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Style over substance
Ricardo9824 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers: I felt like Ansel Elgort was miscast in the movie. I've seen a number of his roles and I don't think I liked any of the characters he portrayed. Whenever he's on screen, I can't help but think of Big Baby from "Toy Story 3", which ruins moments completely. I'm not sure if it's his acting or the way the role was written, but his character comes across as obnoxious, to the point where I was rooting against him.

As the movie progresses, you get more and more of an incentive to dislike him as he's continually in a position where he can build up evidence and rat out the people he's involved with, as he records snippets from every heist meeting to make mix tapes out of them later on at home. But this sadly isn't the case, as he keeps it to himself, allowing innocent people to die in the process which he could've stopped; to me that's unforgivable even if he does perform good deeds every now and again to ease his dirty conscience.

I don't think I liked or connected with any character in the whole movie, except for the lady behind the counter at the postage shop, but besides that, nobody. All the characters were flat and one-dimensional. We don't learn enough about these character's past to care for them and the direct result of this is that we don't care where the story is going which makes for a rather pointless movie.

Sure we touch on Ansel Elgort's character's past, but it it's only briefly and it's the most clichéd series of flashbacks: "Look his parents died in a car crash and now you as an audience will sympathize and connect with the character as a result". Sorry, but even though it's sad, it makes me feel indifferent based on his actions.

I thought that there were a lot of actors who were too big for the roles that they were given. Instead of being lost in their performances as I should've been, I was found saying, "There's Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey!". These actors took me right out of the movie just as Matt Damon did when I watched his small cameo in the movie "Interstellar". I thought that Kevin Spacey was justified, but he phoned it in and just played Kevin Spacey, like he's been doing for years now; he didn't even have enough material to work with to begin with like everyone else in the movie.

The core of the movie is a love story, but it is so unrealistic, the two lovers only meet twice and are prepared to run away together in a heartbeat. Not only that, but they have zero chemistry and you don't buy into their romance at all, sadly. It all felt rushed and the story-line and characters were sacrificed for what the movie was born out of; music. If Edgar Wright didn't hold such an emphases on this aspect of the movie, then maybe we, as an audience, could've had something to work with.

The movie was not only a love story but a story about a getaway driver who drives to music, but the music parts didn't mix well and sometimes I felt there was too much to the point where it ruined some of the scenes. The in-sync style that Edgar was trying to do in moments wasn't well crafted, no where near as well as the iconic in-sync moment in the third act of "Shaun of the Dead" when the characters are beating zombies in rhythm to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now", which was a highlight of the movie; there were no noteworthy moments equal to that scene in "Baby Driver" which is mind boggling. On a side and more nit-picky note; the music wasn't really my taste.

There were some scenes that just made absolutely no sense. Such as the scene when the characters have to go to a garage to pick up some untraceable arms for their next heist. These arms are being supplied by some dirty cops, but beforehand, you would've thought Kevin Spacey's character would've told them this as a man of complete detail, as shown in his intricate planning of the heists, but he doesn't bother to mention it which goes against his character; instead it's a moment used to further the plot even if it doesn't make sense logically. It's small and big things like this that took me right out of the movie and diminished all sense of authenticity.

The action sequences I thought were too choppy, especially the car chases, which lacked inspiration and creativity on Edgar's part and felt like they were out of a Bourne movie; the only well directed shots were the ones in the trailer. Going in I wanted something along the lines of "Drive", where there was intensity and high stakes while driving, but it was too light hearted and you knew they'd lose the cops, no problemo.

I acknowledge that some of you have said that this isn't a movie about serious characters, that we're supposed to connect with on a real and human level, but a fun movie to sit back, relax and enjoy with friends like any number of superhero movies nowadays. That it's not a serious movie meant to be taken seriously, I get that, but that part of the movie isn't even done well; if it had been then I would've enjoyed it a lot more.

At the end of the day, I look for movies with strong characters that I can connect with and authentic dialogue and a realistic plot, "Baby Driver" wasn't that. The characters were weak, the dialogue was weak and the plot was weak. It was a movie that relied too much on music to the point where nothing else was given a chance to breath and grow organically.
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Starts out great, falls apart halfway through
fb1237 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie had a lot of potential. It started out great, but it began to fall apart rapidly just after the halfway mark.

A more complicated plot could have developed, but the second half just seems rushed. The movie could have gone in several different and more fulfilling directions, but it went full cheese instead. Disappointing. It ends up being just a variation of "The Last Ride" (2004).


It's a given that being in debt to a crime boss means your debt will never really be cleared, so that's okay for a movie.

And you can suspend disbelief for driving physics and non-deploying airbags...


