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amazing, different.

Author: Dylan Ciraulo (ciraulodylan@yahoo.com) from United States
12 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lots of controversy over the subject matter in this episode. People need to lighten up. This is a musical episode and very well written one at that. The Music is fantastic and there are definitely some funny moments and some jaw dropping ones as well, kind of like "oh they went there kind of moments". The Gang can surprisingly carry a tune. The dialogue was sharp and fast. Everyone had there funny moments, but not as many as you would normally get out of a typical episode. That's probably due to the fact that there's a lot of singing which takes away from any of the crazy dialogue that the gang normally says. I thought this episode was bold and refreshing.

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Excellent episode that appears to be among the gang's most polarizing

Author: Scream1008 from United States
8 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've seen every episode of this excellent show, and I think this episode ranks among the best. It's also one of the episodes with the most buzz around it in recent memory, having to do with its controversial subject matter. A lot of the professional reviewers have come out in favor of it, but the audience opinion seems to be rather polarized.

The good thing is that the episode tackles a difficult subject in a relatively inoffensive way. I admit I had some trepidation when I first saw the name of the episode "The Gang Turns Black." I should have known by now to have more faith in these guys, 12 seasons in, to push the envelope without being pigheaded or offensive just for the sake of causing offense.

The device of the gang appearing as Black people to everyone besides themselves was such a great way to depict this body-switching storyline. Even better was how different in appearance they were, particularly Frank (a tall-ish young adult man), Dennis (a decidedly very chubby dude) and, best of all, Charlie (a young child). There were a lot of great shots done through mirrors or split-second visuals of them as they appear to other people. One of the highlights was Charlie baring his darkest secrets in the police station, telling things to a social worker that would absolutely cause concern. We got to see both how messed-up Charlie's life is and make some observations as to the difficult state in which many Black children may find themselves.

What a fair number of reviewers seem to have an issue with is the singing throughout this episode. I think it fit very well with the idea and it took some of the sting out of some rather dark observations. It was best utilized in the final scene ("our home" "White home" "just say home!"), which would have been almost too terrifying and devastating had there not been music to soften it a little bit. However, the music did not detract from the race-based observations. And the lessons "the gang" learned by the end were very topical, well-rounded observations about the state of our world today.

Very well done.

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Last Season sucked... This season starts off like ....

Author: namikazedante
8 January 2017

I don't know what to say more than that the gang is finally back !

Last season yeah it sucked real hard. With maybe one or two good episodes. But oh boy ! The first episode of this season just caught me off guard.

I mean just read what the episode is about and you will just think to yourself ''This is what Sunny is all about and I like it''.

I am like all others who hate this crap all TV shows has started to do. The singing thing. Which is so lame and always are lame. But when the gang did it. It was actually fun and done in a really good way. I loved it. And there were many laughs and very good jokes throughout the episode. I was even surprised in a funny way how it all ended too.

This was a good start !

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Worst Episode Yet

Author: laxfanatic from United States
10 January 2017

This is literally the only episode I haven't loved. Absolutely no laughs whatsoever. I kept waiting for it to get funny and it just didn't. No crude, off-color humor (let alone any kind of humor) that makes the show what it is. It felt like a an educational episode of Sesame Street based on racial discrimination. While there is a time and place for racial awareness, it shouldn't be on this show. And if it has to be, please make it FUNNY. It also felt like 3/4th of the episode was filler as well. This was a complete miss and i'm seriously disappointed. After 11 seasons of laughs, I really hope this episode is a fluke and isn't an indication of a new direction they're headed in.

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By far and without the shadow of a doubt the worst episode of Sunny ever

Author: Nemeth
7 January 2017

I don't know of a single episode that comes close. It's that bad. It might as well not have been an episode.

There were zero laughs. It's a musical episode with terrible songs - this is coming from me who loves the songs of this show: the entire Charlie musical, Paddy's Pub, (I Just Wanna Tell You All) Go F*** Yourselves, etc. Those were gold. Top quality compositions, funny lyrics, hilarious context.

This was quite bad and I will never watch this episode again.

Random references to Trump, Nash Bridges and Quantum Leap did not make it any funnier.

I never thought I'd see a Sunny episode I didn't like. Sad to see this day come.

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End of its always sunny?

Author: Mark Hourigan from ireland
10 January 2017

I've been a fan of its always sunny from the beginning and i cannot believe how this first episode has gone.

Maybe its the the fact that the show is gaining a lot of popularity but this episode was absolutely awful.

It was nowhere near the high standards that it once held in comedy from the previous series and i have no idea why the episode was set in a fantasy land.

It was a major disappointment and i hope it was a once off.

The show is based on a dark sense of humour and always has been. I believe that all lives matter but the fact that they made an episode covering this theme seems as if they are just jumping on the band wagon and hoping for the best.

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Watched it because of an article

Author: Vanya Grivova
5 January 2017

I have never watched an episode of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' and I was never even interested in it.

However, an article named 'It's Always Sunny Boldly Tackles Racism in La La Land' made me really want to see this episode that I incorrectly thought was about my favorite movie of 2016.

The musical-like delivery was more tedious than enjoyable and the lyrics weren't even that witty.

The episode mentions double standards, racism and free speech but it wasn't enough for me to like it.

I expected so much more of it, at least the ending was okay.

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