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Stereotypes at its best (or worst)
Elton Van8 July 2016
I'm a big fan of thriller & horror movies where the threat are real people rather than ghosts. Hostel, Saw, Wolf Creek are some of my favourite sequels. The Purge, with its intriguing concept, was also one of them... until I watched Election Year.

Nothing wrong with the cast, movie style or effects. It's just that the stereotypes have become so annoying in this third movie! It would be okay if the director were able to make it more subtle, but since the movie is dumb proof, the persistent displays of "LOOK HOW WHITE PEOPLE ARE CORRUPT AND BAAAAD! LOOK HOW GOOOOOOD THESE POOR IMMIGRANTS AND DARK-SKINEED PEOPLE AAAAARE! LOOK HOW EVERYONE WHO COMMITS MURDER IS CRAZY - EXCEPT THE ONLY SANE, GOOD GUYS WHO KILL THEM." can get pretty annoying.

What was supposed to be a nice date with the person I dragged to the theatre after months waiting for the premiere... became a stressful session of torture to the audience's intelligence.
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The Purge goes political, at its own risk
Paul Allaer4 July 2016
"The Purge: Election Year" (2016 release; 105 min.) brings the continued stories of the Annual Purge, set somewhere in the not-too-distant future. As the movie opens, we are treated to a "Purge playlist" (T. Rex; George Clinton). and we witness how a family is being purged by an evil-doer. We then are told "18 Years Later--2 Days before the Purge", as we get to know US Senator Roan, the sole survivor of the family massacre 18 years ago, and now campaigning to end the Purge. That is not to the liking of the ruling NFFA, a white supremacist-trending party. With Roan just 1 point behind in the polls, the NFFA decides that Roan must be 'taken care of' in the upcoming Purge. In a separate story line, we get to know Joe, owner of Joe's Deli, who confronts some teenage women trying to shoplift candy. We're 10-15 minutes into the movie at that point, but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the third movie in the Purge franchise, again written and directed by James DeMonaco. The sole returning character from the second movie is Barnes (played by Fred Grillo), who now has become the head of security and trusted right-hand man of Senator Roan (played by Elizabeth Mitchell, still best known for her role in the TV series Lost). While DeMonaco cleverly picks up on certain undercurrents in the political scene as we know it today, as well as mixes in other current themes (the use of drones), the movie takes a dangerous turn by playing up the racial card to the max, with the NFFA clearly patterned after the South African ANC's Apartheid regime. Political considerations aside, the movie does a good job of raising the tensions but for me the movie is also too predictable and frankly a bit too long.

"The Purge: Election Year" opened wide this weekend (to coincide with July 4, of course). The Saturday evening screening where I saw this at here in Cincinnati was PACKED, and close to a sell-out. Seemed like the audience was enjoying the movie, hollering and hooting at all the bright moments. I sorta enjoyed the movie, although something bothered me about playing up the political and racial undertones. As a social experiment, the idea itself of an annual 'approved' purge, remains fascinating to check, although I believe that if the Purge franchise is to go on, some new ideas are badly needed. Bottom line: this is till worth checking out if you liked the first two Purge movie. If you are new to this franchise, I'd still recommend the first one as the standard bearer of this franchise.
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Not worth the time
Sleeping Village17 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This film was god awful. I expected it to be at least a little entertaining but its not. The trailer for the film pretty much spoils the entire movie. The acting is the equivalent to a pornography film and the cinematography is beyond terrible. It's a cliché cash grab that is not worth the money to see in theaters or buy on blue-ray. I even found myself laughing at how bad some of the scenes in this film are, specifically the ending where the whole thing is predictable. Hell even in the second act of the film, they introduce these "Candy Bar" girls who not even kidding try to kill a main character for a candy bar. The script is lazy and not engaging in any way. The tension completely drops as you realize the protagonists will always find a convenient way out of a bad situation. Deus ex Machina. Do not see this film unless you want to have a laugh with a couple of friends over how bad it is. It's really not a good movie.
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The Purge: Election Year Continues to Explore a Great Horror Concept With a Heavy Political Slant
CANpatbuck36643 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I think it's cool that this franchise seems to be evolving to what the fans want. I didn't like the first Purge movie but I did want to see where the idea would go. So the movie going public seemed to collectively say "make another one but go bigger, show it on a national scale." That's exactly what they did with The Purge: Anarchy and it was much better. The Purge: Election Year is more about the political side. It's pretty topical and The Purge franchise has always worn it's politics on it's sleeve so you have to accept that going into it. With the election in the U.S.A. coming up, there is a lot of good material to tap into so I was eager to see where it would go.

*Minor Spoilers Ahead* We actually start the movie pretty far back in the past. A family is tied up on their couch, they are bloody and bruised and have obviously been tortured already. The villain has a mask on and is rocking out hard. He's enjoying himself and talking about how careful he was in selecting specific songs for his Purge playlist. He tells the family that they have arrived at the final purge game, he tells them only one of them is going to survive the night and that the mom gets to choose.