Doc sending the third crew to meet with arms dealers was totally unnecessary for the job they had the next day, because they already had all the equipment they needed, so that whole scene was forced just for a plot device.

Bats proved he was willing to kill for no reason, so there's really no reason he would have left Joe alive.

There is no way Buddy would have been able to escape all those cops swarming him downtown. Then Buddy shows up again later after getting shot in the chest. Superhuman villains in a non-superhero movie tend to ruin the whole thing.

Doc remaining in the place from where the heist was launched at risk of being caught for no reason (even though he knew it was botched) made no sense, just like his sudden change of heart in "helping" Baby made no sense.

Oh and Jon Bernthal is only in the movie for about 10 minutes, so not sure why he was given top billing, when he's pretty much just an extra with a couple of lines. Baby's deaf foster dad had more lines (sign language) than Bernthal, yet he's not considered a main character.
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Tries Hard To Be Stylish With Its Unorganic Indulgence.
umimelectric18 October 2017
I hate to be the guy who gives 5/10 stars to everything that looks nice but lacks in substance, but it would be tough to rate it any better or any worse, so I'm truly stuck in the middle.

I can certainly see why this movie has received praise from the audience it's meant for, but as some other reviews here have remarked, it's kind of a boring affair overall.

I can't deny the soundtrack, though, which is more enjoyable to me than the way Guardians of the Galaxy pt 2 seems to force its soundtrack in our faces. The way the music is used is impressive and fits naturally with events on screen, regardless of many of those events not being engaging enough to keep me from daydreaming about my personal life while the film plays on before me. The music hitting at the right time was really the only thing ripping me out of my own thoughts and back into the narrative.

Those who are excited by car chases, sunglasses, trendy styles & simple dialogue need apply. If you aren't into that stuff, then maybe the music will save you too.

5/10; will expect multiple sequels.
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They Tried Too Hard
bmadccp13 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
We get it, the kid has an eclectic taste in music. We all do. Despite a list of great actors, most of the scenes seemed far too "forced", like they were trying too hard to be edgy and hard core, in doing so many scenes came off as desperate.

The film has Wright's fingerprints all over it motion, movements synchronized with music, etc. But there was too much of it and I feel that it detracted from an already weak story.

Frankly, I'm both astounded and sadly not surprised that so many people are raving about this movie. It's an okay bit of escapism, but it's predictable and not at all compelling. Edgar Wright seemed to have tried too hard to make the point that Baby (the main character) was "different", edgy and innocent but somehow worldly - but despite what we learn about his mother, we actually know very little about WHY he may have ended up so ... special. And we may as well have discovered in the end that "Baby's" real name was Elvis instead of whatever forgettable name it was. The director really did evoke those Elvis-like qualities with the lead actor, I don't think that was an accident.

The other characters have little history or context for that matter as well. Rather than adding mystery to the film, this lack of context detracts from some otherwise well put together action scenes. Yeah, Kevin Spacey is a big-time crime guy - but we know nothing about him other than he wants to "partner" with a kid who once stole his car. That's odd to me...and disingenuous. And because I couldn't buy the forced dynamic that led Baby to be so trusted by his "boss", I had a hard time finishing this film to be honest.

The dialogue seems to have all been ripped from other movies - who talks like those people? The criminals all seem to have derived their inspiration and vocabulary from other criminal films in the past 20 years. The dynamic between Baby and his WAY too soon girlfriend (what makes this young lady so willing to run away with a kid she doesn't even know? Or is it all just that Elvis charm Baby exudes? This dynamic seems like a nod to a wannabe Bonnie and Clyde alternate reality.

Perhaps all of this nuance was what the director intended. Perhaps the genius that so many people seem to be seeing is just this "odd" feeling one gets while watching. Or maybe it's not some art-house masterpiece as Rolling Stone is touting it, Maybe it's just sort of a predictable and pedestrian delivery vehicle for an odd soundtrack.

But lots of people seem to like it, and there are some cute/funny moments. The chase scenes are good, but it feels as though Wright tried too hard with much of the dialogue and story elements.
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Little more than a mix tape with dull characters and clichés attached to it
I read an early tweet that described Baby Driver as 'a mix-tape with a film attached to it' and that proved to be an accurate comment. The tweeter may have thought this was a good thing, but I certainly don't.

Yes, there are some good tracks and the action sequences are elaborate and frenetic (a little too frenetic, actually), but the characters are dull, unlikeable and bear very little relation to the real world. I simply did not believe in them, especially Darling, the sassy, kick ass stock character that only a fool would consider to be a strong female character.

