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Sex & Nudity

  • Season 2: Karen Wheeler is fully nude in the bathtub. However, only her shoulders are shown and her breasts are not visible.
  • A couple is seen making out.
  • A teen removes her shirt and is seen in a bra for about 2 minutes.
  • Season 2: Overall there is lesser but same sexual jokes, implications, and scenes. Everything present is the same as in Season 1 but a *bit* more explicit.
  • Season 2: Partial nudity and implied nudity. Baby nudity, implied nudity of a man being rinsed off with a hose and two scenes of a woman in the bath tub.

Violence & Gore

  • In Season 2 the violence and gore turns from moderate to severe and gory and would in most cases classify this series as TV-MA. Several monsters are seen killing and feasting on a character, the death scene detailed and graphic and the "feast" scene held for a considerably stomach-churning period of time. There are upsetting scenes throughout, including graphic depiction of decaying bodies. Season 2 tops the chart with extreme violence and considerable bloody gore. Body count is high. No spoilers, but viewers should be advised: this show is classified as "horror" for a reason.

    Call outs for Season 2: A C-section is done on a woman. We seen a knife cut into the woman's stomach. A man is eaten by a bunch of monsters. This is the most realistic, graphic, and bloody part of the show. We see lots of blood spray everywhere and we hear the monsters eat the man, but the actual wound is somewhat hard to see because it is dark. This part is even sadder because we care for the character. A bunch of men are eaten by monsters. We see and hear this, and we see bloody wounds. A cat is eaten by a monster, and we see and hear it. This is very graphic and disturbing, especially for animal lovers.
  • A man throws up.


  • Both seasons 1 & 2 are filled with "mild" cussing, emphasized because most of it comes from minors. No F-bombs (give creds for that) but other language is used throughout.
  • Both season 1 and 2 contains the word Sh*t allot.
  • One character's phrase of choice is "son of a bitch", and it is uttered many times in both seasons by the character
  • Season 1: Occasional use of foul language, including hell, dammit, bastard, the S-word, the B-word, d-bag and a--hole. The word "screw" is used several times in the place of the F-word. No F-words are used. Some minors insult each other using language such as "pussy" or describing an African American boy as "midnight".
  • Season 2: has 40% more language. Same words to Season 1 however the F-word appears in this season although only in the background soundtrack with one instance being mouthed by a character.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Season 1: There are some high school teens drinking alcohol recklessly at a party while their parents aren't home and some characters frequently smoke. Regular smoking throughout Seasons 1 & 2. Considerable use of alcohol including minors getting drunk or being served alcohol both illegally and in excessive amounts. Numerous minors drinking to severe drunk stage and sickness is depicted at a party. An adult serving vodka to minors is significantly depicted in season 2.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • By the end of Season 2 the setting turns from PG-13 moderately frightening to a TV-MA level significant gore fest. Without providing spoilers, it goes from "curiously interesting" level to "cover the kid's eyes" horrendously bloody rampage. Younger viewers (and many adults) may find it shocking to the point of nightmare-inducing. There is no warning in the show intro that the mood would change to such a great extent in that episode. Label this Horror with a capital H.
  • Season 1 centers on a boy who has been kidnapped by a mysterious creature and includes many scenes of high-tension, scary scene involved a nightmare-like landscape called the "upside down" and there are occasional jump-scares. The creatures can be frightening to younger audiences.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Season 1: Overall, there isn't any nudity in the series. Only occasional references to sex, with teenagers making out, but no onscreen depictions of having sex. The Sheriff makes infrequent jokes about sleeping with other people's wives and mothers. It is implied that he has had past sexual relationships with several different women. A main character is shamed for having cheated on her boyfriend even though she really has not.
  • Mike and Eleven share two kisses, one in Season 1 and another in Season 2.
  • A woman is seen in bed, but no nudity is seen. She then puts on a T-shirt and walks outside.
  • A character asks 'Johnathan' (A main character) "How was the pull-out?" (joke that was implying something else but them too) after it was implied that they had sex the previous day (only them getting undressed to shorts and bras and them kissing was shown).

Violence & Gore

  • In Season 1 there are many disturbing and violent scenes involving an alien monster. However, while these scenes are frightening, they are typically handled in a PG-13 manner. There are scenes involving copious amounts of blood splatter after people have been killed in an attack, but not the attack itself is not shown. Government agents menace the main characters and at one point kill an innocent man by shooting him in the head and faking his suicide. The shooting itself is not shown, but the aftermath is shown and is somewhat graphic. The story frequently puts children in peril from the alien monster and government agents. On several occasions, viewers are led to believe that children have been killed off screen. In one instance, a main character turns out to be still alive. However, one young character dies after a monster attack. She is dragged away and shown later to have been used as a food source by the parasitic monster. The alien monster is shown graphically eating a deer it has killed at one point.

    Call outs for Season 1: a decaying corpse is shown in very graphic detail. A child or animal (not clear) is seen being devoured by a monster. A dead deer with bloody wounds is seen for a few seconds.
  • Bob is eaten by a huge mutant animal. You can see blood spurting for his neck and micas is seen gushing from the puncture. This cuts off after a rather long time and shows again briefly. This can be very emotional.
  • In the final act of season 1, the monster is attacked with all manner of weapons. It is clubbed repeatedly with a bat with nails, caught in a bear trap, shot repeatedly with various weapons, and set on fire. It is eventually destroyed by the sacrificial act of a main character, which causes them both to vaporize in a cloud of black matter.

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