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Finally, a movie more technically inept than Birdemic!

Author: ajira99 from United States
15 April 2016

I'm a fan of well-executed horror anthologies, especially the classic ones. I was hopeful for this attempt and I was willing to give it a chance (based on the other reviews). While I hate to be a naysayer and embrace negativity, I would truthfully grade this as a "C+" student film, at best. The only time a character showed any emotion instead of just reciting lines was during the third story. That just isn't good...

Film-making is (very) hard work and every director has a starting point, but compelling characters and/or a decent story can make up for many shortcomings, including poor special effects and slow pacing. While this movie attempts to tie together three "vignettes" in a meaningful way, it would have fared better if the director had just plagiarized a throwaway script from a Syfy-channel reject. Rule number for any film project should be to solicit feedback from outside your immediate peers -- that would probably help cut down on the rampancy of overused movie tropes.

All in all, this is a rather amateurish effort marred by clichéd dialogue, questionable casting choices, sloppy editing and poor cinematography.

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Comes across like a student project, but still decent

Author: nysalesman from New York
14 April 2016

This movie starts really bad. Everything about the first scene (and subsequent set-up scenes for the anthology stories) is bad. It has the worst acting and the worst production values. It must have been shot on an iPhone, because my home video camera takes better quality video than these scenes. The poorly written dialog, along with the poor production values, makes it nearly unwatchable.

I was about to give up on this movie after the first ten minutes. Then I remembered the other reviewers saying to stick it out. One even said that the bad acting and story was for a reason and it would all be clear by the end of the movie. So I stuck it out. I'm kind of glad that I did, because the first anthology story was actually pretty good and although the acting was still not that good, it was the best of the entire movie. Suffice it to say that the first story is sort of like the first paranormal activity film, but better and shorter. The second anthology story was decent, with the third being the least decent. Unlike the first scene and set-up scenes, the anthology stories actually had good production values.

The entire movie, however, never explained why the first scene (and subsequent set-up scenes) had the worst writing, the worst quality, and the worst acting. I'm taking a leap here, but this movie came across to me like a very well made student project. If I were attending film school and watched this as a final grade project, then I would say it was great. Otherwise, as a commercial film, it is entertaining enough to rate 5 stars.

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Cheap and doesn't make sense

Author: kosmasp
1 August 2016

Now the cheap part you can expect. Horror movies are made for many reasons. One is because you can achieve making them with little money and there is a big market for them. If you also put more than one story into your movie you are bound to attract a bigger crowd. The thing is, that the whole story does not make a lot of sense. Even when it tries to tie things up at the end.

It also doesn't help that you have people involved mostly that couldn't act if their life depended on it (and at least their characters life is depending on it, so fail). While it does have a couple of good scares and maybe a moment or two where it almost shines, the overall verdict is: Stay away from this. Doesn't mean that the filmmaker here may not be able to pull something off. Maybe his next movie, with better resources will show better results

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Spoilers follow ...

Author: Nigel P
21 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Anthology films are somewhat scarce recently, although 'Little Deaths (2011)' and 'ABCs of Death (2012)' have been the more notable exceptions. And so to 'The Hotel', which features three stories within a framing narrative concerning paranormal investigator Eddie Osbourne staking a hotel with his new videographer. It's worth pointing out that this strand features the least effective moments in the film.

The first tale concerns newlyweds Michael and Lana (Carson Nicely and Miranda Parham) moving into a house that appears to possess them. Nothing new in that, but it is played in engaging fashion by the two leads, and contains a few sinister moments before a weak ending. Retribution plays a part in the second piece, a Jason-like story about a bullied child dressing up as a clown and getting his own back on his childhood aggressors.

An astonishingly dim film crew of three decide to record a hoax documentary concerning 'Bigfoot', and actually record themselves creating fake footprints in the foliage! A real life cannibal, played by Rodney Osborne takes advantage of the three youngsters' stupidity by eating them …

… so it's no surprise to find that Eddie is himself a revealed to be a cannibal who has lured Will to the hotel in order to eat him – however, in a terrifically unexpected reveal, the killer clown from story two turns up for the finale. The message is that if you surround yourself with negative energy, it will soon consume you.