Then there's Baby, whose laconic, boyish demeanour makes him a rather uninspiring protagonist. His romance with Debbie, a cute little waitress, is yawn-inducingly clichéd, too.

If you want a stylish heist film that isn't so bloody try-hard, then watch Drive. It's an exercise of style over substance much like this film, but it has suspense, atmosphere and characters that could actually exist rather than blaring music, mind-numbing action and flat, hateful comic book characters.
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A film so in love with itself, it needs its own cinema seat
Deathstryke2 July 2017
"Baby Driver" is showy, cliché-ridden and irritatingly self-aware. It's like that yappy drama society kid at college who is so consciously trying to act cool by breaking into song, dancing around chairs, drumming on desks and spitting jokey one-liners with a hand pistol flourish....the kind of person a cynical SOB like me just wants to punch in the throat.

The central premise is about a young, good-at-heart kid forced into a life of crime in order to pay off a debt. The annoyingly slick, Abercrombie-faced "Baby" is not only the fastest getaway driver in Atlanta, we later find out he's also a self-taught music producer, dancer and talented free-runner...are you rolling your eyes yet?

The main mechanic, so lauded by critics, is that everything in the film revolves around music, from the editing to the dialogue. Since Baby is constantly plugged into his i-pod (so, we are told, to drown out tinnitus from a car accident which killed his parents), the film essentially plays like one giant music video, with nearly every gunshot, tire screech and sassy put down edited meticulously with the beats or riffs of whatever track is playing during the sequence.

Unfortunately for me, the songs didn't make what was happening on screen that much more interesting. While there are some splendid car chase sequences (too few in my book), one must endure cringey moments of Baby miming and dancing to James Brown, dull characters waxing poetic about song lyrics and saying cliché bull$hit like "Sometimes all I want to do is head west on the 20 in a car I can't afford with a plan I don't have". Everyone in the film is pretty, none of the gangsters really look like gangsters, least of all the Latina 'Darling', who can't even hold a gun convincingly and is just there to show cleavage and lick her lips at camera.

Imagine the most indulgent ideas from Guy Ritchie and Tarantino's trash bin channeled through a Justin Bieber video. Less style and even less substance.

There are no doubt people who will love it for being a showy piece of nonsense, and there is some entertaining, high impact action, but it's far from the genius some critics are praising it as. I saw it with a group of youngish people who all agreed it wasn't as good as they'd hoped and that some bits were just plain daft.

Leave your brain at home and perhaps you'll be rewarded...
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Vomit worthy
Ali Shali14 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the trailer and really wanted to like this movie. Who hasn't put some cool music on, put their ear pods in, and pretended their life was a couple times cooler than it really was?

But after about 10 minutes of watching, I felt nauseous at the thought of how something with so much potential, with such good intentions, managed to screw it up so royally?

The music part was a good idea - but at times it felt like it was washing out the plot and emotional connection to the action happening on screen. Like if the music wasn't there, I would just be looking at actors blinking at each other.

Then the fact that every baddie (the character's co-workers in the movie) seems an already over-done clichéd archetype. The sleazy couple we're boring to watch, Jamie Foxx just seemed pointless and aggravating, and the others were annoying.

The main guy (Ansel Elgort's character) seemed determined to take as much acting clues from Hayden Christensen's Anakin Skywalker. He spent most of the movie pouting and smirking which didn't help or damage anything. It just seemed like he was in the wrong movie - like we were accidentally looking at someone go about their day who's just waiting for their laundry to be done or something. He seemed like a nice guy, but kind of came across as an idiot.

Then onto his relationship with the girl. The guy literally sees some chick twice, exchanges a couple of minutes of conversation. Then he's shooting people for her, they're running away together, and she apparently has no problem taking part in car chases and attempting to kill people. The girl doesn't have enough lines to show any personality whatsoever and there is no sense-able connection between the characters - none. Not to mention the fact that after this 3-or-so day romance (at the climax of which) the dumb-ass lead goes to jail for a couple of years, during these years the girl apparently has no life of her own and is sat there waiting for him with open arms like it was just yesterday.

The least aggravating character in the whole movie was the old man he was looking after and even that seemed like it was somehow overdone, though I'd never seen it before.

Lastly, the guy's name is Baby. And boy, do they go on about it like they'd just discovered gravity. The young couple's longest conversation centers around the girl not being able to wrap her effing brain around the fact that the guy is called Baby - not because it's a really stupid name, no, apparently it's the best thing since tinned tuna. Because they're both music buffs and now they can ride around and listen to songs about Baby. (This was the point at which I pretty much wanted to claw my ears off.)

