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Cinematic Equivalent of Malware/Viruses

Author: Had Enough from Ireland
21 September 2016

No danger of any accidental spoilers here....this absolute rubbish so called movie is a spoiler from start to finish.

The most absurd part of it is that the actors seem to be reading from cue cards and are operating under some strange rule that says that they must all speak at the same so many words per minute.

As for story/plot/directing/dialogue etc....the kindest thing I can do is to make no comment.

Steven Segal made some decent movies in his early days....then disappeared from the scene only to re-emerge and pollute our screens with incredible rubbish. Additionally this self professed health fanatic returned as an obese man just to add insult to injury. Obviously he decided that there are enough gullible cinema goers out there to enable him to simply take their money, by pumping out the worst garbage possible, every chance he gets. There really should be some kind of law protecting the public from this kind of abuse.

Additionally, I think that these so called movies are Segals only chance to get his hands on young vulnerable women in naked and semi-naked states without the risk of being arrested.

Having said all that.....I strongly recommend that you get hold of a free copy of this so called movie (do not spend any money) and pass it along to as many people as possible with the condition that they also pass it on to as many people as possible. That way....having watched it, people will never again run the risk of watching another Segal movie which may have the same effect as antivirus/antimalware software, and prevent the release of any more of this rubbish

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Steven Saegal, Enough man!

Author: Deepak khasa from India
15 September 2016

Well.. if u don't mind really bad acting, a really bad story line, really badly directed, really boring and really bad camera work.. then you will prob like it.. ** Steven Seagal only have a small role, 5 min.. All in all bad special effects, bad acting, goofy ripoff plot, really bad 'fight' scenes, yeah, it's a Steven Seagal movie all right. It's sad that newer Van Dam movies are better, at least he sees the humor in himself, this is just absurd. the end was the most amusing, absurd, and unrealistic fight sequence since him and Tommy Lee Jones in Under Siege. But People it's Steven Segall, by now we know what to expect. But what he CAN still move, he always moves faster than the bad guys, LOL

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Incoherent, underacted and generally awful

Author: dmstokes73 from Australia
11 November 2016

The acting in this is truly terrible, it goes back to the style of those cookie cutter direct to video productions of the 80's. Under or over emotion in all the wrong places.

This has Steven Segal all over it, poor plot line, pacing all over the place and B grade to bone. Do not go here, you will actually be a worse human at the end of this.

This is supposed to be post-government lockdown - quest for rebellion thing but it just doesn't gel at all. Writing problems in the script which led to character development problems and a basket case of a movie.

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Far from perfect........

Author: FlashCallahan from Leicester, United Kingdom
12 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

And the year of Seagal continues, with this, his take on 1984's Big Brother, and oh my gosh, is it poor stuff......

In the not so distant future (is there any other kind of future?), society is controlled by a powerful State and a very strangely haired, goateed, former credible action star dictator known as the Director.

Condor works as a hit-man (47) for the State, but a reunion with someone he thought was dead forces him to consider who his enemies really are.........

Seagal has had some stinkers this year, from the Sniper film, to the Asian Connection, to he one with Craig Sheffer in, and another one where the title is part of a weapon.

But now he's ventured back into science fiction, and if you thought Attack Force and Against The Dark were bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Seagal is thankfully barely in it, but that means you only have to be intolerant with another 'actor' who is trying to be Agent 47, but comes across as a seriously constipated mute.

Everyone is being watched, no one is safe, and in this dystopian future, you really couldn't care less what happens or if Seagal's director will be overthrowed.

It all ends with Seagal looking morbidly obese, explaining to Hit-man about life and how good the early nineties were to him, but it tries to fool the viewer with a twist, and if you are a Seagal fan (which you must be if your watching this trash), then you will know the final scene is lifted straight from Marked For Death.

And then there's the promise of a sequel.