We then flash many years ahead of time (approx. 15-20) where the NFFA (New Founding Fathers of America) are running into problems. The word is out about the Purge, how the government is using it to eliminate the lower class. A political candidate running as an independent Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell, Charlie was the same little girl from the opening) has gained enough of a following that she is threatening to win the election and to topple the current regime being led by Minister Edwidge Owens (Kyle Secor) and the NFFA. Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) is the head of her security team. He supports her completely but he's annoyed by her disregard for protocol. Meanwhile, the NFFA are less than pleased for sure and decide to have her taken out on purge night.

In the spirit of the previous film, we don't just follow Charlie and Leo. Also in Washington D.C. a shop owner Joe Dixon (Mykelti Williams) and his hired worker Marcos (Joseph Julian Soria) are anxious about the upcoming purge. Joe's purge insurance has been raised exponentially and he cannot rely on their protection. To make matters worse, there's a couple of teenagers with attitude to burn who are trying to shoplift from his store. If not from some help from Laney Rucker (Betty Gabriel) they might have got away with it. Laney is already busy on Purge night running a triage van, Joe and Marcos resolve to come back and protect the store.

This franchise expands the mythology and keeps expanding it's world with each passing movie which is impressive. Sometimes when it comes to sequels, the studio and the creative team are just content to just repeat the same formula. Not in this franchise. In this one, people are travelling to the U.S. to be part of The Purge, people are trying to make money off it with elaborate costumes and offering services for money like body removal. It's cool that James DeMonaco and his team aren't just content to coast on what they've built and try something different each time.

The Purge: Election Year also represents a change of genre. The first Purge was a straight bottle horror film. The Purge: Anarchy brought more action in but still was survival horror. Election Year is an action movie with horror aspects. There's a few cheap jump scares but anything that's meant to be scary is more through the imagery. I have to commend the people who designed the sets, the costumes and even the cinematography. The designs are more freakish and the costumes while outlandish are very creative and are creepy as hell.

So while I want to keep heaping praise on this, I'll get into the more mixed aspects here. Starting with the plot, the direction they decide to take it in is interesting with the fight against the purge actually forming. The character development hasn't been the deepest throughout the franchise but I think this one takes a step back with the exception of Charlie and Leo. I just didn't care as much for guys like Joe, Marcos and Dante compared to the characters of the previous entries. I also thought the dialogue was pretty bad throughout. I felt bad for Mykelti as so much of his dialogue is very hokey and cringe-worthy at points. So while there's some new and interesting stuff in the writing, it's not all great and not every aspect of Election Year is exponentially better.

I think that with the acting you get 2 really good acting jobs and the rest are a mix of okay to bad. Frank and Elizabeth carry the movie, they're the most believable and you want to follow them. I don't want to blame Mykelti and Joseph too much , they're saddled with some lacklustre parts of the script. The villains (the NFFA and the evil purgers) were overdoing it but in a weird way it fit the movie. This movie is far from subtle and their performances were consistent with that.

When it comes to The Purge franchise, I think that Anarchy is still the best entry. Anarchy completely achieved what it wanted to achieve and was a deeper movie than you would think at first glance. The Purge: Election Year builds on the groundwork of the first 2 movies well even though it has some setbacks. With the heavy political message it conveys, it won't please everyone and I understand that. I'm up to see another entry though and watch where The Purge will go next.
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Propaganda Aside This Really Is Just A Bad Movie
HorrorOverEverything15 July 2016
So I'll start off by saying that I actually liked the original Purge, I know many people were expecting it to be a bit bigger and to expand more on the premise but I still enjoyed it and thought it was a pretty fun Horror/Thriller. Then the second Purge (which really wasn't a sequel, more of just a separate movie set in the same universe apart from one little tie in) came out and I enjoyed that one as well, however I thought it was a bit more cheesy than the original and it was really more of an Action/Thriller than a horror movie. I was pretty set with those two, I didn't think there was any need to continue on with the franchise, but we rarely ever get big release horror movies anymore so I decided to just suck it up and give The Purge: Election Year a chance.

So the premise was actually pretty interesting, a Senator whose family was slaughtered in front of her on Purge night is running for president in an effort to stop the Purge. However from there things start to get really really stupid. Since her opposition wants to keep her out of office they decide to disband the law that protects political officials on Purge night, thus making her fair game. When this news is shared with the Senator she decides that instead of locking herself up in a safe house (which would keep her and her dream to stop the purge alive) she'll just put the life of herself and the lives of her security team in jeopardy by just hanging out at her house on Purge night. This is one of many stupid decisions made by the Senator, and that is one of the main reasons why I found it very hard to root for her. Luckily she has a bad ass security guard (the main character from the second film) who is there to rescue her when things go south on Purge night, from there the film basically just becomes a rinse and repeat of the second film. There is also a sub plot about a extremely cookie cutter deli owner who will do anything in his power to protect his deli.