I really don't get it - how does this movie have a 8.3 rating? Am I in the wrong and missing something that's glaring everyone else in the face? I feel like it would not have been impossibly difficult to fix these faults and make a really good movie with this base - it feels like the final cut of Medellin in Entourage that the director refuses to change. Maybe I'm a cynic, but this movie blows.

That said - there were things that I liked. The pace was good, the modern-yet-vintage timeless feeling of the setting and generally anonymity of the setting that focused only on the story, the other characters besides the main guy (who would have done so much better with some better material), the diner motif, even the conversation wasn't completely terrible 100% of the time.
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Teenage boredom
andre310778-35-61416429 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw this in cinema. It seems to have been written with a teenage audience in mind that doesn't ask any questions, or has demands like story or character development or narrative flow and just buys the movie as is. IMDb rating of 8.6 at the time of writing this here... how...?

My gripe with this one. The love story overall felt flat and emotionless and awkwardly cheesy with matching dialogue. The shots fired in the shooting scenes were actually synchronised with the soundtrack playing, with that giving the movie a corny / cheesy feeling. Awkward and clichéd one liners, acting from teeny main leads wasn't believable at times. Car scenes were OK, hence 2 stars, the ending was drawn out, felt rushed and discombobulated. I didn't really care for any of the characters tbh, apart from Jamie Fox.

Overall this movie felt like watching a teenagers room. Everything was there just unorganised, messy and one doesn't quite know what to make of it...

Wouldn't recommend to watch it in cinema, wait for Netflix release or DVD. One time watch and quite forgettable, sadly.
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The Couchpotatoes17 October 2017
The only thing I can say for sure about Baby Driver is that this movie is highly overrated. It certainly doesn't deserve such a high rating as it does now on here. It's an easy to watch action movie but not the best one in this genre. The plot isn't difficult to understand and it isn't that bad either but the characters are what brings this movie down. Too much have-you-see-me characters just don't do any good to the movie. I really doubt criminals and bank robbers would act like they do before a heist. It would be for sure a disaster every time. Kevin Spacey is the big name in Baby Driver but don't watch this movie to see him in action. He did much better movies than this one. The rest of the cast can clearly act but it's just their ridiculous characters that makes this just an average action movie.
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The world is a computer simulation and this @ 8.3 is a FAULT
zeio-416 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This thing is getting similar ratings on IMDb and Rotten to HEAT for Christ's sake. HEAT? This movie was deeply flawed. I only stayed to the end to see how bad it could get - its MST3K riffable bad.

Its got a ton of plot holes. I almost want to pick it apart like I did Ghostbusters 2016. But I cant. Its not worth the energy. Please before going to pay for this in the theater think about if you would like a version of the already bad Furious type movies with even more plot holes, choreographing gun fights to music added in and fairly bad acting.

Music is fair. I mean, its just not that great. Foxx and Spacey don't lift and acting finger. The "villain" changes like 4 times.

And the best getaway driver is the one who never has to exceed the speed limit. This driver and his idiot crews get screwed every time into driving like maniacs from the police.

I don't want to pee on Ansel Elgort's parade. Its not his fault. But to be 95%/90% on rotten, and 8.3 here, and in the mid 80s on meta? Come ON. Movie tix are far too expensive to dupe people into seeing this. It does seem like the rating system is being rigged for this.

I wish Ansel well, and hope Ed Wright and the crew can put together better stuff but man, either this is the sign of the times or there is a fault in our reality simulator.

Heat and Ronin destroy a movie like this. If you think this movie deserves even half what say a movie like Heat or Ronin get you are mentally ill.
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Well Executed but Boring
Cacho10 July 2017
The execution and quality of the film making was great, but overall I quickly got bored watching this movie as none of the character's motivations seemed realistic or made sense to me. The action sequences were great, but didn't do anything especially unique or carry any suspenseful weight with the plot that I found myself yawning during much of it. Perhaps it needed more shocking gore.

The movie seemed to be a bit confused in its tone, mixing stylized violence with comedy and serious heist elements. It was set in a realistic world, but the characters and their motivations were not. It felt like it was trying to rekindle the essence of a Tarantino cool bad guy heist film like Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, but missed the mark. I found myself not believing the heist scenarios enough or having enough of a stake in them. It needed a stronger overall macguffin.

The use of Music was unique, but I would've have got more out of it if more obscure music was used, like what the GTA video game series does curating amazing forgotten B-side gems from famous artists.

I felt like Jamie Foxx's acting talent was a bit wasted, and the bland Atlanta backdrop seemed like a production budget restraint. I wonder what city was written in the original script? I doubt anyone writes for Atlanta. Rather than transporting us to a cool city that feels lived in and feels like a real location, this just felt like a boring block of downtown brick buildings to shoot car chases and shootouts in.

