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It's not intensely scary, but it is faithful to its '80s influences, right on down to the deadbeat dad.
Beyond The Games plays to the nostalgia crowd instead of adopting 21st century scares, but still finds a way to explore untapped VHS potential.
Supernatural shenanigans and amateur sleuthing add up to mild-mannered entertainment in Jackson Stewart's affectionately quirky directorial debut.
Beyond the Gates is more imaginative than frightening, and Stewart and co-writer Stephen Scarlata take too long to get to the good parts, killing time with long dialogue scenes where the characters pause interminably between lines.
This fun if unmemorable occult thriller sports - all too faithfully at times - both the typical pleasures and shortcomings of the movies it pays homage to.
The New York Times
Getting retro right is harder than it seems.

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