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The true horror of The Other Side of the Door is that Maria, too, has kicked off a vicious cycle of unnatural destruction, as the movie makes clear in its hard-hitting final punchline.
A solid haunting-possession movie with good character work and unusual local colour, this works in a few surprises, sufficient scares and a nicely barbed punchline.
There are no prizes for guessing what happens, but it's a smart scary movie that relies on atmosphere and characterisation - not just jump-scares - for its effect.
With its measured pacing, focus on family and repurposing of familiar horror conventions, the film represents a rather adult offering that can't manage any memorable frights until well into the first hour of running time.
Effective performances by the principals are unable to surmount the movie's many cliches, although the actors render them more endurable. A more evocative title for this Hindu Gothic might be: "Mommies Shouldn't Play With Dead Things."
To her credit, Callies has an accessible presence and tries to provide more pathos and humanity than were supplied on the page, even as her character makes increasingly idiotic decisions in the name of parental love.
A few frights pay off, but most don't. The performances are TV-series flat - designed for close-ups.
Mothers will do anything for their children, but this film's simplistic brand of horror never makes that devotion compelling or frightening.
The type of sporadically silly and patently predictable horror pic that would look like filler on Syfy's weekend lineup, The Other Side of the Door brings virtually nothing new to the supernatural genre.
The filmmakers are more concerned with shock-cuts, loud bangs, and creating Indian characters that are either servants or monsters, than with pushing the genre forward into satisfyingly visceral or psychological territory.

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