I love most of Edgar Wright's other films, so I'm not sure why this was so boring for me. It just didn't do anything new for me and will probably be forgotten from my film memory years from now.
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boring, unfunny, annoying
fatboymattyg29 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It is truly heartbreaking that not only is this the most financially successful films of one of the world's best filmmakers, and it is his worst.

Edgar Wright has crafted films that are funny, exciting, well paced, and emotionally resonant. Baby Driver is none of these things.

The gimmick of the editing got old by the time the title appeared on screen. There is a reason you don't edit an entire movie to music, especially one that is over 2 hours long. The worst part about it is that it's the only thing the movie has to offer because the characters suck.

Jamie Foxx ruined every scene he was in, Kevin Spacey played Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm was boring, his girlfriend was in a entirely different movie. Ansel Elgort was fine but his character was so bland, he had no foil, no flaws other than being a criminal, which wasn't really even something he wanted to do. Kevin Spacey threatens to kill his girlfriend unless he did another job, but then at the end sacrifices himself for no reason. Jon Bernthal should have been in the entire movie instead of Jamie foxx because: 1.he acted like a criminal 2. was actually funny and exaggerated without being annoying.

The movies tone is too serious and played to straight. Some of the lines come off as cringe because they are ridiculous but are played off as serious.If the movie was really goofy and all the characters were exaggerated stereotypes, but baby was the straight man who would recognize that what was happening was absurd. I think the movie attempted to do this but it fell soooo flat.

His relationship with his adoptive dad was so cringe and cliché and it made me wanna puke.

The music was very unmemorable and not mixed well with the sound effects. If the music is supposed to be the star of the show make it loud.

My favourite scenes are the ones with baby and his girlfriend, and the opening scene which is on YouTube for free.
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Don't believe the Hype
amacaluso-865325 July 2017
I may have been more generous with the rating I chose, however due to the overwhelming number of highly positive reviews, I feel that some brutal honesty is required here.

The main themes in most of the reviews I've stumbled across are that this movie has a refreshingly original story and that the car chase scenes were exceptional. Neither circumstance holds true. The story was as cut and dry as any in this genre and the car chase scenes were bland, boring, and made no sense to me. Compared to a movie like Drive, where the protagonist's backstory actually lends to his driving skills (stunt car driver, motorsports participant), in Baby Driver, we're supposed to believe that some kid somehow acquired exceptional getaway driver abilities because of...tinnitus? There is no connection here, not to me anyway. And as for the chase scenes, utterly boring and unoriginal. The cars were completely lame too. Taking Drive as a point of contention again, the cars in Drive even have some degree of backstory to make the seemingly unbelievable chase scenes more believable...upgraded chassis, suspension, and souped up engines. In Baby Driver, we're given nothing more than showroom stock grocery getters...not even the top end models of the cars were chosen to take on the challenges. It was just all around stupid to me and I was left disappointed.

OK so the soundtrack was good. But this is not Forrest Gump where a compelling, original story is amplified by a perfectly curated soundtrack. Instead, it's a collection of good music used in campy fashion. If what you're after is the soundtrack, get a Spotify account. Dollar for dollar you'll get a lot more out of it, I promise.
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The Coolest & Most Unique Film This Year
Calum Rhys29 June 2017
Edgar Wright remains one of my all-time favourite directors. Why? Because each and every film he crafts reeks of originality, he takes a few similar traits, throws them together, delves down a completely unexpected route and forms something unique, something masterful. From 'Shaun of the Dead' to 'Hot Fuzz' and so on and so forth, each film feels like something you think you've witnessed before, but on a whole new level, something fresh, something alluring, packed with adrenaline... and of course, 'Baby Driver' followed suit.

'Baby Driver' is an utterly engrossing caper-comedy that is (in my personal opinion) the finest film to face 2017 so far, I couldn't help but smile throughout, from the stunningly executed action scenes and stunts, through to the soundtrack (with an abundance of classic rock and soul tracks) and finally the heavily relatable characters. The lack of disappointment in Edgar Wright's work continues with this masterful film, which is ultimately also one of the coolest films of the past decade or so.

Many of the heist films of recent years have been rather disappointing when it comes to both story and technical achievement, however when something like 'Baby Driver' makes an appearance, it's refreshing to know that indie films are still taking this planet by storm and shunting the blockbusters out of the limelight. To know that certain production companies still trust the creativity of a director over the monetary expectations, and by doing so, unleashing a flurry of fantastic independently "driven" films.