I think my main issue with the film is that the characters were just so cheesy and unrealistic. All the good guys who we are suppose to care for just ooze cheese and almost every line that comes out of their mouths is cringe worthy. The is one character in particular (the deli owner) who I found myself rooting against because he was just such a lame and unbelievable character, they actually tried to give this guy catch phrases. These felt like characters out of a bad action movie, and that's really what this film was at it's core, a lousy action movie in a horror setting. The villains weren't much better, at one point they try to pass off a group of obnoxious teenage girl as villains, the scenes with these girls were drawn out and extremely irritating, these characters belonged in a teen comedy not a R rated "Horror" film.

All in all I thought this was a lousy sequel and that the Purge Franchise would have been better after just being two films. They basically just repackaged The Purge: Anarchy with worse characters and a little bit more of an expansion on the story. The worst part is they will probably make more of these, they will run this franchise into the dirt just like the Paranormal Activity franchise. My expectations were not very high, yet I was still pretty disappointed.
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The Purge: Election Year
Argemaluco21 August 2016
I'm not a fan of this franchise, but I have to admit that it has got more ambitious with each new film. The Purge wasted its complicated (and too improbable) premise on a typical home invasion tale. The second film, The Purge: Anarchy, focused on the urban chaos. And the third part, The Purge: Election Year, (excessively) exploits the political satire which had barely been suggested in its predecessors. This doesn't mean that The Purge: Election Year is a very good film, but at least, it offers a more interesting and fluid story, supported by a relevant message... even though it's said on such an obvious and strident way that it's difficult to take it seriously. The ridiculous exaggeration employed by director and screenwriter James DeMonaco in every aspect of the movie barely surpass the reality; 3 years ago, when the original film was released, the Purge looked like a distant fantasy, but we are currently so close to that social collapse that an even more extreme screenplay is needed in order to return to the fiction field. The bad thing is that DeMonaco's narrative manipulations keep being weak and illogical: the heroes make inexcusable mistakes, while the villains vary between invincible and incompetent, according to the requirements of each scene; and the political rhetoric of the screenplay seems written by a first semester university student who has just read his first communist pamphlet. But, well... at least, the actors make a good work in their roles, bringing an appropriate balance of humor and seriousness. Frank Grillo brings a credible performance, while Elizabeth Mitchell is perfect as Senator Roan. And as common people trapped into the violence of the Purge, we have Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria, Betty Gabriel and Edwin Hodge... they all play cinematographic clichés, but they still managed to bring humanity to their characters. In conclusion, I wasn't left very satisfied by The Purge: Election Year, but it didn't bore me and I found it superior to the previous two films, so I can give it a slight recommendation, mainly to the followers of this saga and public servers searching for spiritual peace because they aren't as evil as the ones portrayed in this movie.
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I wish I could purge this movie from my system
pennyblenny29 June 2016
I love a good action movie. The last two "Purge" films were okay, nothing amazing, but I was willing to give this one a shot. Honestly, it was nauseating - not from violence, but from politicization. Regardless if a movie's political message resonates with me or not, if it gets to overshadowing the whole thing, then I feel it ruins the film. That was the case here.

I was fully expecting cheesy one liners (trust me, plenty of those) and gory action, and if that's all you want from this film, then I think you'll like it. I wanted to be lighthearted and enjoy it, but it went sour from preachiness REALLY fast.

I'm just glad that I went to a free screening - if I had spent my money on this, I would have been mad.
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I enjoyed the 1st & 2nd, but this is a lazy effort
raisleygordon12 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I thought the first movie was unsettling, and a great thriller. The second still delivered the goods, although it wasn't quite unsettling. But this one is a lackluster effort. Except for the climax in the church, there's nothing to recommend "The Purge: Election Year" With that girl attempting to shoplift, you can sense the movie is headed for an opportunity to be something, but alas, it is not to be. I have a feeling part 4 (and I read somewhere there will be) will be even less interesting than this one. There either needs to be an improvement, or just retire this franchise altogether. Any more mediocre efforts like this, and it might have to be retired anyway.

** out of ****
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Last Chapter (We Hope}
Claudio Carvalho4 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
In Washington, Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) is disputing the Presidential election running against the New Founding Fathers' candidate Minister Edwidge Owens (Kyle Secor). She claims that the NFFA uses The Purge with economical purpose to get rid of poor and sick people and is the favorite to win. The BFFA leaders plot a scheme revoking the protection of government officials to kill Roan. Her chief of security Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) uses his agents and snipers to protect Roan, but there is a breach in the security system created by two agents that betray Barnes and a paramilitary group breaks in the house killing the loyal agents and snipers. However Barnes and Roan succeeds in escaping but Barnes is shot on the shoulder. They are captured by a group of Russian tourists and rescued by two locals that are protecting a store. They call their friends and they decide to protect the Senator until the next day. Will they succeed in protecting Roan?

"The Purge – Election Year" seems to be the last chapter of this franchise; but the riot in the very end of this movie may be the beginning of another sequel. The idea of the dystopian society is too much imbecile and unrealistic. Therefore there are only funny and violent situations to entertain the viewers. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "12 Horas Para Sobreviver - O Ano da Eleição" ("12 Hours to Survive- The Election Year")
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More of the same but fittingly finishes the series
amesmonde15 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
With all immunities revoked everyone becomes game on Purge night and a bodyguard must protect his boss to help end the Purge one and for all.

