tired cliché in the genre and one I really hope to see less and less of as the genre continues to explode.

Please excuse my rants... I feel like The Flash could be great and at times it is, but it gets in its own way. There is a tried and true formula you see again and again over at The CW and sometimes they let that get in the way of the betterment of the show.

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