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Where have the real actors gone?!

Author: Boots7777 from United States
30 September 2016

Please stop with Tom Sizemore. He was once great and now he is just plain bad. Having him in a movie will make me actively avoid the movie from now on. I was once a fan, but this is the last time I will be faked into watching another movie where he gives a horrible performance. And on top of that he's hardly in it. He has completely lost it. This should've been an easy job to give a good performance, but he's embarrassing. Stop casting him. I'm done. And "Beyond" Sizemore, the entire cast is horrible except for Stephen Lang. I mean where did they find these actors. They all have frosted blonde hair and look ridiculous. I didn't believe for a minute they were from the time period. They acted like Hollywood actors -- soft, sensitive, metro sexual. Men that fought this war were men. They had some cajones. These guys were limp. And now to the movie. It was bad. Not one single exciting moment. And the West meets East thing felt like it was pandering and stupid. I could go on and on and on, but I will just say this -- go watch "Saving Private Ryan" or "Where Eagles Dare" or "Band Of Brothers." Stay away from this sophomoric slop!

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Spoiler Alert - This movie makes you wish the 4th Reich won

Author: Simon Daly from Thailand
18 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

****Only watch this movie if you have a family member in the cast or crew.****

With all the production values of a 'Young Indiana Jones' Movie from days of yore, and indeed the star himself, this movie deserves to be no better than it is.

The story is nothing we haven't seen before, the script is pretty dire and the hackneyed plot, containing ham-fisted leaden interludes intended to develop the audience' rapport with the cardboard characters are almost too painful to watch.

I was particularly intrigued by the superficial performances of all the German characters, whose stereo-typification seemed to be based entirely on those WWII mini comics they used to publish between the 1950's and 1980's in the UK. I am only surprised the entire script didn't ask for every German soldier to say 'Achtung' before speaking every line.

This movie made at this time is anachronistic in the extreme, why bother - in the 1960's it might have had some legs (although its no Von Ryan's Express), in the 80's it would be a straight to DVD, nearly 70 years after the fact, why bother, no one cares and that includes the actors for the most part.

We in the movie business call this (technical jargon warning) a real stinker, a total pile of dog....., you get the picture.

My advice is don't bother. I gave it 1 star, not because it is that bad, but because I watched it as it had 5.4 stars. I wanted to redress the balance as someones clearly been inflating the IMDb stars to ensure reviews like mine.

****Only watch this movie if you have a family member in the cast or crew****

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Hard to take!!!!

Author: Ellisblack17 from Austria
30 September 2016

This movie is sub-par. It is very poorly acted and everyone looks the same. The screenplay and plotting are over wrought and not the least bit compelling. I cannot say enough bad things about this movie. At the very least it could've had some decent action, but no. It was severely lacking in this department as well. It was flat and dull and excruciating to watch. Watching a heart monitor with a flat-line for 100 minutes would be more entertaining. Whoever was in charge of foisting this to the movie-going world was sorely misguided. If you're going to be bad at least be bad with some excitement. There wasn't a single exciting moment in this movie. AVOID!!!!

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Good B movie with a message

Author: phd_travel from United States
6 December 2016

For a fictional not big budget WW2 war movie it is good for what it is. An American / British team go behind enemy lines in Prussia and team up with a Russian team and a good Fraulien to stop the 4th Reich from being formed.

The cast isn't very famous except Tom Sizemore and an elderly looking Rutger Hauer. Liked the actress Julie Englebrecht - she's pretty and convincing in her role as a good German.

There is a feel good video game logic to the story but it's actually quite good. Of course there is some unrealistic aspects like the respective kill ratios. But who cares, it's quite enjoyable and the fictional elements are inspired by a factual framework.

The message of this movie is the U.S. and Russia fighting on the same side against a common enemy is a good idea.

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Preposterous Attempt at a Film History Lesson!

Author: lavatch from Twin Cities, Minnesota
27 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As if to capitalize on the success of the Tom Cruise film of Operation Valkyrie, the conspiracy among the German military to assassinate Hitler, "Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the 4th Reich" is an embarrassing attempt at a sequel.

The gist of the film is that an elite group of British-American parachuters land in Germany and unite forces with members of the Red Army to thwart an insidious plan of some Nazis to escape with a horde of gold bullion, flee to Argentina, and seek to revive the Third Reich, after the failed attempt to kill Hitler in Operation Valkyrie.

The most ludicrous of the characters in the film is a high-ranking member of the Catholic church, dressed to the nines in his purple church vestments, who is accompanying the Nazis on their trip to South America. Was the prelate intended to provide legitimacy to the restored Reich in Argentina?

To add even less credibility to the already far-fetched plot, the fight sequences in this film invariably pitted a large number of Nazi soldiers from the Wehrmacht against the Mission Impossible team of allies. Invariably, the Nazis were incompetent and somehow outwitted by the elite allied team that included a beautiful blond German woman who was working undercover to aid in the overthrow of Hitler.

The film unwittingly turned to comedy, especially in the climactic scene when the action converges on Königsberg and a German submarine intended to carry the Nazis and their gold bullion to Argentina. The ending was fitting for a film that fizzled from start to finish.

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Author: ainsdefcon from Sweden
27 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


*spoiler alert (almost)* I watched a little bit more than 20 min of this movie. That was not a completely waste of my time, because i gave it 2 stars. (i like 2ww theme) The message is totally clear in this film. Germans are/was idiots. I don't care to explain because i don't want spend more time talking about this stupid movie. I just want to warn everyone else and no more. This is a spoiler. The heroes flies a ("historical"?) glider .... witch has a motor ... and ... explodes.

See: if you like 2 world war action movies when people shoot Germans and you don't care much about history. Don't see: if you respect anything.

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