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If only there were negative star ratings.

Author: Sami Wetzler from United States
26 March 2016

I made an account for this website JUST to complain. This show is a prime example of how to ruin something good. Yes, all of the new kids shows are terrible and full of terrible jokes and references but that isn't what made me so irritated that I wanted to leave a review. What bothers me is that this is not a 'school of rock.' It isn't rock at all. This music is the music that you would hear at Taco Bell. The REAL School of Rock was awesome so why mess with it? Just leave it alone. That movie actually used REAL rock an roll. This show is just going to make this new generation much worse than it already is. Makes me so mad. I've never felt the need to go through the trouble to leave a review for anything but I did not hesitate to complain about this.

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Funny, warm and engaging.

Author: Joe Hodge from United Kingdom
17 December 2016

I doubt that most reviewers on here have actually watched more than one episode of this wonderful show. Most of their criticisms are unfair and seem to be entirely based on the fact that the TV show is not like the film. Well, it is not like the film but that doesn't mean it's bad.

First off, this is a loose adaption of the original movie. Many of the characters have been changed significantly. There is also very little focus on rock music itself. However, if you can accept these changes then you will be rewarded by a superbly written sitcom that is laugh-out-loud funny.

The young cast are terrific. In particular, Brianna Yde, who has such a gift for comedy. Yde's timing and delivery are perfect, and she is utterly charming. I look forward to seeing more from this wonderful young actress. Also worth mentioning is Jade Pettyjohn who portrays Summer as a breezy, warm, bubbly girl. This works especially well when played against Yde's biting sarcasm. Aidan Miner is also terrific as the nerdy Lawrence and great at delivering one liners.

The plot broadly follows that of the movie but there is plenty of time given over to exploring subplots. This gives the show quite a bit of scope when it comes to storytelling and ensures each episode is fresh and not repetitive.

Perhaps the biggest challenge this show faces is escaping from the shadow of its namesake. People clearly have certain expectations when they watch the show, when these expectations are not met they dismiss the show out of hand without giving it a fair chance. Just look at some of the ludicrous comments in other reviews.

This show is not perfect, I would like to see a greater emphasis on music. It would be great if the band gave a full performance in every episode. Brianna Yde has a lovely voice and her talents are underused.

My biggest criticism of the show is the use of a laugh track, it's just so intrusive. I realise that Americans are used to canned laughter but to a British ear it's very off putting. The producers need to have more confidence in the talents of their writers and cast. The comedy is so strong in the show that canned laughter is totally unnecessary.

However, these criticisms are minor quibbles. If you can accept that the characters have changed dramatically from their movie counterparts, then you will find a warm and thoroughly charming TV programme. The cast are very likable, the comedy is strong and the stories are engaging. I really look forward to each new episode. It's worth tuning in for Brianna Yde alone (who I am now a little bit in love with).

I highly recommend this show. Give it a fair chance and you will be handsomely rewarded.

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Author: writerjims from United States
21 March 2016

Why must every Nickelodeon and Disney show be written at the level of a seven year-old when the target audience appears to be 'tweens'? Look at the feature films aimed at the same audience. Just look at the original motion picture and capture that essence. "Hunger Games" and "Divergent". If they were written at the level of "School of Rock" they would be laughed off the screen. Kids today are informed and exposed to much more than kids used to be. Even the animated films for younger audiences are written with more intelligence and understanding that is far beyond what these 'children's shows' put up on the smaller screen. So please, if anyone associated with these networks reads this, raise your standards of performing, writing and directing.

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I was expecting "Rock Music"

Author: sonicrox from Australia
25 August 2016

I enjoyed the 2003 original "School of Rock" movie, when Nickelodeon announced they are making a series based on the film I was quite interested. The cast looked similar but the songs weren't sounding right. They all sound like modern Pop songs. They aren't rock songs. Where is the "in your face" attitude that the original movie had which make me felt like they were in a rock band? This is just sappy pop stuff. I expected better from Nickelodeon but then I guess we have seen another show with the "Disney curse". Nickelodeon are trying to copy the style of Disney's shows because that's how Disney became "successful" in the 21st century. These are sad times really. Also is that really her voice or are they using Auto Tune? I know this show is for kids but it would be better if they would be introduced to ACTUAL rock music.

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good show

Author: charlie
2 October 2016

this show is actually pretty good. i get why people don't like it because it's apparently a "rip-off" of 2003 sor, but the show itself is great. the actors are brilliant and jokes are well written. after all, nickelodean is targeted towards kid audiences, plus little girls get to look up to the girl who plays tomika, breanna yde, and tomika herself in the show, as it's not everyday you see a girl portrayed as spunky and cool on TV. as for the music, they will be doing more rock music in season 2. it is 2016 after all, and classic rock music aren't exactly most kids listen to these days, so they probably had to blend in with the kids' interests and then add in the rock music later. school of rock on nick is not a bad show. of course they had to tweak the details, otherwise people would say they completely copied 2003 sor. it's also nice to see a bunch of musically inclined kids on nick and have them inspire kids around the world.