I'm gonna finish with this (partially odd) statement / testimonial... when I went to sleep last night, I had odd dreams of car chases and stunt driving to rock classics, and that is thanks to this film, the fact that it stuck with me even when I wasn't fully conscious. That's how much of a damn cool film 'Baby Driver' is... just go watch it, just throw away your tickets to 'Transformers' and 'The Mummy' etc, and go see this instead.
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Weak, incoherent, boring.
info-994-20497013 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe this movie has an 8.1 IMDb rating at the time of my review! The characters are weak and the plot is nonexistent. This isn't a movie - it's a collections of scenes that do not quite mesh together to make it even remotely interesting. Despite all the action scenes, I was quickly bored. And it never got better - there was no plot twist, no interesting character development, nothing! Save your money and go be bored somewhere else, for free!
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I joined IMDb just to write this review
saintgermain-839259 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Someone else also used this summary and gave a glowing positive review so it just goes to show that two people can see the same movie and experience completely different emotions. Having read several pages of IMDb reviews I can see that I am in a massive minority of those who have posted .But as with everything in life.. that doesn't make the majority right and the minority wrong ....I mean look at Trump ...oh sorry he lost the popular vote as well so even the "majority " was wrong ... Anyway this movie is complete drivel and one of the worst of the last decade . I deeply resent the waste of expenditure on two movie tickets and the two hours torn from my life . The script must have been less than 4 pages of A4 if the directions were left out as there was almost no communication worthy of the name and no subtlety in character development whatsoever . The "plot" is ludicrous so that would be OK if it was supposed to be a farce or a fantasy but I fear it was intended to be neither of those two genres . And of course I should have anticipated that to be the case in view of the Director's puerile previous work .I somehow thought he might have grown up . Towards the end a car containing one of the villains Buddy , John Hamm ,who has already been shot, is pushed through a barrier in a multistorey car park and falls at least 4 stories to the ground outside landing on its roof .Less than a minute later Buddy ..completely uninjured by this catastrophic incident ..has emerged from the car and somehow regained the fourth floor to attack the sort of hero "Baby" . So I suppose I am the idiot for believing that excitement ,thrills ,tension needs some element of credibility. With literally dozens slaughtered by gunshot and farcical car stunt chases ...yawn yawn ..oh surely the movie goer cannot get a thrill from such action...?..seen it all before a hundred times ..boring boring . The only remaining content of the movie was the music : good but anyone can phone up to license the use of the creativity and skill of real artists so it doesn't exactly count as some sort of creative worth and a nice performance from Ansel Elgort as Baby. Every other major actor played an "I am only doing this for the money" wooden caricature .If you are assessing this movie before going please don't waste your money and time .
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Completely silly waste of time -- for teens and under ONLY, if that
Capybara293 July 2017
With all the hype over this movie, I had to come in here and try and be one little island of reason amidst the ocean of insanity. For the life of me, I cannot understand how it's getting any praise at all, let alone heaps of it. The premise/plot is colossally stupid, so it's check-your-brain-at-the-door stuff from the get-go. But even within those cartoonish parameters, there is not one interesting story element nor compelling character to be found. The movie is cliché after cliché. It has this one parlor trick, which surely you've heard about, where it often syncopates the (ridiculous) action with the music track. To which I reply, okay, fine. In no way do I see how this somehow elevates the terrible script and two-dimensional characters. At no point did I care about what happened to anyone. I hate to overuse simple descriptors like "dumb" or "pointless," but honestly, I can't use them enough about this movie. If I can save one over-13 person the waste of time, I will feel like a hero. Please save your money!
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Believe the hype
somf22 June 2017
Everything about the film is pretty much pitch perfect if you ask me. Lets start with the cars. I have not been a fan of Fast and Furious films, but the chase scenes in this film run circles around that series if a certain reality of the moves matters to you. This is more in line with Bullit,French Connection, and the Italian Job films as far as great chases.

The music, fun, simply fun. Songs from every decade of my lifetime.

Action best pure adrenaline action in years. You will be truly on the edge of your seat during much of the film.

Humor, what can I say, love Edgar Wright's humor and this is his best.

And oh what a cast! Loved every one of the leads performances. I think Ansel was a standout, but come on Jamie Foxx, Spacey, Hamm and the beautiful Lily James. And the other leading lady, Eiza Gonzalez, was unknown to me, but she was great with one terrific diner speech in particular. I was lucky enough to see this at an early screening in Denver. I will be seeing this in the theaters once again when it opens, and I very rarely watch movies more than once.