This is good fun, obviously filmed on a micro-budget, and contains a vein of dark humour that makes up for any acting/production short-falls. The camera turns away from any gore, but there are some frightening moments – the shadow man from story one, the physically intimidating clown from story two, for example. There is an abundance of atmospheric from Director/writer Derrick Granado.

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Are you supposed to laugh during a horror movie?

Author: Dylan Templar from Australia
25 April 2016

Honestly this movie can only be described as truly terrible. The abomination of horror films is what lies within.

I found myself laughing throughout the movie at the attempts to scare the audience.

I Really do not recommend this movie, and genuinely believe you'd find your time be better spent watching paint dry.

For a start, the acting wasn't particularly great. Admittedly some actors were better than others in this movie, but they were far and few between, and there was a lot to be desired. The poor cinematic techniques did not support the acting in anyway either. In some scenes, the shakiness of the camera, along with the shaky acting skills, made the movie feel rather amateurish. The lack of cinematic techniques and the inappropriate application of them, in my opinion, damaged any potential this movie had, where they may have been able to salvage it into a half decent movie if applied correctly.

The story line was rather scattered. There were 3 separate stories that were supposed to connect to a central theme. The stories didn't seem to logically connect together. I appreciate that they were trying to create something that was different from typical and overdone movies in the genre, but the execution was poor.

Just please don't waste your time on this movie.

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Surprisingly solid low-budget anthology

Author: moonmonday from United States
14 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film, also known as Hotel Death as it's shown on-screen, was surprisingly engaging and pulled me in. I hadn't heard of it before, and the lack of reviews only piqued my curiosity. I sat down to watch it, and I wasn't expecting to last too long before turning it off. The linking segments were a, somehow. I wasn't sure if it was low-budget aspirations not meeting their goals, or something else.

However, the first story segment really drew me in. It was creepy, scary, and effective. The second one was also pretty frightening and engaging. The weakest one was the last, but it was still eerie and unsettling. And then, it became clear that there was a reason to why the linking segments were so odd. It wasn't bad acting or low-budget anything, but instead something clearly planned.

Still, someone going into it without knowing that might judge it too quickly and too harshly, and that would be a shame. This is actually one of the better anthologies I've seen in years. It's no big-budget, big-effects extravaganza, but the acting was generally solid, the direction was capable, the sound was excellent (with soundtrack done in large part by Kevin MacLeod of the famous, and overall it was a really and truly enjoyable experience. It was the kind of horror film that is not only really scary, but one easy to believe in and set your preconceptions aside.

There were a few questions that weren't easily addressed, such as the Osborne character actually managing to make good for himself despite what we gradually learn about him. But that was easily enough handwaved. The third segment, though, was probably the weakest overall because of some questionable choices by some of the people in it. When a problem is obvious and the solution is pretty effortless, it's frustrating to see someone take the clearly wrong choice for no understandable reason.

But that's just quibbling over details. The effect of the film overall was a very positive one. I was truly interested in what went on, and I didn't find myself bored and skipping ahead like some films can make me do. This was just a plainly good film, and the writing was solid. It built suspense in a way that really made for tension and scary atmosphere. The stories were enjoyably frightening, and they overall tended to make good sense. There was a little fun dark humor in there too, which was more than welcome and not overdone.

I really recommend this one. If you haven't seen it, check it out! With friends, if you can. This is one that is bound to be fun in a group. Get it and keep it for October parties too! You'll have an enjoyable time.

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Far better than expected.

Author: Flow from Romania
14 April 2016

I've seen so many horrors, especially those underground ones, that's why I'm here, commenting on those poorly viewed or rated in order to straighten some things up. This one looked like so many before, another cheesy copycat of everything else ever made.. but wait!

Wait! Watch it till its very end, after about 40 minutes, when the first story ends you start to understand it. It actually has a nice plot to it, some good stories, not the best acting out there but the script is indeed a good one. I declare myself truly pleasantly surprised. I did enjoy this and even tho it is very unknown I will recommend it. If you are a horror junkie armed with a little patience, see this one. Most likely you will not be disappointed!


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