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Since the beliefs that parents want to instill in their children can vary greatly, we ask that, instead of adding your personal opinions about what is right or wrong in a film, you use this feature to help parents make informed viewing decisions by describing the facts of relevant scenes in the title for each one of the different categories: Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.
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1.1 Homecoming

Twenty minutes in, the camera cuts without warning to a couple having sex. The backsides and bare upper bodies of both the man and woman are shown briefly as well as graphic sexual movement visible from the waist up. Oral sex is portrayed with the woman shown getting down on her knees in front of the man and the camera positioned just high enough to avoid explicit frontal male nudity. Afterwards, the woman's breasts and backside are shown as she gets dressed. The man's backside is shown clearly as he walks around afterward. Full frontal nudity is narrowly avoided several times due to the positioning of objects in the room to block the camera's view.

1.5 Paradise

A man is forced to seduce a woman to help kidnap her. The woman is shown in a sheer outfit before passionately kissing the man on a bed. The two are shown and heard having sex in multiple positions. Her backside and breasts are shown briefly and graphic sexual movement is depicted with some detail.

Though there are no other sex scenes in the series, several other sexual aspects of the series should be noted.

Because the premise involves several individuals being held hostage against their will in glass rooms like an exhibit at a zoo, many scenes involve captives forced to bathe and perform other necessary functions in full view of others. The show portrays this discretely, but several scenes portray male characters either nude with their most private regions shielded from the camera or in their underwear. Female characters are shown in their underwear as well. One female character wears a sheer nightie throughout much of the series.

One main character is shown taking a bath several times, but no nudity is shown. However, in other scenes, her bare back from the waist up is shown so that the viewer can see several markings etched on her back. In another instance, the woman gets so caught up in a story she is telling that she rips her shirt off exposing a modest sports bra. She is shown in her underwear at one other point in the story.

One disturbing scene has strong implications of a threatened sexual assault with one character pressing a knife threateningly to a woman's neck and then ripping at her dress exposing her upper chest, but no actual nudity.

The growing attraction between several characters is strongly implied.

The group's kidnapper seems to have a growing attraction to one of the women he has kidnapped.

And two young characters held in captivity together seem to be falling in love. Though they are unable to touch each other, they press their hands against the glass separating them while lying in separate beds.

One boy begins to fall in love with a troubled girl at his school. She is shown dumping water on her white shirt so that her bra becomes visible underneath. Further, she makes sexually graphic taunts to fellow classmates and to her teacher. Later, we are shown videos the girl has edited to sound inappropriate.

A transgender boy and another boy seem to have a growing attraction conveyed only through meaningful looks.

A boy draws his teacher wearing a thong on the whiteboard in order to humiliate her.

One character accuses several men falsely of sexually harassing a young man. There is some graphic sexual dialogue during these exchanges.

Although acts of violence are infrequent and usually not graphic, violent tension pervades the series.

The premise involves characters being killed or brought near to death many times and then brought back. Most of the deaths in the show are not permanent. Main characters are drowned repeatedly in disturbing scenes, but they always recover. In one instance, a main character bleeds from his head graphically after drowning.

A main character considers killing a man several times. Several tense scenes involve her holding a knife suggesting violent intentions, shoving the man down a staircase, and considering withholding an epipen from the man as he writhes on the floor.

Significant bullying behavior is shown. One young man attacks a fellow student, punching him unexpectedly in the throat. A dog attacks a young woman and bites her viciously. The actual attack is intense but not graphic. However, afterwards, the woman is shown to have sustained graphic wounds from the dog's bites.

A bus filled with children crashes into a lake. This scene in intense. All of the children on the bus are implied to have drowned. The body of a drowned person is shown indistinctly in this scene.

A man threatens another with a gun. The man ends up being drowned after a fight between the two. The gun goes off injuring one man's ear.

A character stabs another unexpectedly in the leg with a pencil. Blood is shown seeping through the character's clothing.

A dead body is shown unexpectedly without much detail.

A character is hit unexpectedly on the back of the head with the butt of a rifle

One character shoots another with some blood.

The end of the series is very intense and involves a controversial and upsetting subject matter, which is handled very discretely, but will probably still bother some. A school shooter is portrayed. The camera focuses on the fearful reactions of the main characters and does not show any actual shootings, but the scenario is portrayed in frightening detail, which will likely unsettle many viewers. One character is shown being taken to an ambulance after being shot (off-screen). It is unclear whether she lives or dies.

Frequent profanity and obscenity including dozens of f-words.

Several main characters inhale cocain and marijuana. This is portrayed without negative consequences although the show does not necessarily seem to condone such behavior.

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