Whereas the first instalment was very much confined to one location and its sequel The Purge: Anarchy had wider city scope, in this third instalment it goes further in scale story wise, touching on the politics involved. Interestingly it also touches on tourist visiting to take part in the Purge.

Elizabeth Mitchell (of TV's V) is perfectly cast as senator Roan who is campaigning for the Presidency and intending to end the Purge. Not only does she look the part,she is a convincing actor. While were not given any great further insight into actor Frank Grillo's returning Leo Barnes he gives a great physical performance as Roan's security head. Director/writer James DeMonaco offers some hard hitting violence and action, there's a good setup where the senator is betrayed and they have to make their escape.

As a shop owner and his co-worker thwart an attack from the local female yobs who are lit up in fairy lights touting guns and disc cutters, they then help the senator and Barnes. DeMonaco injects some good character interaction and dialogue, with the on location feel adding to the city realism. Actor Betty Gabriel's Laney Rucker is memorable as she goes about helping both groups. Later after the senator is kidnapped - to be sacrificed at midnight Purge mass, Rucker and her anti-Purge team assist Barnes in a violent rescue attempt.

DeMonaco's third instalment has plenty of night-time atmosphere akin to Anarchy's feel but even with the higher stakes, chaos, murder and haunting images on display it doesn't feel to have as much tension as the second outing. The ending while satisfyingly finishing of the trilogy does leave it open for future films with pro-Purge unrest.

Nevertheless, it's a solid entry, if you enjoyed the first and second this will meet expectations.
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To Purge Or Not To Purge?!
loco_735 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
After a pretty effective but fairly muted debut with its first instalment "The Purge" franchise actually took a few very welcome steps forward with the much improved and thoroughly entertaining "Anarchy", a pretty rare feat at any point in time, but especially in today's prequel, sequel, reboot and remake flooded movie scene... That positive change came in large part at the hands of Frank Grillo, a genuine on-screen bad ass if there ever was one!

So I was very much looking forward to the third (and final ?!) instalment of this franchise. But from its opening frames until the closing credits, "Election Year" proved to be a disappointment and a letdown. It is as far as I am concerned the weakest entry in the franchise!

First of all Frank Grillo, who was the heart of the second movie, and a large reason of why "The Purge" franchise improved, is completely misused here and basically relegated to a glorified secondary character. "Election Year", is a messy and underwhelming creation of bad casting, bad acting, bad directing and writing.

Too bad that this franchise stumbled at the end, and offered a most unsatisfying concluding chapter...
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A worthy contender for the Razzies
Fiurilli11 July 2016
Even though the first two 'The Purge' movies weren't all that great I still had a fun time seeing it and was interested in what this newest installment in the series could bring.

The movie starts off with an uninspired news broadcast that sets up the story about a senator running for presidency whose goal is to abolish the annual purge (an event where for one night all crime is legal). The current government or 'The New Founding Fathers' want nothing of this and would prefer to have this senator out of the way.

In the beginning of the movie the director uses some interesting lighting techniques whenever new characters were introduced where the way their faces were lit gave an indication on their moral standpoint is on the purge*. Sadly after a mere half hour these subtleties disappeared and what was left was a movie that just went from action scene to action scene with some poorly written dialogue in between.

The characters themselves are also very bland. With only a few lines of dialogue their entire backstory is revealed and with these same lines the movie tries to get the viewer emotionally invested. This is not done successfully however and when things spiral out of control and the unavoidable does happen it is more likely met with laughter rather than tears.

Blaming all of this on the dialogue would be too harsh however considering the acting is sub par. Often times lines are delivered in an almost laughable manner, although with a script like that you can't really ask much from the actors.

Overall the movie was incredibly boring to watch and is a worthy contender for worst movie of the year (although I think Independence Day: Resurgence will claim that 'trophy'). If you've got money to spare then please save it for when a better movie comes out.

My rating: 3/10

* for instance the senators face is fully lit up when we first see her, while the faces of the government officials is fully dark on one side
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Another success; The Purge franchise hasn't messed up quite yet.
InDyingArms3 July 2016
Here we all are with yet another year of purging; The Purge: Election Year, or just The Purge 3 is a film that finds itself in assumption for the worse, but has actually managed to stabilize itself into it's third year, keeping solid, as well as keeping The Purge franchise followers happy.