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Author: nskratt
21 March 2016

OK i found several things wrong with this show, 1. it doesn't seem to fall in line with the movie, summer is a control freak, the series portrays her as a friendly happy go lucky girl, tamika is a chunky amazing black singer with a voice that if polished can make your heart pretty close to exploding, series: tamika has none of that, an Aussie actress with a mediocre tailor swift voice ( which may be good if polished, as well as she is a very good actress!). all the cast is wrong and not up to par at all with the movie. the guy that took over jack black's character comes off as extremely annoying and trying to hard, and Pete Wentz you have a great musical career; why? just why?

all in all the songs are at least appropriate for a young audience, but Disney needs to stop trying to fix things that are broken for one and two i'm seriously offended (i do not throw the race card nor have i ever done so being that i am a mix of close to every ethnicity)that you would white-wash a show this much, however i am not surprised. Disney please just stop. thanks

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just to clarify

Author: thegirlwhodrawtoomuch
9 December 2016

okay, it's not the BEST thing ever, but this is for kids to get inspired and have fun, don't you guys remember how having fun is anymore, you just like to complain about everything? Yes, this show is nothing like the movie, and yes they are not actually playing rock, but it's entertaining, and, again the most important, the kids like it, grown ups(or whatever you are) aren't technically supposed to have an actual opinion about it, so relax and have fun. and don't stop your kid for watching it just because you don't like it, the show is about that too, don't put limits to your kids liking just because you don't. It's just about having fun.

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This movie is about the power of classic Rock 'n Roll, not this crap.

Author: nalismythe from Ireland
18 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have never been so offended and insulted by a TV show in my life. As someone who was brought up with this movie and lives in a household of this kind of music, it actually breaks my heart, like it physically makes me want to cry. This isn't even rock music. Rock music is every song and artist sampled in the movie. Does anyone remember that scene where Dewey has every genre of rock music written up on the blackboard and every band that plays that kind of music? Does anyone remember that scene where he's asking about their influences and he mentions Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Motörhead? Now they are examples of "rock" music. Not this crap that sounds like modern day pop songs that belong in the charts that will be downloaded off iTunes a million times by tween who think they that they are listening to something cool. Also, where the hell is Katie? She is such an important character in the film. And Tomika is this big black girl with an incredible Aretha Franklin voice. And another thing, Jack Black is the only person who can ever play Dewey Finn, not this idiot. They're not even all wearing the same uniform for god's sake! It's supposed to be a prestigious private school, and that main girl would never be allowed to wear Converse. The uniforms is what makes it Punk! I know it's supposed to be "family friendly", but it completely ruins every aspect of the original movie. The original film is all about finding out who you are and not letting other people tell you otherwise. It's about the power of classic Rock 'n' Roll. Nickelodeon, please, for god's sake, please stop airing this. I have a very strong emotional connection to this movie, and I know I'm not the only one.

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Good show

Author: tlayton06 from United States
22 October 2016

Why does everyone have to be do negative. This isn't the first show created by a movie book etc that didn't follow the original source. The Walking dead doesn't follow the comics except for major story arch's, Shadowhunters doesn't follow the books or the movie exactly they do the major story lines and relationships within the content of the books. There are so many things that kids shouldn't be watching on TV why not encourage them to watch shows like this. Just because this show doesn't have sex, lies drug use etc its a horrible show I think not. Just shows you what we as a society have reduced ourselves to we only want to watch a movie or a show unless people are nude or having sex, they are not ruining lives with their lies and manipulation, cheated and back stabbing. People come on now. What are we trying to teach our children and other generations to come. I think this is a good show that shows kids goofing around going to school playing music. Nobody's dying or killing anyone just a show you can watch with a little bit of comedy thrown in there.

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How pathetic can this show GET?

Author: Pele2life from Germany
5 December 2016

First of all, I'd like to say, that "Nickelodeon" Is COMPLETELY ruined, because of some stupid nonsense shows, for example "Henry Danger" "Bella and the Bulldogs" "Thundermans" and this is by far the WORST of them. Why you ask? The acting is so terrible, I mean even a 6 year old could've done better than "Freddy" "Tomika" and last but not least, the WORST actor of them ALL "Summer". The plot and storyline Makes ABSOLUTE no sense. It's like watching a show created by small children who have no idea what they just created. I mean, The teacher, is so unbearable, I literally have to hold my breath and try not to choke on my food when I see my little brother watch this show. In short, this show is so misleading and is the perfect definition of "Stupidity". Mark my words, DON'T make any mistake watching this terrible show. I've been traumatized by this, I swear. O' good Lord..

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