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Utter trash

Author: Neon from United Kingdom
11 October 2016

Well that is an hour or so of my life that I will never get back. The best thing about it is the plane itself.

I don't think I have ever seen such a trashy film. Average CGI effects when you consider how the quality in other films these days, this just looks as if it was 1980 standards. Appalling acting by virtually all the cast and a dreadful script.

At some points when they are "interacting" with each other it is almost as if they are not side by side because there is just no chemistry between any of them.

I find it hard to believe that when people are offered a role in a film that they would have considered saying yes to this one.

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I'm not sure who's writing these reviews, but don't be fooled.

Author: linskminyuk . from Canada
2 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While I managed to watch the entire film, it took effort. The film is not completely terrible, but despite what some of the raving reviews state, here's my take:

CGI creatures and effects almost comical, I can't recall anything so bad in years. Acting is not great, but largely due to the poor script. Plot is completely illogical, fraught with stereotypical characters, and clichéd pseudo relationships, nothing flowed, there was no chemistry to speak of. The Chuck Norris wannabe with his slicked back hair was terrible. And the killer for me, landing a futuristic, largest of its kind airbus, on a 300 meter long aircraft carrier. That pretty much summed things up. The movie is almost worth the 90 minute investment just because it is so hokey and filled with the cheapest effects this side of Hong Kong. Someone affiliated with the production must be writing these rave reviews, this is not that movie.

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100% crap - I was completely lost in myself

Author: joshuá mulder from Germany
9 January 2017

This Zhou production is worst. I never ever have experienced something that bad. Let's hope Chinese don't make more of this amateurish movies. Everything in this film is so unbelievable wrong. Story, acting, computer animation are all too stupid for anyone > 5 years old. Therefore I won't spill more words than necessary to warn you all not giving this movie any chance for watching. You most likely will regret watching this, so ignore it and all forthcoming stuff from Zhou, students of any film academy do it so much better. It was like my toes couldn't relax in my socks and stayed frozen until the last minute. I was shocked how bad this movie was and I couldn't believe my own eyes. But I kept watching and I couldn't avoid many laughs... Probably a cartoon version would have been even more fun. And what a waste of money and time. Maybe re-education of all Chinese masters involved in this production could be a solution? And ignore all positive reviews here, as they are the proof of a bad taste.

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This is one of the worst "movie" I've ever seen.

Author: j889 from LA, CA
6 March 2016

I don't know how much they pay Brandon Routh, it must be A LOT for him to participate in this terrible "movie".

Vincent Zhou's last "movie": "Last Flight" starring Ed Westwick, had the exact same plot.

They are the same movie. With the same exact plot. They have the same problems: inconsistent plot line, incoherent script, poor story development, terrible CGI, terrible set, and idiotic lines for characters.

I wonder how much they paid Brandon Routh and Ed Westwick for these terrible project.

Actors please have more taste and guts. Say "no" to stupid Chinese movies.

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Lost in Translation

Author: dvc5159 from Penang, Malaysia / Chicago, USA
23 February 2016

Well people, another day, another crappy movie hitting our shores. Actually, this was filmed on our shores – Pinewood Iskandar Studios in Johor, to be exact, so I guess that's something. That's about it for the praises.

If writer-director Vincent Zhou intended for this to show the world what Chinese cinema is made of, he has failed. The People's Republic has been kind to cineastes and mainstream movie-goers alike in the past decade, ranging from the beautifully thought-provoking (Jia Zhangke's "A Touch of Sin"), to the big and bombastic (John Woo's mega-blockbuster "Red Cliff"), even veering off into the hysterical (Stephen Chow's recent "The Mermaid"). They do not need to cater to Western audiences at all – rather, it is the Western bigwigs that need to learn how to market these films properly. After all, if Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" can gross over US$100 million in the United States alone, why can't others, right?

Alas, my plea falls on deaf ears, and here we are, relegated to a C- movie starring struggling actors and made by a filmmaker who apparently conceded to the "everyone-watches-only-English-movies" mentality. Imagine a Muppet Babies version of "Snakes on a Plane" and TV's "Lost" meshed together in an unholy mess; sprinkle some stilted English dialogue ("She died so horribLE. .. so tragicALLY") and some truly bad and overdone VFX, the kind that's as half-assed as those in "A Sound of Thunder" if not worse. In this day and age, are mutant cats scary at all, especially if they look like an evil version of Jiji from "Kiki's Delivery Service"?

Hell, the film even goes so far as to hiring attractive Chinese stars like Zhang YuQi to dress up the nonexistent plot (she tries, dammit), but I must confess, dear reader, to feeling a little sad for still-hunky ex-Superman Brandon Routh, who's film career is relegated to thankless roles such as this - a nonsensical riff on Steven Seagal's "Under Siege" character. Was "Superman Returns" really that toxic?

