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Love this show!

Author: cvseabear from United States
25 July 2015

As a knife aficionado, seeing these guys create knives, axes, swords, etc. is an awesome treat. I have always wanted to be a bladesmith, but so far never got the time. Watching this show really puts the fire back in my belly!

I like the design of the show, and I love seeing the different techniques used to achieve some of the same results. I also love learning about the different metals. It's great seeing the different equipment and knowing you can do a lot of the techniques with new machines like power hammers and grinders, yet you can achieve the same results, albeit with a lot more muscle and sweat, but it can be done the "old fashioned way".

Please keep this show going!

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Not just for blade enthusiasts.

Author: ladiesbane from United States
23 August 2015

This is NOT one of those craft competition shows that wastes time on manufactured drama and tiresome sob stories. They make the craft itself the focus, and the competitors' skills and choices keep it interesting.

There is a different challenge each episode, with, four contestants and three elimination rounds. The first round: forge raw metal into a blade meeting specific size requirements. The second round: add a handle and finish the blade. The results are tested head-to-head. In the final leg, the two remaining contestants are presented with a specific type of blade and asked to make their best version of it over three days at their home forges.

Seeing the different forges and processes is interesting, but they don't waste time on back stories, family tragedies, false alliances, or snarky comments. The judges show respect for the good decisions, acknowledge costly choices, and don't get too personal. They focus entirely on the blademaking. Making the craft the focus is a refreshing change, and other shows should follow their format. Anyone who enjoys skilled crafting might enjoy this show.

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Great Show

Author: Marcus Hickey from Tennessee
18 August 2015

Forged in Fire is an excellent show. I finally have a Masculine Game show/ Reality TV show I can watch and enjoy. I love the different Techniques used in the show and the rules. It really takes some special craftsman and craftsmanship to do this type of work. I really enjoyed it and hope they continue to do episodes and perhaps have an series that brings back the previous FiF champions for a Champion vs Champion episode or episodes to show who is the Forged in Fire Champion of Champions!!!

If you want to watch a good show this is a good one and very interesting!

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Great series but they disregard design.

Author: lyletrush from Vancouver Island
30 December 2015

Forged in Fire gives us an overall interesting insight into the ancient craft of blacksmithing. I would rate this 10 out of 10 on the educational scale and 5 out of 10 in the quality department. The reason quality's lacking is due to the judging process. I noticed too many variables when testing blades that lead to pore judgment calls. It would be great to see blades coming out of this show that demonstrate an equality between design and function. This could be achieved in the judging process by scoring 50% function and 50% design. They need to allow more then 3-4 hours and more breaks so the guy's aren't on the edge of passing out! I really enjoy watching this show and hope they keep coming out with programs in this genre.

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An entertaining look at the craft

Author: blades_n_stone from Canada
7 April 2016

Forged in Fire is a good show. fun to watch and enjoyable, The judges are characters and their weapons expert Doug's signature "It willl keeelll." catchphrase is meme able. The challenge to forge against the clock is BS but adds drama and some reasonably talented craftsmen have appeared on the show. But don't be fooled, hard skill and science is glossed over on this show, Making a blade in the fashion shown on this show will not be a good idea, unless you like broken blades. That or massive sections of time are missing, essential techniques like annealing steel, tempering and thermocycleing are missing, and the common point down quench is frowned on by real smiths as it bends the blade, Key tools are missing and for a show with Forged in the title most of the blades are rough shaped and then stock removal to complete. The trash challenges are a bad idea. most real smiths wont make a knife out of steel they cant verify, real "junk" used by knifemakers; leaf springs, coil springs, disker disks, files, chisels, wrenches, cable, ball bearings. That is the kind of stuff most smiths forge into a knife that will last, not garden shed crap. The show puts a lot of glory on Damascus steel and folding, a process not needed with modern metals, its just looks cool, but it has the potential to fail in a heart beat with one open weld. The heat of the forged on set is at issue as the steel should never be heated yellow or white unless welding as it burns out the blade.

A great way to pass an hour on a Tuesday and see some skilled and semi skilled people work their craft, don't look at it if you are an actual smith unless you like yelling at the TV (I do so I watch..)

