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Whether dangling characters off the edge of a cliff or zooming around Crusoe's rickety wooden waterslide, the story is constantly on the go, launching objects and characters along the Z axis - and out over the audiences' heads.
It's all rather trite if easygoing entertainment aimed at the 6-and-under set, with A Turtle's Tale creator Ben Stassen (credited as producer) and director Vincent Kesteloot delivering a colorful 3D adventure that lacks the sophistication of a Zootopia or Kung Fu Panda, but thankfully avoids some of their snark as well.
The Wild Life is a family-friendly take on the story of Crusoe, with a twist, and kids no doubt will be drawn to the colorful animal characters, but there's a lack of emotional connection that makes the film just another cartoon flick, not a special favorite or animated classic.
Each helter-skelter turn throws up story and design elements you'll have seen better programmed elsewhere.
Any adult attending this film with a pre-K offspring may need to reassure the child afterward that little Tigger back home won't devour him in his sleep. No kidding. They're that scary. The Wild Life is an ailurophobe's nightmare.
The Wild Life, while pleasant, is just too flat to meet the challenge.
The colors are vibrant, the sea, palm trees, birds, bird-feathers and Crusoe's red hair are almost photo-realistic. But as a kids' cartoon, Wild Life is a an utter dud.
The sort of uninspired international pre-sales item that usually goes straight from a basement booth at the Cannes film market to a Netflix parent's peripheral vision. The sole interesting thing about NWave's animation is its use of the camera, which plays to 3-D's pop-out factor.
It's bland. It's benign.
Nothing feels remotely fresh, let alone savage or zany in The Wild Life. It's a dull, uninspired and frantically tedious animated re-telling of the Robinson Crusoe story, complete with a menagerie of ditzy, caterwauling beasts.

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