So knowing that the first film was pretty good, leading to the second that actually managed ( In my opinion ) to rise itself a bit higher.. this was exciting news to know another installment was coming, and here we are; This film was interesting as a whole. The film now takes upon the more deeper insight of the entire ordeal, the political standpoint on the entirety of the purge itself, and how it can be used to surpass wants. At the same time, the film, like the others in a way succeeds in bringing the audience into an adventure that revolves around the characters / protagonists as they are forced through the horrifying events that follow the entirety of the purge. With all of that being said, this film as a whole was intriguing. It had a pretty good villain to hero - type of plot going for it, and that stood out well for the entire film. We, the audience are overall sitting intrigued, unable to look away as we're greeted with surprises on every corner, challenge after challenge, and overall ordeal of action that strikes fear to those watching. The scenes of action were intense, and thrilling. Whenever such actions take place, we suddenly find ourselves watching an all out battle, wondering if anything drastic toward our main characters shall happen as we sit, intrigued; It was absolutely awesome, as well to see such events take place, and to see the film succeed in such levels, and portrayals of intensity and action. Aside from all that, on the other hand, this film seemed to take an even more interesting turn toward it's horror side of things. Throughout the film there we're greeted with a rather eerie, impending - doom type feeling; Of course, such vibes and such were given off in the other two films, but this one seemed to crank the level up a bit on that note, introducing itself overall with it, leading to it's success within it's eerie atmosphere, visual eye candy, and just overall events that were executed. Overall on such note, the film cranked up its levels in this one, which of course was a very pleasant surprise, and an exciting aspect for Purge franchise followers. This film felt more intense, and eerie throughout the entire length of the film, the action scenes, as well as events were executed intriguingly, and smoothly. And the Purge blood, gore, and even jump scares as well were well themselves. Another element that was extremely eventful to watch through this horror trip were the characters. From the senator, to the NFFA organization, to the purgers' themselves, it all stood out, and surprisingly enough lead itself into some pleasing twists, and turns. The main characters including The senator Charlie, the characters picked up throughout the film, Leo, and of course her overall competition / enemies each worked in unique ways, and all seemed to work with the story, and not just seem like a pointless character dropped off. It was extremely fun seeing characters such as Leo return, as well ( After being in the second film ) they had great roles, and truly executed their survival throughout simplistically. Overall, with all of our leading characters however, each had a heavy heart throughout the story, displaying their care for each other, how each of them connect, and look out for each other as a whole through the hellish ordeal; Sappy. Overall it was fun to see characters return, and watching them go through the twists, and turns of the overall purge was fun as well; The film succeeding in stabilizing their characters, keeping them from becoming boring, or worn out.

In conclusion, this was a fun watch. A third installment that's assumed to suck - but ended up being just what the entire franchise needed. Fun characters, awesome portrayal of them as well, returns, unique personalities, as well as additions to the story that works. A turn - up within the topic of their gore, as well as shock value with how the kills are executed, not too much, but also not to little. And to top it all off, an interesting story that stays solid throughout, not seeming to give up with its twists, turns, and overall adventurous, yet at the same time eerie overall execution. The only real problem that stood with this film is the fact that it tends to drag on at times, the film became slow within the middle - to end parts; But every movie has it's moment like such. I feel as if Purge franchise followers, and overall fans won't be disappointed, instead pleased. This was a fun watch, I personally recommend experiencing it.
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Predictable . If You've Seen The Trailer You've Seen The Whole Movie
Theo Robertson18 August 2016
The original film in this franchise had a great premise but failed to do anything with the concept and I wasn't expecting anything with the sequel but was stunned by how much the production team developed the idea , so much so that I was genuinely excited to seeing the next film in the series which is a rare occurrence for me to get excited about upcoming film . As the trailers were released earlier in the year I did feel my excitement being negated and felt we'd be getting more of the same from a concept that with hindsight might not have much in the way of legs . Yeah the promos did feature some very topical satire about a female Senator and a right wing nutjob battaling for the future of America but seemed a little too obvious

The bad news is that's exactly how THE PURGE ELECTION YEAR plays out . You could say the studio has been honest and constructed a trailer that is refreshingly accurate and what you see is what you get but is a backhanded compliment really a compliment ? Worse than that the trailer is edited in chronological order and there's no surprises . One great thing about ANARCHY was that the story revolved around the mystery and the enigma of the mysterious violent anti-hero who had his own motives for trawling the streets during purge night . Here there's no mystery or character development . Here Sgt Leo is a knight in shining white armour saving the Senator from the fascist establishment and purgers thereby trying to save America from its extreme elements . Everything is black and white and painlessly simplistic . Everyone is good or bad with no in-between and no ambiguity involved

Being positive about this at least the dichotomy of the characterisation means no one is going to confuse the noble and genuine Senator Charlie Roan with any female politician running for President in 2016 so at least the film can't be accused of being cheerleaders for present American party politics . It also contains the occasional haunting image such as a body lying burning in a street , but there's nothing here that matches the impact of a burning bus driving along a road or the nail biting heart stopping tension of the hunting ground we saw in the second movie . Don't get me wrong ELECTION YEAR is still better than the original film and if you loved ANARCHY you'll probably like this one . The downside is that you had hoped for something a bit better and are left feeling rather disappointed by a rather predictable movie
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If Hillary Clinton & Black Lives Matter made a movie together
whookares-3330816 July 2016
I have never felt the urge to review a movie but this one was so terribly written I had to spread my disgust. As usual old white men are the universally accepted bad guys with other appearances from everyone's favorite boogie people the Klan. Chock full of cliché one liners, heroic bravado, and a heavy dose of the Democratic nominee as the brave heroine helped along by her constituents.

Purge has run its course and there is no need to revive this series as it is DOA.

