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Dellal's likably chaotic direction and a bevy of solid performances make sure the film's beating heart outweighs most of its contrivances.
Filled with feeling and led by heartfelt performances from Elle Fanning and Naomi Watts, the latest from director Gaby Dellal (Angels Crest) is a warm, rich film in many regards - and yet, there's a nagging suspicion that, in the attempt to de-emphasise the hot-button topicality, About Ray isn't ultimately about that much.
Ultimately, Dellal's film is never as brave or courageous as Ray, and in spending more time on Maggie than her son, misses the opportunity to jump from informational to insightful.
It's involving but seldom deeply affecting, with the core drama continually shoved aside to examine more commonplace matters of parenting, abandonment and broken families.
The script is sensitively handled and it's unarguable that showcasing stories such as this is an important way of educating the masses about a difficult process. But while it's hard to hate, it's even harder to like.

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