Sci-Fi Channel this ain't.

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Lost? No, more like thrown away.

Author: davidfurlotte from Canada
9 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie makes it appear that Asylum has set up an office in Asia.

Firstly, if the movie was going to be based on a mega upgrade of an existing airframe for an authentic aircraft manufacturer it might have been worthwhile to at least talk to them and determine a few details so that some technical specifications would be correct.

For not a whole lot of dollars they could have hired a pilot to act as a technical adviser and maybe then they wouldn't have been doing things like making miracle landings on tiny airfields in the middle of the Pacific and most definitely not being foolish enough to try and land on an aircraft carrier. Oh, and by the way, when take-off has started, there is no way two people could run fast enough to run up to some kind of escape hatch without being blown away by the exhaust from the engines.

I'm not even going to discuss the CGI other than to say I believe I've seen better cartoons on Saturday mornings than those "cats" they were using.

I'm sure in the Chinese languages a lot of what was in the script made perfect sense and was very dramatic but when it got translated to English it sounded very stilted and cheesy. IF you're going to make a picture primarily for an English speaking audience, please use English screenwriters and perhaps you will have a much better go of it.

Whether it was the script, the direction or simply the actors, much of what appeared on screen bordered on some high-school play. Sorry, but this movie is really not worth the time to view it.

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I just had to post....

Author: jayyce004 from United States
13 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow, i don't know where to begin. Its not often i'll even take the time to post on here, but when i see a movie this gawd awful, I feel it my civic duty to do so. What seemed like a good start to a delightful "movie nite' turned out to be anything but that. I figured hey, Superman is in it, cant be that bad or low budget like some of the other SYFY movies out there, but I was wrong--dead wrong. First of all, are they trying to mimic Steven Seagall, when he was a cook in the movie (cant remember the name off hand) and he ended up being a bad-ass navy seal on the aircraft carrier? I think that was the theme they were going for, but Routh was neither convincing, nor a good actor in this movie, his lines were minimal at best. Probably the very worst element of this movie was the "cats". Not only did they NOT look real, and were obviously low low low grade CGI, but they were about the size of an average house cat, and personally I would have probably tossed out a rubber mouse if they came at me---they were "that" un-intimidating. These were the "monsters" of the movie? WOW, i've been more scared of the Gremlins --BEFORE they ate at midnite..And landing a large commercial airliner on a 300-500 foot carrier? Cmon, these planes need at least like half a mile or so to land. If you want a good laugh, then watch this, if you want ANYTHING BUT a good laugh--don't!....

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One of the worst films ever!

Author: rmgelfand from Vancouver, Canada
14 January 2017

This has got to be one of the worst films ever produced. I have never bothered to write a review before but I found this movie so awful I feel compelled to do so. The story is beyond stupid and horrendous,the majority of the acting is amateurish at best other than Brandon Routh and a few other performances (its unbelievable that he would agree to act in this project, and I can't even understand the majority of what Yuqi Zhang says in English which is what the vast majority of her speaking lines are (not sure why they would hire someone to speak English who clearly can't be understood). I am so disappointed in this movie and would recommend no one waste their time watching it.

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Neither bad or good

Author: dave-70421 from Liverpool, England
17 January 2017

I feel this was an "interesting" film in neither a good or a bad way. There was something about this budget film that I found interesting and actually wanting to keep me watching it until the end. But to be honest I can't quite work out exactly what it is I liked about it that kept me gripped. Maybe more a film that had a number of elements in just part that I liked than any single element of the film as such.

I didn't think the acting was to bad compared to what others have said. Sure, not great but certainly a mix of characters that I wish the film would have elaborated about each a bit more. Effects were odd at times yet decent at others.

Story was fairly ropey with what I feel was a lack of missing elements such as to the animals creation, the research & researchers and destination of the plane background etc. As well as a few unrealistic situations.

A respectable 5/10 for me as 1 of them films I rather enjoyed yet on paper possibly shouldn't have.

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What a 'Plane' Wreck?!

Author: tl3000
10 January 2017

This hour and a half 'plane' wreck can be summarized by: terrible script, poor story, not one endearing character, atrocious acting across the board, mediocre CGI, and silly premise and irrelevant sub-plots. Another embarrassing flop coming out of China's film industry... Anyone with a bit of cash is a producer and film maker nowadays. There's apparently an over abundance of cash and arrogance to finance mindless crap like this... The mentality seems to be: How hard could it be?! Heck, we've taken some film making classes--maybe even got a few friends and/or relatives with some ancillary degrees in "entertainment." Thus, let's just hire a bunch of pretty faces and third rate actors. No need to worry about the writing, special effects, continuity and pacing, artistic values, plot and character development, English speech coaches, and least of all, the audience's intelligence and sensibility!

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