However if you feel the bern you will probably enjoy this masterpiece as it will no doubt confirm most of what you believe.
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Great way to destroy a decent film series.
Matthew Schofield17 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I actually enjoyed the first two films as they were thrilling and there were some parts that I found intense. The first based around a family under attack by two types of people, in there own home. Then the second is based around a man who wants revenge for his sons death but gets tangled up in other situations, which I found made it a fairly decent film.

Then there is this third addition the the set The Purge: Election Year, it was firstly so predictable on what was going to be the overall ending to the film. Woman goes against the purge, rich guy who profits from the purge doesn't like that. Rich man get mercenaries to catch her, they fail cause of the bodyguard and then s**t happens and the woman survives it all. Whooow totally not enjoyable. I would say it is clichéd. Too many films have the same standard plot. Someone is wanted dead "the bad guys" try kill them and in the end they fail and "the good guys win". Yeah not all films are like that but most are and its boring.

I personally found the film the best way to end The Purge. I want The Purge to go on. I like the films they were something to watch. I wanted Sen. Charlie Roan or Minister Edwidge Owens to be killed so that the ending had a twist to it and wasn't predictable. But the film has been made so nothing I saw will be taken into account.
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Still an OK film to watch
Ivan Yergiyev22 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
To begin with, this is the third part of the movie series called Purge. They all have the same setting, so I highly recommend watching two preceding films before. However, it is not mandatory. So, main idea of the film is that American government wants to reduce violence. Even though their intentions are pretty obvious, the concept of accomplishing the goal is unique. Creating "Purge" night, where every act of brutality and violence including murdering and torturing was allowed, supposed to cut down the level of crime during non-purge nights. Pretty interesting approach, huh? While first two films were mostly about characters who wanted to survive, this movie delivers us a "special" purpose. After so many years of purge, America has finally found an senator who wants to cancel "death" night. Her name is Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell). On the other hand, minister Edwidge Owens (Kyle Secor) works for the government and wants purge night to continue its existence. Debates, interviews and dialogues - all this we can see during first minutes of the movie. This part is pretty interesting and fits into the "rhythm".

During actual purge night, unlike previous films, we see the goal - make sure senator stays alive. As we all know from Purge: Anarchy, the best guy to do so is Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo). Film provides us with basic plot twists and action scenes. Even though, movie involves intriguing personalities such as Joe Dixon (Mykelti Williamson), Dante Bishop (Edwin Hodge), Laney Rucker (Betty Gabriel) and Marcos (Joseph Soria), directors do not provide us with all needed background information so you can understand their motivation fully. Other characters are mainly considered as a "crowd actors". Film mainly consists of action scenes where we only have couple of minutes to be like "huh, that was intense". After that directors make us to jump into another location. Having a few drama scenes also makes it even a better thriller movie. But it still lacks atmosphere and because of fairly "obvious" goal the ending and plot overall is also pretty clear.

To sum up, I would like to tell that I liked the movie. Despite it is not as well structured as typical good thriller, it gives us an adrenaline we need during all 100 minutes. On the other hand, I would not recommend to continue this franchise as it has said everything it needed to and making another film to "clear" all details is not worth it. Typically, I would give this film 6.5/10 marks which results in 7/10 on IMDb. However, Purge: Anarchy received 7/10 as well, so it is fair to give The Purge: Election Year its honestly earned 6/10 considering it has already gathered more than 70 million dollars domestically.
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Purge and Purify
Jack Sparks6 July 2016
I was expecting this movie to be hot garbage and I certainly wasn't wrong, but frig, I was unaware that a movie could be so offensive to such a degree. The directing was terrible and amateurish with awkward cuts and mystifying editing choices. The characters were terribly sketched as I could barely remember their names by the end. The acting was just awful like for goodness sakes do a couple more takes maybe, try something. The plot made no sense as it was mostly ridiculous and random purge visuals along with pointless side plots (candy bar anyone?). It was very clear that the director thought of something he thought would look cool and put it on screen. It wasn't hard to tell that plot was a secondary factor. There was a certain character who was introduced and given a little bit of time but was quickly and unceremoniously killed off in a ridiculous way that only killed him somehow. I guess they couldn't have the screen filled up with too many deep or racist characters. The founding fathers were cartoonishly evil, and set the precedent right away for the horrible acting. I almost forgot about the opening sequence with it's jarring editing, its only purpose being to provide backstory to a character which is pointless. I say that because this movie is not about the plot; oh no frig the plot this is about random and stupid violence throughout. The "good guys" don't seem overly concerned with sparing lives as they brutally stab and murder unaware people who could of easily been taken down with a knock on the head. That's really what it's all about though is captivating the stupid audience members who are cheering for blood. Look around at some other reviews; anyone who gave it above a 7 is not someone you want to be associated with. The movie is just so undeniably bad and made for the lowest common denominator it's disgraceful. This is all without yet mentioning the totally offensive token black character who is an awful stereotype to be in a movie coming out in 2016, and is only there to be comedic relief for the more racist people in the audience. Good lord some movies really do take a piece of you that you can't get back and this movie took a chunk for sure. Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Just an awful combination of racism, terrible acting and directing, pointless plot, and thoughtless violence that combine to create absolute cancer. I'm disgusted.
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Lousy, American propaganda with a smattering of racism
johnnyjan163 September 2016
I actually enjoyed the first two Purge films. But this was a really poor attempt at what could have been an interesting plot.

