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"Gotham" - "The Fearsome Dr. Crane" - Feb. 2, 2015

We open on top of a roof. A man is tied to a chair. Another man hoists the chair up and hands the man over the edge of the building. He wakes the man in the chair up and he understandably freaks out. The hoister checks the man's heart beat with a stethoscope. He then ties a noose around his neck and releases him over the side of the building.

Maroni and Penguin toast Fish's likely demise with champagne at his restaurant. And then suddenly Maroni gets a call at the table from Fish herself. She tells him that Penguin is a snitch and that he and Falcone both played her and Maroni. Maroni says it's hard to believe. Fish says she knows he's had doubts about Penguin. She tells him to put his house in order and remember who put him wise. Maroni hangs up and says he needs to go upstate to talk to a guy and asks Penguin to go with him to talk about opportunities.

The GCPD investigate the dead guy, who has been hoisted back to the roof. The captain wonders why the killer hauled the victim back up. Nygma tells Harvey and the captain that the man has an incision in his abdomen. Harvey says Gordon is dealing with personal stuff and will be in soon. She notes they should all be careful in the wake of Flask's arrest.

Cat is chowing down on snacks at Jim's house when he arrives home yelling for Barbara. He notices his place in disarray and the cereal box on his desk. Cat sneaks around while he looks around. He grabs her and asks her how long she's been here. She says a few times since Barbara left and since he has been watching Arkham. He says he'll take her someplace safe since she's his only witness to the Wayne murders. She claims now that she lied about seeing anything, and that she told Bruce, offers condolences about his break-up with Barbara, and takes off.

Jim goes to see Bruce. He offers his hand and Bruce is reluctant to take it. Bruce was in Switzerland for awhile. Jim says Cat may be lying now because she's scared. Bruce says she doesn't scare easily and he believes she lied. Jim says someone sent assassins after her and only a guilty person does this. Bruce releases Jim from his promise to find his parents' killer and says he'll take it into his own hands and leaves. Jim tells Alfred it's too dangerous for Bruce to do on his own. Alfred says he'll look after him and shows Jim the door.

Maroni takes Penguin to a cabin in the woods, festooned with animal heads on the walls. They share coffee and oatmeal and Maroni says it's good to get out of the city sometimes in the fresh air and have a chance to reflect with a good friend. Penguin asks about "the guy" they are supposed to meet. Maroni tells him not to worry about it. He muses with Penguin about various matters that Penguin whispered in his ear. Maroni says they all have their talents, like he is deceptively quick for a big guy. He tells Penguin he is going to get some air.

Harvey meets with a Miss Mullens about the dead man. She was his sponsor in a support group. He breaks the news to her. The group was for people suffering from phobias. He scoffs at first and she tells him not to be an ass. The dead man's phobia was heights. He thinks it's possible someone from the group killed him. Harvey is clearly besotted by her and basically asks her to dinner after the next support group that night. He promises he will find who did this.

Jim arrives with a thin lead about the office chair the guy was tied to and they head off.

The hoister/killer from the open approaches an older man as he leaves his home. He has another man taser him and they throw him into the back of a van.

Nygma works on the dead man in the morgue feeling around to see what the killer was after. The captain and the M.E. come in and catch him with his hand in the corpse. He has already promised several times to stay out of the M.E.'s way. The captain suspends Nygma to appease the M.E. Nygma tries to say he found something but they're gone.

As they look through the office warehouse, Harvey asks about Barbara and Jim says it's definitely over and now he's seeing Dr. Lee Thompkins. They hear some screaming from the back of the warehouse. A tall man in a pig mask and a butcher's apron is swinging around an axe near the man who was just thrown in the back of the van, who is now and gagged and bound to a chair. A couple of pigs are also randomly roaming around. It is downright bizarre. Jim shoots the guy in the pig mask. Harvey thinks the led was not so thin after all.

Fish is on a tanker steaming away from Gotham. She has finely appointed accommodations.

Jim and Harvey report to the captain that the new almost victim was also part of the phobia support group. Harvey and the captain think the guy in the pig mask is their guy but Jim is not sure. He wants Nygma to look into it. She says he can't. She warns him again to be careful in the week of the Flask thing.

Nygma goes to see Ms.Kringle to tell her he's been suspended. She is crying and she thinks it's because Flask was arrested. He returns a pencil he borrowed from her that he wore down to almost nothing. She says she's sorry he was suspended even though he is odd.

