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I won't be going back

Author: Samuel
25 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Do you like Buffy the vampire slayer? well so does Patrick Ness as Class is pretty much a British knock off. Do you like the most basic archetypes? well so does Patrick Ness as Class contains the most boring, simple characters types we've seen in every piece of college fiction written in the past 30 years. Do you like relatable characters? No? Well good because pretty much everyone in Class is unlikable to the point where I'm not sure I want the episode to be resolved, if the villains of episode one won I really wouldn't care. Our "hero" is a somehow simultaneously an alien prince slave owner and the most boring man on the planet, his or ours. The rest of the cast are all really boring stereotypes, the jock, the nerd, the kind one. All brought together in a really forced way. This is Patrick Ness's first TV project and it shows with characters dancing around flashing neon exposition and jokes so clunky you can literally hear the thud as they fail to land. Characters are vain and have ridiculous leaps in logic such as April, a girl with so few defining character traits I actually forgot she was on the team, April is attacked by a "Shadow-kin" and, after being rescued we get the back story of our "hero" and her response "We're going to have to cancel prom", now in Buffy that would be the joke the scene ended on but no we continue on making the character just look insane and insensitive to the fact the person who saved her life just told her about how his planet died. No one would act like this, and that's my main problem, these characters are really fake, they're not what actually teenagers are like, they are what a group of writers and executives think teenagers are like, what they think will appeal to them. I should know, I'm in my second year at sixth form, I'm the target audience for this and all I'm seeing is a group of target psychographics flailing across a screen for 50 minutes. And don't even get me started on deus ex machina, the Doctor, the title character of the series the show spun off from is reduced to nothing but a get out of jail free card appearing to fix the problem and then leaving twice! This leaves the writer with the problem that they now have to write around why they can't just call the Doctor every time now. But I believe this series doesn't respect its roots in using the Doctor as nothing more than a tool, but that's just me.

That being said this show does a have some redeeming qualities, Ms Quill for one is the break out character of the show, she's by far the most memorable and interesting but even she is restricted by poor dialogue. The story is basic, a twist on the riches to rags story so it can't really go to wrong. The VFX both practical and digital are spectacular rivalling even Doctor Who for some of the best I've seen on British TV in a long while so its got that in its corner. All in all I believe this series is bad, but not irredeemable, its the kind of thing I would check back with next season as the rest of the season is written by Patrick Ness so little chance of the series changing direction at this point. Give the series a try if you're in the UK as its free on Iplayer and make up your own mind.

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It's just so bad

Author: Ali Syed from United Kingdom
9 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before I start I should say that if you're expecting something similar to Torchwood/Doctor Who then this isn't the show for you. But on the other hand if you want to watch a shitty sci-fi Waterloo road then yes mate go for it. Now don't get me wrong, the acting is half decent, especially from Fady, but holy crap the acting as well as the special effects and prosthetic makeup are as good as it gets. Let's start it off with the writing which was atrocious, even cringeworthy at some points. For example, Ram's girlfriend just got killed. Now this isn't a stranger in one of the opening scenes of Doctor who where we as an audience aren't supposed to feel empathy for anyone killed - this is a student - an 17/18 year old, and it's just brushed underneath the carpet. Sure Ram grieves a bit but the others are just patting him on the back and saying it's OK? What the hell is that? And then a couple days later he's professing his love for another character! And don't get me started on that flipping weird alien sex scene with the shadow kin or whatever. If it was supposed to make us laugh... The characters - as previously mentioned, the acting isn't that bad, but damn the characters were written terribly. These aren't British teenagers - these are American teenage stereotypes and I sure as hell cant relate to them. The alien teacher/freedom fighter who isn't really a teacher (I can't remember her name) is supposed to be the Jack Harkness of this show, but just ends up being flipping annoying and she reminds me of that creepy lady of the Midnight episode in Doctor Who. What worked for Torchwood/Doctor who/Sarah Jane is that those characters had a sense of security around them, and that they were extremely likable - this lady sure as hell isn't likable. Now I can't go on about how this show is just a massive facepalm to me, and I'm pretty sure that I'm the target market (18 year old British teenager), but if you'd watch it you'll understand, but as I said at the beginning - this really isn't anything like Doctor Who.

