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The best part is getting to hear both men talk about their art in exhaustive, almost fetishistic detail. If you're a classic movie buff, this is a must-see.
The New York Times
Curating a selection of the original interview recordings (whose sound quality is damn near pristine), Mr. Jones fashions an unfaltering encomium that's entirely free of the highfalutin monologues that might deter noncinephiles.
A fascinating film.
While the interview-driven documentary may not adhere to Hitchcock's cinematic ideal, it welcomes one and all into the medium's embrace.
Kent Jones's documentary take on François Truffaut's exhaustive career-survey 1966 interview with Alfred Hitchcock is an arresting précis, sharply edited and generous with its film clips - it's a smashing supplement to Truffaut's classic study.
Hitchcock is essential; Truffaut is essential; the book is essential; Kent Jones' Hitchcock/Truffaut is not quite so, but it's a very enjoyable appendix.
Hitchcock/Truffaut is a resourceful, illuminating and very welcome documentation both of filmmaking and the making of film history.
Hitchcock Truffaut is of undeniable appeal to those with even a passing interest in the history of cinema. There's nothing rarified about the air the project breathes, either - this features passionate people who have made their own iconic cinema talking about two giants of our film age with an enthusiasm which is infectious.
A buoyant tribute, even if the pedigree of the project implies something more paradigm-shifting.
Whatever you take from Hitchcock/Truffaut one thing is for sure: you'll be reaching for a copy of the book and a box set of thrillers at your earliest convenience.

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