While Maroni is out getting wood, Penguin grabs a gun. Maroni returns and says they need to talk. Maroni says they should have real trust with each other, no secrets. Maroni admits there is no "guy with a thing." He tells Penguin to tell him a secret. Penguin claims he has none. He admits he doesn't like oatmeal. Maroni then shares that Fish is alive. Penguin now admits that he doesn't like coffee. Maroni says that Fish says he and Falcone are playing him. Penguin asks him if he believed her. Maroni says he is troubled. He asks Penguin for a good secret this time. Penguin says he took his gun and says he knew he might believe her but that doesn't mean it's true. He asks if Penguin has been playing him. Penguin doesn't admit it and asks for another secret. Maroni says the gun is loaded with blanks. Penguin calls him a liar and shoots. Maroni wasn't lying. Penguin shoots and nothing. Maroni throws him to the ground.

Gordon meets with Lee for dinner and she thinks it's a date and he is there to talk about his case. She is disappointed since she put on lipstick and he wants forensic advice. He says he doesn't mean to be and the case was a pretext to see her. She says he doesn't need it. He tries to put it away but she says she's interested. He then gets a call and he has to go. He leaves her with the case file and a kiss.

Gordon leaves a message with Harvey saying the second almost victim woke up and says there were two men who abducted him so another perp is still out there.

Harvey goes to the phobia group to chat with them about the case and he talks more with Ms. Mullens about phobias adn that everyone has one even him. He admits, whether truthfully or to get in her pants, that he is scared all the time and would share it with the group if she thought it would be helpful. She says it would. Before they go in he grabs a coffee and the evil man who is his perp gets coffee beside him and asks if it's his first time. Harvey says it is and returns the question and the man says he's been coming a long time.

Maroni takes Penguin to a dump where he tells him he is going to put him in a car and the car is going into the crusher and he is sending what's left of Penguin to Falcone. Penguin begs for his life and says he can give him more information. Maroni says it's personal since Frankie was a friend and he is disgusted that he ever fell for Penguin's crap. Maroni puts him in the car.

Nygma sneaks back into the precinct locker room and grabs some M.E. tools.

Harvey explains to the group how he is afraid everyday of getting killed by a perp and bleeding out in a gutter alone. He says he wants to die in a warm cozy bed in the arms of a beautiful woman. The man Harvey met earlier says his name is "Todd" and he has a horrible phobia of failure,of any kind, and he inherited from his father and is afraid he's passing it on to his son. Todd is very emotional and walks out. Ms. Mullens chases after him.

Penguin calls Maroni from inside the crusher and begs him to listen to him. He says whoever controls Arkham will control Gotham. Maroni tells him to take it like a man. Penguin calls the guy operating the crusher and says that he works for Don Falcone and that his men are on the way to kill him if he crushes Penguin. The guy stops the crusher and runs off. Maroni sees this, gives chase, shoots after the guy and then turns to see Penguin has escaped the car. He is not happy.

Harvey asks the support group if it seems like "Todd" and Ms. Mullens have been gone a long time. He goes out just as "Todd" has thrown her in the back of his van and drives off.

The M.E., who hates Nygma, goes into the locker room and opens his locker and finds a bunch of dismembered limbs. Some other cops walk in and the M.E., holding a bunch of arms, says this is not what it looks like.

Jim and Harvey explain what happened at the support group meeting to the captain. Mullens phobia was drowning in a pool, they go to the pool where she almost drowned as a child assuming that's where he took her.

"Todd" is with Mullens at the edge of the pool and says he's going to drown her. Suddenly his son enters and says the parking meter ran out. He looks at the bound and gagged Mullens uneasily. "Todd" says it's for greater humanity and gives him money to feed the meter. "Todd" drops her in the pool. She sinks to the bottom. Jim and enter guns drawn. Jim gives chase while Harvey dives in to save Mullens.

Jim and "Todd" have a gun fight and "Todd" gets away. Harvey revives Mullens.

Penguin is awakened on the side of the road, where he apparently slept, by an elderly black woman and her church group. They ask what happened to him. He quotes Bible verses to them and they are impressed and invite him on their little school bus for a ride back to Gotham. They sing gospel songs as they ride.

Lee brings the case file back to Jim at the precinct and she tells him the killer removed his adrenal gland, what is essentially the fear gland. He takes it when they are at the height of their fear meaning it has a massive amount of cortisol in it. She calls him one weird dude. She figures he's a doctor or a nurse given the clean cuts. Jim says it's clear that she is into this stuff and it turns out that the M.E. job is now open and she should apply and asks her to dinner to discuss it. They joke about his crude dating skills. He says he has a powerful urge to kiss her. She asks why he doesn't. He says he has a image to keep up and people are watching. She gives him three seconds to kiss her or no dinner. He does, and everyone watches.

Nygma tells Ms. Kringle he's been reinstated in the wake of the M.E. being fired for stealing body parts. Sh tells him he owes her a new pencil.

Fish is awakened from her slumber on the ship to a firefight outside her a room. A large man busts into her room and they charge at each other.


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