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The Christian faith-based film genre takes a dramatic leap forward with 90 Minutes in Heaven, a well-appointed work based on Don Piper's bestseller, that, for a change, doesn't look and sound as though it was written, performed, and recorded in some church basement.
Christensen underplays throughout 90 Minutes in Heaven, even in scenes when Piper isn't operating under the influence of painkillers, and his earnestness often comes off as monotonous. Still, he generates interest and sympathy, almost in spite of himself, and Bosworth lends capable support as a loyal spouse.
"90 Minutes" is one of the better faith-based films out there.
A better title would've likely been “121 Minutes in Purgatory,” since that's essentially where audiences will find themselves residing during the entirety of this dreary slog down a familiar road paved with painfully good intentions.
While 90 Minutes In Heaven has a professional sheen miles above the clunky products peddled by PureFlix (God's Not Dead) and their ilk, that just makes it duller.
It's certainly a moving tale.... Unfortunately, the film tells the story in the most prosaic fashion imaginable, missing nary a single faith-based film cliché with its one-dimensional noble characters, banal dialogue and requisite sermonizing.
The tedium makes us forget the cynicism.
The New York Times
Rendering a miraculous premise dull, the film seems relatively uninterested in doing more than preaching to the choir.
Although this well-meaning film may appeal to its intended audience on a spiritual level, the result is a sluggish, clinical, largely dreary portrait that tends to mistake trauma for drama.

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