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perfect weapon

Author: shahueyou from United States
2 January 2017

I love Steven Seagal movies, I am a fan of his too for decades but this movie was terrible, the futurist movies I hate and Steven plus took a back seat in it. Oh please Steven do not make another one. Plus to me he should have been the main person. I had to keep hitting fast forward in it to find him, until I just about got to the end. And there he was, just like special opt sniper that was bad too, he was hardly ever seen. And when get a Steven Seagal movie I want to see Steven, main person not in the background like some extra, as he was in these two movies. I do hope he makes no more of these kind ever again. Be in the front always and forever in your movies

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Bad movie, unless you prepare for a beat the baddies and some "message" from the director

Author: Nico Nimleth from Amsterdam, Netherlands
27 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Other reviews got it spot on, but basically the errors within the movie are painful to watch sometimes. I could not understand how object in the movie where more important to display than reason for them to be there. No good can come from this and the hidden message is clear enough if you understand "police state" and "facebook" + "google"...there are better movies depicking these topics. rewatch Judge Dredd or Minority Report.

Here be spoilers SPOILER, but when a person is trown against a mirror, and it breaks like car windows do. Like tempered glass, breaking in there little square blocks and the goodie beats the baddie by grabbing a big chunk, a real shard and behind the baddie, you can still see the whole mirror, in one piece, broken, but all glass still in place... Its relatively in the beginning of the movie.

So, if you can take this or drink some beer and want a beat em up movie... this might be something. There is some partial nudity and some "deeper" message that Seagal tries to bring upon you. but he could have written a blogpost and made more headlines. this movie is painful to watch, direction errors, people don't seem to talk yet you hear them, somewhat plot holes and the kills... seem unrealistic and needlessly displayed more bloody then would in real life. and no.... sadly not so badly that it is funny. CGI is 90s B movie style... overall, a bad movie.

Who is gonna read my review if others written better ones? well, if you find my review weird and still wanna watch it. Go on. There is some cute blonde girl in the movie and Seagal is fighting bad... SPOILER, goodies... what? yes, this time he is the baddie. But hes older too, so no awesome real fights, just cutscene just so it seems he fights. There is some message you could talk about, like how many times you see a Illuminati reverence. And why (SPOILER) does he kills the lady he thought he loved. And ..

MESSAGE TO Steven seagal: do you really intend for a second movie? please... Don't. make some reality show in Rusia or ask Trump for some whitehouse action BeatTheBaddies. This was not it and the ending.... insert disappointing strong word.

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Really cool 90's throwback action movie that fits Seagal!!!

Author: Dida
28 December 2016

I watched the movie yesterday and I thought it was great. What's wrong with all the haters! Respect for Titus Paar and what he accomplished with almost no budget. He made an awesome movie that has everything. Great story, cool action, cool actors and it felt as a throwback to the old action/sf movies. I really hope he gets to work with Seagal (or other action stars like Van Damme, Lundgren because I like them also) again, because he did a great job and knows how to shoot action. A refreshing role for Seagal and one of his best movies in years (although not a full Seagal movie). This role also fits Seagal and his age. Cool movie!!

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Perfect Crap!!!

Author: zardoz-13 from United States
15 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Killer Dogs" director Titus Paar's fifth feature film "The Perfect Weapon" ranks as a subpar, Orwellian, sci-fi thriller set in 2029 America where a repressive totalitarian state maintains 24/7 surveillance. Paar and three other scenarists: first-time scribe Alex Brenner, Jesse Cilio of "The Story of Your Life," and Ulysses Oliver of "The Refugees" are to blame for this formulaic Big Brother potboiler that brings nothing new to the table. Undoubtedly, Paar inserted recurring neon-scintillating, nocturnal city-scapes designed to evoke Ridley Scott's landmark "Bladerunner." The society of "The Perfect Weapon" has just survived a terrible war, but a ruler known as the Director who intends to keep its fascist practices to hold society together. Paar displays neither imagination nor artistry in staging the action scenes. Johnny Messner doesn't make much of an impression. Richard Tyson plays the most interesting character, while the paunchy Seagal gives his usual peripheral performance. Clearly, the low-budget is reflected prominently in the shortage of futuristic cars. Most of the technology looks Microsoft inspired and the cell phones are only nominally altered. Johnny Messner portrays an anonymous "Hitman" type assassin with a cleanly shaven noggin named Axon Rey. Code-named Condor, our hero brandishes two automatic pistols with silencers. An honorably discharged veteran with medals who has been wounded three times, Condor is an elite assassin with 38 successful sanctions to his credit. The natty Condor demonstrates his expertise with an automatic pistol when he ices a traitorous politician, White (Lance E. Nichols of "American Heist"), who has been hacking propaganda inserts into the Federation's television network. Disastrously, Condor errs when he spares by the life of an innocent bystander with the politician. Condor's lapse in judgment prompts the Controller (Richard Tyson of "Black Hawk Down") to point a gun in his face and tell him he must have his emotions purged. Meantime, with his slicked-back hair and orange-tinted sunglasses, Steve Seagal plays The Director of this futuristic society in what is essentially a supporting role. Predictably, he isn't happy about Condor's conduct and prefers to kill him. The Controller convinces his superior to allow Condor live and be reprogramed.