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Not Bad

Author: Manwhofell
23 October 2016

Wasn't sure what to expect, but I wasn't disappointed. No spoilers here. It was pretty entertaining. Not as "kiddie" as The Sarah Jane Adventures (which I did enjoy), but sort of along those lines. Too soon to judge the format after watching only one, but it seems to mix the idea of a monster of the week with an arcing subplot. I was hoping for grittier visuals but they fall more along the lines of the RTD era of Doctor Who. We all already know it's a spin-off, so I don't think this is a spoiler - but just in case - a guest appearance really elevates the episode. I'm only going to go 6 out of 10, based on the single episode, but I could see future episodes bringing that rating higher. Hoping for more character development as we go on, which I can't imagine not happening. All in all a solid start, not earth shattering, but strong enough to get me to see episode 2.

***Updated*** Okay, I'm 4 episodes in, and re-rate this a 7.5 (it only gives whole number options), it's getting better. Not Doctor Who good, but worth watching. At the end of episode 4, I'm left wanting episode 5. And that is how good television should be.

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Cardboard American stereotypes in a UK school

Author: waffle247 from United Kingdom
6 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After hearing Doctor Who had been shelved for 2016 I was looking forward to something to sate my appetite. Unfortunately what we got instead was a high school prom, dating troubles & teenage angst like something out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all set in the extremely unlikely revamp of the inner city school we first met Susan in.

To make matters worse the scenario develops into a terrible parody of Captain Planet with the far too short cameo from the Doctor that came off rather like "Go team! Go! Go team! Go" before being shovelled with no care or attention into an obvious formulaic script for each episode after the pilot.

The graphics & production are about the only thing this show has going for it, the rest of it is a terrible attempt to milk the Doctor Who cash cow whilst once again not bothering to make any actual Doctor Who. The BBC should give up on these spin offs & spend the money on the show instead. The least they could have done was review the script & point out to the writer that UK schools are just not like this.

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Another Dr Who Spin off?!

Author: studioAT from United Kingdom
8 January 2017

Did we need another 'Doctor Who' Spin off? No, the world screams. The BBC it seems weren't listening. So here we go, another spin off from a show that itself could do with a re-boot.

Take a bit of 'Torchwood', throw in a bit of 'Buffy' and you've pretty much for the gist of this show. Unfortunately we also throw in the very talented Catherine Kelly, who has to put up with some poor writing and very daft scenarios.

The show seems confused who it is aimed at? Teens? Adults? In the end it caters for neither properly.

It's buried away on BBC 3, so nobody will really see it anyway. It's a terrible shame, because the premise is good, and there are some nice performances from the young cast. Unfortunately it just doesn't work.

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Good fun, but has got a few issues to sought out

Author: Harvey Penson from United Kingdom
29 October 2016

Class is the new spin off from the world of Doctor Who, revolving around a group of youngsters at a Coal Hill School or Academy. Together they are earths first line of defence against new threatening aliens entering the world through cracks in space and time.

The first two episodes of Class really through out what show is, by implying and hinting what we may expect from the series. Bottom line is you have really fun easy to watch science fiction drama, that still has that Doctor Who atmosphere but with a different audience. It clearly shows off that it wants to be dark, bloody, scary, and adults for young mature audiences.

Granted the show hasn't quite lifted off the ground yet it does have a few issues so far it needs to work on. Its pacing and structure are not quite perfect yet and need a bit more consistency throughout the 45 min limit. There is some dialogue that kind of losses itself and doesn't quite work, and a reasonable anticlimactic end to some of the adventures.

Episode 3 Nightvisting, was a massive improvement though, with a clear passion and emotion that the show wants to express, really well executed in round 3. A much more puzzling story as well which is good, and less awkward acting and dialogue.

