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Equity is a smart thriller set in the corporate world that disguises its modest budget with an intelligent script and good set of hooks.
Equity takes us inside modern Wall Street in a unique and gripping manner.
The film ultimately succeeds in offering a fresh female-centered perspective on its genre material.
To the credit of this scrappy, admirably femcentric film, crisply directed by Meera Menon from a tightly wound script by Amy Fox (with Reiner and Thomas also doing double-duty as producers), Equity refuses to paint a rosy picture of women at the top.
Equity is a smart Wall Street thriller which is most engaging when it's exploring the obstacles facing its female protagonists specifically because of their gender.
Equity is more nuanced, if not as ferociously confidant as that 1987 Oliver Stone film, here focusing on the nitty gritty of a market launch of a social media-style security company.
Equity may not be the fanciest or flashiest of financial thrillers - more like off-brand David Fincher or Steven Soderbergh - but it gets the job done.
Ultimately, I found the story surrounding Equity - that it is a movie about women on Wall Street, financed largely by actual women on Wall Street - more interesting than the movie itself, but it does contain its share of memorable moments.
While the severity of the film's environment convinces, the specifics of Amy Fox's screenplay - tangled up in tech IPOs, post-Snowden security paranoia and venal investment banking practice - are less consistently persuasive.
The always strong Gunn does her best with the very familiar, quickly paced storyline.

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