Sometimes when I see a review fawning over a film like this, I think troll. Best way to check that out is see how many films the reviewer has reviewed and rated. I have over 4,000 rated films here. Not a lot of tens either.Best film so far this year.
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Tedious, slow and ultimately moronic
headly6613 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This starts out like a 20 min music video with this kid singing and dancing through the streets, turns into a bank robber movie, then a dull love story, then into a free for all.

The amount of "instant police" in this is ridiculous, no matter where they run there is another cop. The supposed "brains" of the outfit hires total screw ups and maniacs to pull off the simplest robberies. At one point they go to get a ton of guns to rob a post office?? The whole premise is that the kid somehow owes Spacey money but when he pays up he is not allowed to get out. The ending is over the top stupid. The use of constant music is fun at first but becomes tedious.
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Am I missing something?
anabubric3 September 2017
I don't consider myself a movie expert or anything but I'd like to think I know a good movie when I see one, even if it's not exactly my cup of tea. Baby Driver was actually supposed to be. It had the potential to be a decent action movie but I was suspicious from the moment I saw it had 8.3 on here. I mean, what could have they done with this movie to deserve such a high rating? So, just in case, I lowered my expectations and, somehow, I still managed to be disappointed. Is it possible I am not seeing the originality and perfection of this movie that everyone keeps talking about?

Let's go over the good parts first. The soundtrack, of course. I was very pleased with the song choices and that alone has salvaged this movie from a tempting lower rating than 6/10. Then, the action. One could argue that is seemed forced in some cases, which is true, but overall, I can appreciate the bad-ass driving scenes and the well executed violent confrontations.

Now it's time for the cons. To begin with, I feel like this had the potential to be a great story and somehow it got boring before it even began. The relationship between Elgort's (Baby) and Spacey's (Doc) characters could have given some wind to the wings of this movie. Baby's past could have done the same. I swear, there are so many things which could have been used to make some sense out of the story and out of the characters, but they just didn't elaborate on anything well enough to interest the viewers. It's like they wanted this movie to be so many different things that they ended up with a little bit of everything which amounted to nothing much when put together. Onto the girl. I just don't find her character believable nor do I see any relevance of having her in the movie other that to slow down the pace of it. I could go on about all the things which were ridiculous about this love story, but then again, maybe I'm just too cynical to understand it. Next stop, Spacey and Foxx. Come. On. Guys. I adore both of them and I was hoping for either of them to be the highlight of this movie. They were not. It felt like Specey couldn't be bothered to deliver a good performance. I was half expecting him to keyser soze his way out of it and turn the whole thing around and there was even a perfect moment to do so. And then nothing. Foxx didn't do a bad job but this character of his was already used in Horrible bosses so I can't give him much credit for it.

The list really could go on for much longer. I don't expect movies like this to have relatable characters nor a reality based storyline, but I do expect a level of consistency, which is something this movie is lacking big time. I enjoy when a movie has more than one thing to offer but this whole "love story from a musical on one side and a serious, violent heist on the other", is just not working in a way I find interesting.
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Never done before, except too many times...
Cyberknight Masao Kawata12 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really don't know if this is a spoiler, as the way I get it, everybody is going to watch this film because of this "device": action on screen is synchronised with the soundtrack songs... And nobody have done that before... Oh, except they have, they even call it a name: "musical" (and not only the ones in which people stop talking to start singing, like "Singing in The Rain", but also those in which the music is a fundamental part of the story, like "Saturday Night Fever"...) And before that, there was something called "dance", but that's not the subject here. Of course, some could argue that it's a non-musical film with synchronised action to music... Once again, it's been done before, like the Diva's on-stage performance matching Leeloo's fight in a hotel room in "The Fifth Element", or the EVE and WALL-E open-space maneuvers in Pixar's "WALL-E"...

There are no twists (worth it, I mean), there is a granted happy ending (but then again, everybody could tell that from the trailer alone, that's no spoiler, really), and a bad guy (with a stupid name) to whom people should sympathise, except that he's too dumb for that.

The car chases are better than those from any of "The TransFormers" franchise, but I'm not sure it's a fair comparison (choreographed lame chases versus computer generated physical-laws-ignoring graphics...)

I have to say, I was really surprised to see such high rating on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Either they developed a much better voting bot, or people are getting way dumber than the films they are watching...
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If I wasn't with company I would have walked out
Dan Cole11 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
*This review contains spoilers*

Im genuinely unsure how this is being rated so high, nothing in the film is original, and it would sit quite well in the musical sing along section on.. Awful from start to end..

To start with barely any of the casting was a good choice. Casting Spacey was a huge mistake, while I couldn't fault his acting his script and role *literally* could have been lifted from his 2001 lead as Micky Rosa in '21' Why on earth he was he cast again for an identical part Im unsure.

