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At times, I'm Not Ashamed is vivid enough to make one pine for a Christian-leaning teen flick that doesn't have such a blunt, preordained ending.
The film suffers from abrupt, under-motivated transformations and has the pall of death hanging over it since we know what's coming.
The public and private Rachel are, at first, quite different, until her eventual decision to be an out-of-the-closet believer. Even with this rancid script and amateurish direction, McLain sells this inherently undramatic turn as an emotional triumph.
Inelegantly compressing the year up to the shooting, I'm Not Ashamed has more than its fair share of clunkiness.
Many Christians yearning for faith-based entertainment will be moved by this film, and that crowd may well ensure a profit for the production. But more picky viewers will admit that even taken solely as an exploration of the trials of being a Christian teen, it's awfully weak tea as a movie, instantly disposable if not for the tragic backdrop.
There's no pacing to the narrative, and the images are perfunctory. I'm Not Ashamed will draw the same audience that has turned Rachel's journals into popular reading matter, but the film is not likely to lure any converts.

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