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Shot like a photo album, gorgeous frame after gorgeous frame, it continually suggests that crisis and struggle can be beautiful when viewed from the right angle.
Austere but fascinating.
Decidedly not for everyone. But for those who like a deep dive art film that caresses the dark and calls to mind the mesmerizing pull of Carl Dreyer, Sivan's movie offers a powerfully enigmatic experience.
It offers a striking contrast to other visions of modern Israel and Jewish identity. It may be the wildest vision of ultra Orthodox Judaism ever, but it's not an empty provocation.
The threat of a comedy lurks around corners in "Tikkun.
The New York Times
There is no denying the film's uncanny power or its visual discipline. It's a luminous puzzle with a few pieces missing.
It makes for a demanding, overlong two hours but the intensity of the approach and some provocative moments sustain interest as good intentions pave the way to a kind of hell.
Visually stunning if dramatically logy and willfully enigmatic.
There's no denying that this imaginative puzzler has moments you won't soon forget.

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