So though we are only 3 episodes in Class is rally good fun, Patrick Ness has got a lot of ideas he wants to put forward which is good, but should become a gradual process rather than throwing all of it right at us, But a satisfactory start so far, hope this picks up further on in the series. 8.3/10

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Good, not great, not bad, good.

Author: Ewan Suttie
23 October 2016

Despite not having major advertisement, Class still managed to grasp my attention. Doctor Who used to be one of my favorite shows, and to see another spin off, aside from Torchwood was great.

We are introduced to our characters in a very well filmed opening tracking shot, as the camera pans on each of them. But I still can barley remember any of their names, unlike a TV show like Skins where I managed to learn all their names in the first episode. I couldn't learn them because the characters are boring, aside from two, that I found to be very interesting, these two tie heavily into the plot, and you'll know them when you see them.

But despite the boring characters, the plot of the pilot is pretty great. So great in fact, that I can remember nearly everything from it.

One last thing before the verdict, when seeing the trailer, I really didn't think it was going to be that good, I thought it was going to be a poorly acted, directed and cheap knock off of a British classic. But I was wrong, Class bring something to the table that Doctor who doesn't, a violent, well told tale about a group of regular teenagers defending their school. Sure the dialogue sounds unrealistic in some places, however Class is a fun teen drama that makes you think twice about the world of Doctor who.

My final verdict for Class is a - 7.3, as it's fun and has a brilliant narrative, however I found the characters to be a little boring and unrealistic.

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Hoping it gets better.

Author: John Green from Phoenix
30 October 2016

Having watched every available Doctor Who episode from the beginning, K9 (2009), The Sarah Jane adventures and Torchwood I have seen a wide range of stories from the Doctor Who universe. This series is an odd mix from the SJA and Torchwood. It is geared to a younger audience but not too young. The blood, violence, and partial nudity seem out of place for a viewer too young. Overall the series feels like kids from SJA being thrown into Torchwood but without Captain Jack. That said, previous programs had an anchor that makes the show interesting and is a focal point. The Doctor, Captain Jack or Sarah Jane all fit that mold. This show lacks a leader or a team effort (so far). This may change since at this writing only three episodes have aired. The plots are pretty basic and the characters have a long way to go in development. However, this is true of any new show (case in point Star Trek: TNG took two seasons to hit it's stride). The brief appearance of the Doctor also felt very forced and not well written. The board on the school wall of student names was a nice touch though (freeze frame it to see several names you recognize). The show has potential but right now it is fair at best. I am hoping for better writing and character development. I even grew to like Matt Smith a little after he grew into the part of the Doctor after David Tennant left so there is hope if the production team put some effort into this.

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Author: Roger Jones from Sydney
24 October 2016

OK, I'm not their target market (clue: I saw the first episode in 1963 when first broadcast) but I am a NuWho and a Torchwood fan and though understanding this is aimed at YA, I was disappointed.

Some positive marks in that going by the first two episodes the aim is to probe the characters reaction and, let's face it, PTSD in the face of some pretty horrible events. This is something Dr Who has not paid that much attention to so far and it is worth pursuing. But did we really need the graphic gore?

Character-wise I suppose I'll have to let them have their teenage angst because that's who it's aimed at, but for we grown-ups the standout character is of course, Miss Quill. She's a scream and probably the main reason some of us will persevere a bit longer.

So, I'm going to give the next couple of episodes a try in the hope it doesn't come down to "monster of the week" and that the characters gain some strength. In the meantime, I'm watching NuWho Series 1-9 through again in desperate anticipation of the 2016 Christmas Special.

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too much gay love scenes

Author: stackedback
16 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

look, all for equality....but there are too many gay scenes for me. prefer to watch a sci-fi show...not sci-fi and gay soft porn. thanks but watched a few episodes and that turned me off the show. as far as the story lines where concerned it was fine. not really sure why you feel the need to add that? don't even really care to see a guy and girl making out. just want to see the show itself. would be very nice if this extra rating garbage wasn't added as a filler to these shows. makes it a show i avoid just because of that..alos like to add that having to fill out 10 lines for your reviews to be posted was a little bit of a pain as well....

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