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This splendid satire benefits...from “The Singer” director Giannoli's gift for striking just the right tone with such tricky material.
The bittersweet fact that money can buy many things but love and talent aren't among them is explored with often-thrilling artistry in Marguerite.
A well-appointed period piece that nonetheless has no time for Midnight In Paris-style nostalgia.
The New York Times
Marguerite overstays its welcome by at least 20 minutes. What redeems it is Ms. Frot's subtle, deeply compassionate portrayal of a rich, lonely woman clutching at an impossible dream until reality intrudes.
At 127 minutes, Giannoli's script feels overlong and a bit repetitive in its heroine's disastrous performances. Lucien, the critic who helps propel Marguerite and her story forward, disappears for a large chunk of the film, only to randomly appear toward the end. Other than these missteps, Marguerite is worth watching with a well-earned grimace, largely for Frot's pitch-perfect performance.
Writer-director Xavier Giannoli offers up an amusingly entertaining portrait of fortune, infamy and severe melodic dysfunction in the polished French period dramedy, Marguerite.
It is Frot's performance - full of warmth, humor, and hope - that carries the story and even leads to some laugh-out-loud moments.
While the premise (inspired by the true story of tune-challenged American socialite Florence Foster Jenkins) could be as cruel as “Carrie,” Frot's would-be diva is achingly sympathetic.
When everything comes full circle, Marguerite is an enjoyable comedy with hints of dark satire and tangy melodrama.
Xavier Giannolli consistently glosses every sequence with a stagey kind of humor, and at the main character's expense.

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