No sooner has our heavily tattooed protagonist been packed off for reconditioning at Gulag 7 than he breaks out of custody. This change-of-plot action occurs about a half-hour into this thriller. Our hero discovers that his affectionate wife, Nina (Sasha Jackson of "Jarhead 3: The Siege"), is alive instead of dead. Indeed, Condor has felt horrible since his blond wife supposedly died two years earlier. They have a steamy shower scene together after they reunite. Before these long-lost lovers can consummate their love, the state's storm troopers smash down the door and The Interrogator (Vernon Wells of "Weird Science") shackles him to a wall and torture him with gusto. Of course, we expect our heroes must suffer for the good of society. The Interrogator wants to know the identity of the mole who helped Condor escape from the Gulag. He uses pliers to extract Condor's teeth. Ultimately, he wants to use a razor to slice off his genitals. "It is unavoidable," the Interrogator defends his judgment. The Controller surprises both Condor and us when he blasts the top of the Interrogator's head off. The Controller informs Condor that he must now eliminate the Director.

Condor and the Director square off. Initially, the Director trounces Condor and then struggles to reason with his best killer. Mind you, the Director should have killed Condor, but you cannot kill the hero of the movie. "The Perfect Weapon" then deploys its first surprise. The evil Controller has programmed Condor so he believes that Nina is his wife and that she has died. Condor is in the Director's lair when he sees the video of the Controller's revelations. The Controller is the actual insurrectionist, and Condor sets out to destroy terminate him. The second surprise occurs when Nina guns down the Controller at point-blank range. After he learns that Nina has betrayed him, Condor executes her without the least bit of sympathy. When Condor and the Director share drinks after the outcome, our hero kills the Director with a knife and leaves him to bleed out. The Director's red-bereted guard is prepared to splatter our hero all over the palace, but a swarm of sword-wielding people intervene and frees society. In the third and final surprise, we learn that the Director's brother had been impersonating him the entire time. The real Director is poised to step forward.

"The Perfect Weapon" qualifies as a perfect bore. Not even its three surprises make it worth watching.

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Not A Perfect Action Movie With Steven Seagal but still worth watching

