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Even the most extreme punishments are softened by hilariously neurotic dialogue. Vive la Delpy!
Lolo has a solid laughs-per-minute rate and enough twists to overcome the occasional screenplay hiccup.
Lolo is a fun, airy movie, but it's also unafraid of complexity.
Lolo features long stretches of perhaps her most accomplished and enjoyable character-comedy yet. But as often with filmmakers for whom a certain register comes almost too easily, Delpy seems impatient with herself and her facility for spiky, verbal sparring and pithy self-deprecating put-downs.
A curiously unsentimental director of romantic comedies, Julie Delpy sees romance for the work that it primarily is.
The film is at its best when its central trio fumbles around the same circle of hell they've obliviously created for themselves, making the best of a situation that is much worse than they could ever imagine.
Well cast and funny just often enough to recommend.
Lolo is entirely too familiar, too predictable, a character study in romantic mishaps that's far less interesting than the name Delpy cooked up for her “little alpine bunny,” a passive, pretty creature worthy of our contempt, at least as Wells envisioned him.
Julie Delpy's latest directorial effort juggles some potentially delicious ideas, but Lolo proves to be an exasperating romantic comedy that flirts with darker terrain it never has the guts or wit to really explore.
This romp is just embarrassing.

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