Nice to have history make a show that does not have Hitler or a pawnshop in it for once.

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A good show, but mistakes here and there.

Author: lovebirdguru
3 November 2016

It is an interesting show to watch. As a blacksmith myself, I often look out for any footage of blacksmithing, new techniques to learn or, in the case something goes wrong in the video, to help out. I was very pleased with seeing the renewed love for such a craft as blacksmithing, but I believe that this show still doesn't answer some of the crucial problems with modern blacksmithing. First off, a proper piece is a work of art and can take much longer than 6 hours to complete. I understand that it would be difficult to make a show about it were it to be longer than 6 hours, but that is the reality of the trade. It makes viewers think that there is no more than 6 hours in a knife, that's it's easy to make, and that they should expect a pattern-welded hand forged chef knife to cost under 200$-300$. Nonsense.

The second problem I have with the show is that a lot of the crucial steps are skipped over to make place to drama. Tempering your knife after quenching is a must in any knife that you may sell. A lot of techniques are skipped over and it results in either poorly made knives if they skipped tempering, or (if they simply removed the footage) poor informational material.

Third- The tests are HIGHLY inaccurate. They don't really measure anything. They are simply to -Wow- the audience. HRC scale tests could easily distinguish a good knife from a poor one without all this fluff. I understand that would be quite boring, but it actually diverts to the skill of the craftsmen who do create HRC64+ blades, from a blade that simply cuts coconuts.

Lastly, The show mainly presents smiths with a simple test: make a chopping knife, which is nowhere representative of most of the smith's abilities. If a smith specializes in kitchen cutlery, such a knife would never pass half of the tests out there, but could still be considered one of the most marvelous pieces of craftsmanship. I've seen historically accurate-ish of high skill (such as the rapier used as a slashing weapon, or the gladius' round handle) lose to more ergonomic designs. This isn't a representation of the best smithing skills, but of the production of a weapon in order to complete a test most efficiently.

The judges seem not to even know their crap. They should of hired a few true martial arms historians (as most of them specialize in a single field obviously) to distinguish western and eastern weapons. Promoting the Malaysian Kris as a slashing weapon is complete nonsense, as it's blade geometry would actually make it less efficient at slashing, but more efficient at thrusting (something that has been proved many times, however late productions of this weapon have indeed been wider and less curvy to allow for slashing use as well as thrusting). Another very obvious flaw is how The only blacksmith out of the 3 judges suggested etching over a hammon to make it more apparent, where traditionally it would never be done that way ( a etched hammon is simply not a hammon at all)

All-in all, a good show to watch for entertainment, but beware as this isn't reliable information to base off from for your blacksmithing techniques.

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Love it

Author: Ben Smith from United Kingdom
29 March 2016

This show is just amazing, from something I knew nothing about too something I love to watch this show has just taught me so much. The 3 judges are great at explaining what is wrong and right with the blades and having some humour in there as well. I have found a passion for blacksmithing that I didn't know I had. I really like the different types of challenges that they set to show the true skill of the contestants. The only downfall I have with the show is it should be judged a bit more on the creativity and style of the weapon then just how it performs pushing the contestants to make cool looking weapons. I can't wait for more of this show. I have told all my friends to watch it, unfortunately that isn't many people anyway hopefully they will enjoy it.

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Not typical reality garbage, legit science and skill!!

Author: usnhospitalcorpsman from Pensacola, Florida
17 March 2016

Seriously good production. Exciting and engaging for anyone that enjoys building something with your hands and seeing it perform. Unlike most other shows on TV these days, this competition has NO manufactured drama and actually shows the smiths bonding even during competition, this displays American values in almost every episode. Those that are eliminated show that not everyone can win, not everyone gets a trophy, even if they work hard, and most of them are very humble and accepting that they were out performed. Not only do you get a well produced and well written show, the set "design" rocks - it's a real, no BS forge! I think the most important thing though is that you ACTUALLY LEARN STUFF like SCIENCE and SKILLS. Highly, highly recommended and I anxiously await every new episode!!

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