Such classics like: Gone in 60 seconds, Drive, Transporter.. these have older,gritty more experienced actors as the lead role, this I understand. To have baby faced Ansel Elgort was the biggest negative thing for me.

For a character which has struggled with personal loss, is being forced to drive, even in emotional scenes, non of this shows, it only further emphasises his incompetence as for the lead role.

His whole role was cringe worthy, every that came out of his mouth was either poorly acted or sits well in a musical. Dire script. The opening scene set the scene for the whole film, I loved-up flick romance/musicale.

WIth regards to the driving aspect of the film, the whole thing is just shot for the purpose of product endorsement in a way which isn't noticeable or existent in genuine driving classics.

I literally can go on,the film try's to be funny but fails at every step, the fight scenes and choreography is basically ripped, the scene where Eiza González whips out her gun has been done a thousand times, and better, in other female roles such as Trinity in the Matrix or more notably by Angelina Jolie her films.

Heck it just feels nothing is original, just the usual Hollwood, I mean even the typography of 'Driver' is pretty much ripped from Ubisofts game franchise Driver.

Jon Hamm's death scene draaaaggggssss ooooon for a good 40 minutes, jeez its about as crass as a transformer action scene.

I cant write a review without mentioning the music, the music score is an integral part of any film, and is there to compliment, or to set the scene or emotion. Here the film is basically the music with actors signing and dancing along to it for 2 draining hours. Music score should compliment a film not be an overly in your face feature of the film. This is where the likes of Drive excels, incredible, how this is scoring higher is a phenomenon I don't understand

Wouldn't be surprised if there was an adaptation to Broadway where it should burn in its own awfulness.

Baby Driver coming as a singalong to your nearest cinema.

Maybe I'm being cynical and more critical of films these days, I mean the countless of 10* reviews leaves me in the minority here, but really; that was an appalling, unoriginal attempt of a driving film which I hope flops the test of time among genuine classics.
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Does not worth a dime
saar-teboul8 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Awful plot, unrealistic as hell, 2 pointless hours of my life disappeared.

You know when you drive up the highway and see a sign says "all you can eat in 5$" and you say to yourself, " it doesn't worth the toilet time after..." well it'll still be a better investment then buying a ticket to Baby Driver
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So much music very poorly integrated
Andres-Camara5 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It's one of the best-shot car movies I've seen in a long time. It is also very entertaining, although for the end it gets much worse. If you want to have fun watching well-shot races and not with infinite assembly plans this is the movie. I do not like it when it starts to explain things in the end, or how it becomes beautiful.

The actors are pretty good for an action movie.

What I do not like is that the music is very poorly integrated. There are times when you do vibrate with the music that sounds, but in the part of the film that is dedicated to explaining the songs and see that it is a short time, but I get a lot out of the movie.

I think he's trying to be too funny and he's superimposed. He is forced when Ansel tries to look great and that's enough for me.

It has a good picture, but it's not great. The outdoor part is too natural, it's not cinema

The address changes at times. Just like the races are very well shot, then for the end, it starts to roll based on a lot of editing and it spoils it. Do not bore the film, the other way around, it's entertaining, but it's not a great movie, it's a movie to entertain.

Enjoy the sequences of cars and forget about the rest
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Perfect blend of action, comedy, and a great soundtrack!
Andrew Marks24 May 2017
The film stars Ansel Elgort as the titular character in deep with some undesirables from the criminal underworld. To pay them back, he must use his driving skills to help with a number of heists. During all this, he becomes smitten with a waitress (Lily James) who makes him feel like he's more than just a criminal. He then decides to try and escape his life of crime, but he soon realizes that it's much easier said than done.

I must say, Edgar Wright did a fantastic job with this film. All the music fit so well in their respective scenes, combined with the great acting all around to make one of the most entertaining films I've seen in a long time.

Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, and Eiza González did their parts well and portrayed convincing mentally unstable killers. This is the first time Wright has worked with this much star power, specifically American star power. The actors played well off of each other, especially in scenes involving comedy where they nailed the punchlines.

The music was good, not all of it recognizable by the average viewer, but effective nonetheless. Supposedly Edgar Wright based the whole movie idea around the Baby Driver song by Simon & Garfunkel, which is an accomplishment all on it's own.

Baby Driver was paced well, was never boring, and made me want sit back down in my seat and watch it over again.

I wanted to keep this review kind of short, but I did want to give you enough information to hopefully convince you to go out and see this film if you get the chance.

My suggestion: Do yourself a favor, go enjoy a night out at the movies and go see Baby Driver!

Seen at a advance screening in Roseville, Minnesota.
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