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Krasinski appears to know exactly the kind of movie he's making, elevating familiar material to a level that feels real and bittersweet.
John Krasinski, as actor and director, tackles the most clichéd genre in the movie business - the dysfunctional family dramedy. The big difference is he pulls it off with uncommon humor and compassion.
Strouse's deft script and Krasinki's game direction upend a host of familiar moments in ways that are fresh and unexpected - if sometimes overly broad. The terrific cast doesn't hurt.
It's not that [Krasinski] fails, or that his film isn't desperately charming as it goes about its business, but this is very familiar American indie territory, and The Hollars stops well short of innovation.
Krasinki's film remains resolutely resistant to surprise in style or story terms.
This one is straight out of the old-school Sundance manual. Still, there's enough warmth, humor and heart in the very slick package, not to mention a gaggle of accomplished and well-cast actors.
The New York Times
Too much happens too quickly in The Hollars for the story to be credible, but the film has some likable qualities, among them the fun of seeing actors in unexpected roles.
John Krasinski's second feature has such a milquetoast, melancholy-indie sound that its most arresting and dynamic musical moment comes when three characters unexpectedly break into “Closer To Fine” by the Indigo Girls.
A mawkish family comedy, intent to please, The Hollars plays like an extended sitcom.
A gooey morass of indie-movie clichés, the wacky-family dramedy The Hollars marks yet another egregiously cutesy attempt to rekindle that “Garden State” magic.

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