Mr. Robot (TV Series 2015– ) Poster

(2015– )


I'm crazy. This is crazy. I'm crazy. (Season 2)
Our democracy has been hacked (Season 1)
Control is an illusion. (Season 2)
F**k society. (Season 1)
F**k the system. (Season 1)
It's happening. (Season 1)
Sonetimes I dream of saving the world. Saving everyone from the invisible hand. (Season 1)
Power belongs to the people that take it. (Season 1)
Life is so much better when you're numb. (Season 1)
Who is Mr. Robot? (Season 1)
All our heroes are counterfeit. (Season 1)
Social media own you relationships. (Season 1)
F**k Wall St. (Season 1)
F**k social media. (Season 1)
Banks own your money. (Season 1)
I know you feel pain. I know you feel loneliness. We all do. (Season 1)
Your privacy has been deleted. (Season 1)
Corporations own your minds. (Season 1)
This isn't about trust. This is about freedom. (Season 1)
Hello friend. (Season 1)
I don't give a shit about money. (Season 1)

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