What irritated me most about this film was the casual use of racism to get a cheap laugh. The cinema was packed and about 70% of the audience laughed, so apparently using black people as the basis for most of the jokes in this film should be hilarious. For me, it completely ruined sections of this film.

The lead characters are all generic. None of them you want to succeed. Even when it comes to the final 10 minutes, I couldn't care less about the senator or her security guard. I was quite happy when it was all over.

The one liners are absolute comedy. Everything is 'I'm back' or 'we can do this!'. It's script writing at it's finest.

Another thing. Michael Bay is producer. A man who has a reputation for making big money but ruining franchises. Once this film is over you can instantly see his influence throughout. He's an awful director and just as bad as a producer.

I wouldn't recommend seeing this film. It's a TV film if that.
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Major disappointment
mm-394 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Too much of a social message in The Purge 3. I would have liked to see more of the actual purge/sci-fi itself. The film could be interpreted as a G O P vs Dem social messages. Old, church etc, vs disadvantage, idealists etc. The film hits hard with a social message, with the same message, jokes, flat characters the viewer has seen in the last 20 years with movies and t v. The film ends with a happy ending. I would of loved a plot twist where the two presidential candidates duelled it out and the winner became president. Maybe the new president had a month long purge and made things even worse. The stunts, plot twists, loud mouth guy etc were predictable. More like a T V movie with flat characters. 3 stars.
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This Election Has Truly Disturbing Bite
rgkarim1 July 2016
With the holiday coming up, the movie industry is doing its best to rope people into the theaters. You would think something patriotic like a war story, a biography of a founding father, or some type of political coming of age movie. But my first review is on a horror instead…that has to due with politics. My review is on The Purge: Election Year, the third installment in a series I never expected to have this much ground. Yours truly heads into the trenches to provide you another review and help guide your thoughts on how to spend your tickets in the theaters.

The GOOD: • Comedy • Semi Decent plot • Suspenseful

The first point has to be a surprise, but yes the Purge: Election Year has some decent comedy to lighten up the aggressively somber mood. I mainly laughed at the commentary from Joe, a local deli shop owner with an interesting background on his own. Joe's lines are a menagerie of one- liners, quips, and racial banter that had the audience laughing. Despite some of the intense moments, the writers made the lines very tasteful, making sure to add a fun edge that hopefully won't insult the masses. Some of the other characters have their moments as well, timed equally well to maximize the laughs.

But you didn't come for laughs, you came for suspense that the night of legalized murder has provided in the past. You might think that a third installment has lost its edge, but surprisingly Election Year keeps the same on the seat moments as the last one. Like its predecessor, this movie takes our characters onto the streets, each forging their own path through the chaotic forest of crazy violence. I was pulled into the movie not by the mindless killing, but by the wonder of which member of the merry band would bite the dust. Part of what helped this was a semi-decent, albeit rushed, plot that had a little more backbone than mindless murder. Election Year's plot brings us further down the rabbit hole as to the point of the Purge and fills into those pot holes left at the end of the second movie. It's nothing special, but the character profiles were what kept my interest and fostered a bond with all the characters.

The BAD • Pointless cursing/overacting • Violence substituted for plot • All the political issues it can drum up

No surprise, but a Rated R movie is going to have cursing, I get that I do. But as always the case, our writers get a little overzealous with dirtying the mouths of characters. Election Year unfortunately is not spared that fate as characters, mainly extras, fill their roles with overacted, dramatically-emphasized cursing that is more annoying than anything. I know it is to make you hate the character who will certainly die in the end, but they could have done it without such grandiose tactics. The silver lining of this, it is for limited run times so yay for that.

A second weakness for me, is substituting the violence for the plot. Now don't rip my head off, it is the Purge, a holiday that is only about violence and celebrating death, of course there will be violence. However, the Purge really needs to drop the glorified torture scenes and disturbing dances of craziness to provide more kick to their tale. That doesn't mean get rid of it all, after all there were plenty of jump at you moments where the violence was perfect, but Election Years tangents showing mask-wearing extras dancing or setting an elaborate trap that really doesn't work. This is another example of editing not eliminating all unnecessary scenes.

But perhaps the biggest weakness for me is the political issues this movie is sure to spark. Back in the day, you could make a movie like this and not start a revolution, but modern times have left our people a little more easily offended these days. The Purge's overdramatic antics, dialogue, and factions are certainly going to divide people and perhaps incite their own revolution on some level. All of the excessive violence, racial slurs, and political issues are over glorified, and I saw these effects take fruit in my theater with a few overzealous fans. So why did I bring this point up? Two reasons. The first is the political rants and corrupt speeches are cheesy, overdone, and eye rolling. The second is that if you are easily offended, no matter how much you like horror, you should not see this movie.

