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Terrible all the way around

Author: Al Bullock
20 July 2016

This movie is absolutely horrific. From the acting, to the script, to the camera work. Obvious flaws in actor choices as well. Inconsistencies in the events that took place that were obvious oversights, were an insult one's intelligence. Completely non credible. I'm not sure what good a movie is, if you cannot be drawn in for the lack credible and convincing characters. No character build up, so you don't get a sense of relating to one character or another. The sets were also unconvincing, as you may see characters walking in a particular area, then the camera shows the higher vantage point and its obviously an entire different environment. The concept is good, but execution was poorly done.

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I don't even know where to begin

Author: MARSHALL_S from California
19 July 2016

This is one of the worst movies I have ever watched. The acting is so bad it borders between a high school talent show sketch and a bad after school special. There is very little character development and even less chemistry between the cast. The dialogue delivery is very awkward at times, and seems like they are reading their lines for the very first time. The pacing of the story is almost non existent, and what very little story intrigue is built, falls flat on poor editing and poorly cast characters. If you want to watch a similar genre movie, I would recommend Exists - a better movie based on this type of legend. I have no idea how this movie currently is a 6.4/10. Maybe the entire cast, crew, and studio had an IMDb voting party?

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Thankfully nothing like typical Hollyweird Sasquatch movies

Author: mysouthernart
25 August 2016

If you're looking for a Sasquatch movie with horny 20 somethings having sex in the woods while a big chested blonde runs thru the woods on 3 inch stilts with the tree limbs ripping her clothes off while being chased by a carnivorous sasauatch who eventually catches her and has lunch well thankfully this film is NOT for you....please refer to Hollyweird to find those immature jokes of movies...but if you want a good family oriented Sasquatch movie that is eerie in places while based on a true story than this movie is for gore...just one families creepy encounter with Something In The Woods....I highly recommend it!

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Something In the Woods DVD for Family viewing

Author: phantomsladydy from Grants Pass Oregon
8 October 2016

This film is based on a real reported event from 1960's. It concerns the events that happens in the woods around a family farm. It starts with a young boy seeing a strange hairy creature…and escalates from there. The film depicts the family's fear as they are drawn closer and closer to the creature when it starts hanging around their home. This film should be of interest to many, as Bigfoot is a popular subject in the current era. This one is suitable for Family viewing---and children would be interested in finding the answer to what is going to happen once the creature begins coming around the family farm house. Is the creature just "curious" about the inhabitants of the home, or does it want to hurt them? You'll have to decide for yourself, but which ever it is---it's creepy! It opens your mind to the possibilities of what MIGHT exist out in the dark spooky woods! The ending was a nice touch! So if your interested in Bigfoot, then buy the DVD or rent it---you'll likely enjoy it!

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Absolutely Epic

Author: Jason_Mansfield from United States
20 July 2016

Hollywood has run out of original content, it's that or the production studios are tired of taking risks on people with no names. So we get mediocre content, or worse... a reboot to a classic that should be left well enough alone.... Seriously we needed to remake Poltergeist?... I think not.

That is.....UNTIL NOW! Along comes Something in the Woods. Thank goodness for Indie Film Makers!

Rare these days are movies with heart, with passion and most of all original content. That is about to change. Recently I met up with the Directors of Something in the Woods as they let us have a sneak peek at their film. I can sum it up in one word... WOW!

A blending of real life reports, great story telling, throw in some action and suspense and you roll it all into a Family Friendly movie...... ABSOLUTELY EPIC!

Jason Mansfield ~ ParaPalooza.Com - Binary Entertainment

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Low-budget Presentation Highlighted by Effective Creepiness

Author: saintlouis-lp
21 July 2016

The efforts here are to be applauded as it is a massive undertaking to produce a feature film so any persons venturing in such an endeavor should be commended. It is the independent film-making spirit which runs abound in this film as the filmmakers here show enthusiasm in the telling of a Bigfoot story inspired by actual events. However, the production value falls to some of the trappings that come with low-budget production. These flaws can easily be overlooked due to the genuine creepiness and dread felt during the creature scenes. The family element was well conveyed. I appreciate a director pushing for scares without relying on cheap jump scares or gratuitous gore. The independent spirit here is inspiring.

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A Good Movie

Author: Hawk20011 from Canada
27 July 2016

Horror/thriller movies have become clichéd, using the same old scare tactics. This movie nicely breaks that tradition.

Just when you think something is doesn't.

As the movie goes on you realize that there isn't going to be much foreshadowing and it just is what it is.

That's not to say the movie is disappointing because it isn't at all. It's more like real life without the plots twists and surprise endings that Hollywood insists on psyching us out with.

Watching this movie was like a return back to the simpler, more straight forward movies that you saw a few decades ago.

It was refreshing to see a movie filled with decent people, promoting Christian values, and also at the same time get the thrills and chills of a suspense movie.

I hope to see many more movies like this in the future. Nowadays, Hollywood movies are a minefield of twisted values that are generally unsafe for family viewing unless adults preview them first. This movie, while suspenseful and at times a little scary, is safe to watch.

Some of the acting was a little forced, and was hard to swallow. The main character's acting was fine. Other than that, I would have given the movie a high 9.

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Family Friendly, Inspired by Actual Events

Author: Michael Turkett
18 July 2016

This inspired-by-actual-events movie is one of the best Bigfoot movies ever made. The Bigfoot community has been waiting for a film like this and this one delivers! A family-friendly movie with just enough scares to get the job done, as well as communicating the everyday life of the characters and what it would be like to have these events happen to us the viewers, creep factors and all. David Ford and company have put together an experience that Bigfoot enthusiasts and families alike will enjoy. Something in the Woods is a film that ALL movies of this genre should aspire to be like! Great job to the actors (I met several of these men last year, and they believe in one another, the subject matter and in putting together a quality product), and to the production team. Highly recommend!

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Great Indie Flick

Author: David D. Ford ( from United States
19 July 2016

This is a great indie flick for Bigfoot enthusiast who want to watch a movie based on actual research and a story that is inspired by actual events. Most Bigfoot films are horror films that have nothing to do with real stories or research so this little indie film is the exception to the rule. It is also PG so the whole family can enjoy it. If you are wanting a horror film with blood and gore then this is not for you. We made this movie because there are no other films like this, which are PG family thrillers inspired by actual events. We didn't have a large budget for this film but it shows what a small group of filmmakers can do with nothing. Take it for what it is, a good little indie flick with a creepy plot.

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Refreshing change from all the Hollywood crap

Author: John Cheavers from United States
19 July 2016

I really enjoyed this film. Sure, the acting is not great, but I thought the story was really good. Give it a watch if you are interested in a good old fashion thriller with a strong sense of Christian family values. I thought the film's maker's did a really good job of creating an exciting movie without resorting to the lame and tiresome Hollywood recipe of over the top violence and vulgar language. I really liked the camera work too. I just can't stand movies that overuse the shaky hand held camera effects and the quick flashy camera angle changes. Something in the Woods had a nice smooth feel to it and I thought they did a good job of capturing the feel of a late 60's or early 70's era time period. I felt good after watching the movie, unlike a lot of the Hollywood crap that I've seen lately that makes me feel I've just had my brain lobotomized.

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