Author: nikola17 from Australia
11 December 2016

Steven Seagal Sometimes in his new least action movies sometimes he is just cameo in movie. he is not lead role in movies sometimes he is not really Part of it i mean he is not Part of movie he is in it. but not in at all he did only some action in movie i thought it was OK action scenes of him but lead actor (Johnny Messner)was in Anacondas,Tears of Sun.Johnny Messner who plays Hit-man getting contact to kill people i liked action scenes I Liked Actors in movie not just Steven Seagal I Mean we all love him but I wish if he was lead role for fans but no its director film Titus Paar decides to get Johnny Messner as lead role he is good actor i didn't think he is terrible but could of got Seagal as lead role instead. Pilot and story i like all twist there is a very good twist that you wont expect at all but there is not Punching holes in movie or confusing staff in it. Story Follows in America 2045 In the not so distant future, society is controlled by the powerful State and a dictator (Steven Seagal)plays like a King or like Dictator character known as the Director. Condor (Johnny Messner)hes memory is erased meaning he doesn't Really remember what happened on past. he got contact to Kill People he Kills a lot of people as i said he is playing Hit-man Agent 47 but expect he doesn't have a Barcode on his back of his head,(Richard Tyson) Controller he is Giving Contacts To Kill People Is Giving Orders to Condor because they say he is Best Hit-man to hire he has connections with Director, Condor had order to kill woman she is Revenant he didn't Kill Her Because It Kinda Reminded of his Past Loved One so he didn't kill her at all. Controller had a meeting with Director saying make him as Perfect Weapon Make Him Into A Killing Machine Powerful Then He Was Before. So They Kidnapped him putting him into some room he wakes up, he found Nina he's loved one that he thought she was already killed but she was cloned again. they go together again, Con has loved one in past Nina (Sasha Jackson) thought He killed her but soon happens something else Happens Condor is memory erased that they stole his memory and steal it, it solved everything like it never happened but soon he found out from Nina he is going out there to take out director but he is not really bad guy well kinda, but he is not really main villain in movie. i really love the great twist in movie pilot that you might think it is going to That Direction But It's Not Same Cliché as what you might think it is but i never want to spoil film it has a lot of great fight scenes well done made there is no fake action scenes or Explosions like code of honor bull crap, Johnny Messner kicked ass in movie specially a lot of combat fighting scenes in movie and a lot of shooting in movie and Condor getting his ass kicked buy director Steven Seagal scene witch i think scene did well no cut to cut crap. Steven Seagal the only thing i got to say is he talks in movie but doesn't do any big things like he is lead role if he is then he should be doing something in film but he is not lead role, i love idea of scene of movie that you will be like WTF scene where he was talking about in story before Condor became the Perfect Weapon, there was someone else like him but different guy, guy is bold wearing same suit like lead character, Steven Seagal kicks him buy a kill, then you see Young looking Steven Seagal look on his face CGI looks like younger like in his early 90s where he did a lot great films like i am talking about like Paul Walker CGI in Fast 7 but expect this Young Looking Steven Seagal is not best CGI but still did a great job on it and a lot of work but expect it's like 1 or 5 million dollar budget movie not biggest budget

but the thing is lead role of movie but Dolph Lundgren was going to be Condor i think he would be better then Johnny Messner Lundgren does anything better in movies it would be Lundgren VS Seagal it's not really Steven Seagal movie but i don't understand why it stars off but i all i understand because he was very popular actor doing great movies way back of days in early 90's. it's mostly he is in it for 5 or 10 minute not in all movie. the plot and twist is so good keeps on watching in a very low budget style but i wish they could of give more Seagal to do in movie i would like to see that happen in movie. but i don't understand why is cast lead role star's off in poster but in trailers and when you see movie he not lead role it's someone part of movie, but still worth watching movie it's Not Because Seagal And Action It Does Have Style of Action And Story Like Hit-man Agent 47 And Jason Bourne Style of story but it's not a biggest rip off it has noting do with Jeff Speakman Perfect Weapon (1991)i would say 6.10 not best movie to see with Seagal but you still get to see him in action but as lead role in movie is Johnny Messner but still see Seagal in movie but didn't do anything in movie. action is fun and not to be missed ending there is credits scene of ending of movie that you won't at all still worth watching movie 6.10

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Seagal drops the fists to "direct" the hit men.

Author: jackmeat from chicago
20 September 2016

My quick rating - 3,9/10. All I could think of watching this was "I saw the movie Hit-man". Well, if you have seen that, then you get the plot of this movie. Just a lesser version of it. Problem with this movie, somehow no one ever gets hit amongst thousands of rounds of bullets shot. Only time someone gets hit is with a single shot basically point blank range. Aside from the A-team-ish shootouts, there is Mr. Seagal. It is very strange, yet nice to say he may have started to realize his fighting days are over. He just uses his screen presence in this film. No fighting. I will admit, he worked well as the head guy. I won't say more since that would be spoiler territory. Unfortunately this alone could not save an obvious plot (if you don't guess the twist, you are new to the cinema) and very poor acting. Enjoy only if you want to, you will be fine since it is short.

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