The Verdict

Despite being a third installment, The Purge Election Year certainly brings the same bite it always has. Yes, it is overdramatic and glorifies violence, and at times is certainly reflective of a mad man's mind. However, as far as horror movies go, it is surprisingly decent in terms of plot, action, and suspense that will entertain many of this genre. With interesting characters and a fast moving pace, you certainly won't be bored for the 105 minute run time. Necessary for a trip to the theater? Not really, but those who love the dive into the mad realm of murder, will certainly enjoy this tale.

My scores:

Action/Horror/Sci-Fi: 7.0 Movie Overall: 6.0
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brajsmit18 July 2016
this movie is so bad it belongs on USA late at night. terrible acting ; attempts at political message which are terrible and badly portrayed and really all the hidden messages aside it is just bad ; i seriously want my money back!! they should have stopped after the first one because it was OK. i would recommend you save your money and go to a different movie maybe even Tarzan or any thing other than this royal piece of crap. if you made this movie please stop save us all the grief and aggravation of anticipating something cool and getting something that sucks and has a political and racial message . i am so disappointed i will never see another movie written by James demanaco or whatever his name is .. he should have made a sequel to assault on precinct 13 an actual good movie .
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NOT A HORROR! Very political but mostly racist!
Tracey Tracey5 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Worst movie I've ever had to sit through. Actually, couldn't even make it to the end...walked out after the ridiculous church seen that showed a group of white people with crazy eyes and weird smiles acting like morons and murders! A group of black and Hispanic people were the heroic saviors and the loving and caring people...a couple of white people thrown in the background. Moral of the story...white people are horrible, crazy murders! This movie was so silly that they even to the quote "that's the pot calling the kettle black" and changed it to "that's the pot calling the kettle brown". Seriously?! And for some reason the line, "There's my Negros" was supposed to be funny. Silly movie, silly dialogue, silly plot!
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Do yourself a favor and don't go see this movie.
dawall-569478 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst movies I've ever seen. First of all so many parts weren't realistic whatsoever. For instance they know there will probably be a huge assassination attempt yet almost none of the main character's security wear body armor including her head of security. Then, her head of security gets shot in the shoulder and proceeds to shoot, reload and function as if nothing happened. Also throughout the movie he shoots one handed (same hand as the shoulder he was shot in) and hits targets no problem at 50+ yards with one shot. At one point he unloads a full mag and the slide doesn't even lock back when he's empty. Put this all aside and you still have obvious political points trying to be made. During the movie the talk about how keeping government spending down "lines the pockets of the rich" which is clearly false, how the purge "lines the pockets of the NRA" and even go as far as to have a scene in a church where people sacrifice live humans in the name of Jesus. I tried making it all they way through but ended up walking out early and getting my money back. Absolutely terrible movie.
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Nearly 2 hours of my life i will never get back
grayman-8426529 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Normally I don't bother writing reviews of films I have watched, but in the case of this one, I felt compelled to put fingers to keyboard.

The premise of the film is quite good, in the fact that the purge has been going on for several years, and a senator who's family were on the receiving end of it several years earlier is making a stand against the establishment to bring an end to the Purge once and for all. I immediately thought I would enjoy the film, as the underdog scenario can be quite good.

The writing and characters -

After a promising start, things went rapidly downhill, and continued on a downward spiral, with characters I found it difficult to even try and find some empathy for. From the senator who won't do as her security team advise, to a KKK(?) presence which goes from being super efficient (they are able to head shot from a distance) to almost keystone cops (think the shooting scenes from naked gun where the police and the bad guys are about 3 feet from each other and hiding behind a bench and a bin but unable to hit each other), and a teenage girl who tries to steal a bar of chocolate but gets caught, and then comes back to "purge" the shop owner and get the previously mentioned bar of chocolate (at this point, it would appear that it was bring your kids to work day, and the script writers may have taken a tea break and left their teenagers in charge of the computers) with a group of about 7 or 8 friends (all heavily armed and wearing enough clothing for at most 2 of them).

The main bad guys, in stereotypical style, are mainly white middle aged men (there did appear to be a couple of women in the NFFA), and its only thankful that they weren't English as well).

Onto the plot -

Where to start? Great idea, lots of potential, but completely gone awry from about 5 minutes in. Instead of being tense and keeping you guessing what was going to happen, you could step away from the film for 10 minutes and know pretty much what had gone on. Following a basic plot line with no twists which couldn't have been guessed - teenager coming back to purge the shop for the chocolate bar, NFFA wanting to get the senator and do her in themselves, someone in the senators security team working for the NFFA etc etc, it spectacularly failed to grip and entertain, whilst leaving it open for a fourth installment (please, NOOOOOOOO)

In summary -

If you like boring sequels, this is probably the film for you, as it stretches the franchise just that little bit too far for it to be believable and entertaining (think the third and fourth outings of the resident evil films)

If you want a film which is entertaining and keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to find out what happens next, avoid this one, and choose something like The Usual Suspects, Quarantine or The Purge (the first one in the trilogy).
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