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You'll Spend Most Of The Movie Waiting For Something To Happen

Author: HorrorOverEverything from United States
29 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Four teenagers (some of the oldest teenagers in the world) venture into the inner city for a night of fun at a sketchy night club, after one of them goes missing the rest of the group goes looking for their missing friend by using the "Find My phone" app to pin point her whereabouts. Obviously things go wrong and they end up going to a house belonging to psychopaths. It's a very generic set up for a very generic low budget horror movie.

So yeah this movie is pretty bad but it isn't just a bad movie, it is also kind of odd as well (not in a good way). The way the characters act is just so off and unrealistic, and it's not the usual kind of dumb things you see in horror movies that are used to further the story or set up a kill, it's just a lot of random actions done by the characters that don't really have anything to do with the story and have no purpose at all. The actors reactions to things were strange as well, it almost felt like some characters were taken out of a Disney sitcom and transferred them into a Horror Movie.

The whole pacing of the film was pretty awful as well, it takes about fifty five minutes for anything to really happen, and even then it's just twenty minutes of the main characters running around the house trying to avoid the killers. There are some kills but none of them are anything special, very basic effects and a relatively small amount of gore. As the movie neared it's end I started getting anxious for it to be over because it was just so stale and boring.

I knew not to expect much when I decided to watch this movie, however I was still disappointed, it's just another cliché ridden horror movie and we didn't even get a high body count or a bloodbath.

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Why was this ever made?

Author: davidlundgren-80247 from sweden
30 October 2016

Im just writing this as a warning to other viewers out there do not waste your time on this incredible piece of space waste. From the start the story line fails to be convincing and it just gets thinner as the movie stumbles forward. Sigh, the lousy generic inexpressive electronic dance music complete works as a great soundtrack to this preposterously boring movie. I'm glad i did not watch it sober anyway...when my girlfriend who had fallen asleep during this torture asked me how it ended when i woke up, my kind of good mood flew out the window, because i actually had forgotten about the whole 82 minutes and it just came back to me, the incredibly dumb and unrealistic ways the actors reacts to stuff happening in the movie, the lousy music, the boring setting, the missing logic everywhere. The actors should as soon as possible (if they have not already) quit their jobs and go beg to flip burgers or whatever. This was a catastrophe. face palm. Sigh. Please dear production company, don't make more movies, get a new start in your lives, start a cleaning company or something useful. Cause you actually don't know how to entertain, Have you ever watched movies at all? do you guys know what plots, storytelling, acting and logic means? Im so furious that people like you actually has enough time and money to fart out this nonsense, that is so damn hard to cope with...and the facts that you don't have an all awful review just breaks my heart and i have lost my faith in humanity decades ago but this is the dot over the i.

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Great start but the rest is junk

Author: causednomad from Turkey
1 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After the first few minutes (right until the opening credits), I actually called my wife to "come and not miss this one because it seems great". Fortunately for her, she did not have time.

The build up with the annoying and extremely shallow teenage characters is just too long and it is almost impossible to empathize with any of them. So you will be indifferent (if not happy), when they are being murdered. That is if you can follow the scenes and figure out who is hitting whom with what.

In conclusion, all you will find in this one is poor writing and poor direction. I would not recommend this to anyone at all. 3 stars just for the opening sequence.

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A serviceable entry in suburban horror

Author: misterdarwin24
16 November 2016

NOTE: I was given a screener copy of this film for the Dark Discussions Podcast.

Reverse home invasion films seem to be a thing this year. Films like Intruders and Don't Breathe tell tales of people breaking into the homes only to find something horrible waiting for them. I am sure there is something significant in that.

Unlike those other films, in which our protagonists are criminals trapped by bigger threats, Jess (Kirby Bliss Blanton), Logan (James Landry Hebert) and Miles (Alex Shaffer) are relative innocents drawn into a spider's web spun by the suburban equivalent of TCM's sawyer family.

How effective you find the film will likely depend on how much empathy you have for the teenage characters (Jess is about to graduate High School), who mostly act like teenage characters; in search of a good time, they lie to their parents, experiment with drugs, cheat on each other, and spend too much time on their phones. It is telling that the characters spend much of the film looking for Jess's phone, with little concern over the fate of their new friend Kim, who vanished along with it. Still, in a genre that is still grappling with how to deal with new technology in old tropes, using the phone as bait to draw in victims is inspired.

The film is a slow burn - though only 82 minutes long, more than half of that is spent leading up to the confrontation between Jess's friends and their would-be abductors. Once they arrive at the death trap that is the antagonist's home, there is still much Scooby Doo style investigation that takes place before Daddy gets home. Much of the action in the house is confusing, and I never got a handle on it's layout, but I suspect that was the director's intent.

Once the action does take place, I found the violence to be more authentic than stylish, with a few moments of good practical gore, and I rather liked the Phantom of the Opera tension between Jess and Edward.

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Author: Pammy1 from United States
6 November 2016

Not the greatest directing so that made the acting not so great and the dialogue was awful, the ending summed up my feelings after watching the movie which was really, that's just stupid. This is the type of movie you watch with a group of like minded people and basically you talk the the entire movie about how bad it is, it's not even B movie bad or a cult movie bad, it's just bad. And the actors looked to close in age to be the parents of the so called high school students they almost looked the same age. I still don't get the "we can't get out of the house" smh or the make sure the person that is trying to kill you is either dead or they can't walk etc,and take a weapon and oh yeah the keys so you can unlock the doors and get out of the extremely raggedy house you are in

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Not a good one

Author: KiloOne from Br
6 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Cliché as hell (but that's not really the problem, the story and beginning was OK to be set for a good disposable title.)... nothing new, bad scripting people that know how to scrip don't make the victim characters knock-out the enemies and have them walking away after which is what literally happens 2-3 times... after you down someone who's trying to kill you, bash their head with whatever you can find so they don't get up later and freaking kill you!(or at least bind them) besides that the mom character and Ed's girlfriend are pretty useless in the movie very bad usage of them, Miles was the typical ''funny'' guy and it works for the most part but later when things get rough he turns to be very dumb and his sister ends up being bad-ass she clearly one-shots Ed but for some reason when the movie could have just ended and it would've been kind of an OK disposable movie but the guy who was supposedly dead shows up and ruins everything. And what about the dad and his gear ? he's clearly not a doctor to live in that ***thole.

The good things i find in this movie are the humour with the new age of internet it's enjoyable,Eds visual and his room and the first half of the movie that does a good job keeping you entertained with corny jokes and typical teen things, but again it falls when hell breaks loose on your protagonists and you start to notice many script/screenplay flaws.

Directors have to stop making crappy movies like this with many plot holes and flaws this isn't the beginning of slasher/terror films like F13th or Halloween where people accept it because they're classics , don't get me wrong here but i love bad slasher movies and this was OK for me but anyone who's not like me and has a critical nature will have wasted their time ... i don't know how many bad movies of this genre i watched that have the same flaws and plot-holes like it's copying corny aspects of classics from 30 years ago, you can still make movies like this but without having clear holes/flaws that could have easily been taken out with a review, ''You're next'' is a clear example of that.

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Stupid movie

Author: ladybug-28652 from United States
16 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't waste your time watching this. There was absolutely no ending to the movie. They want ten lines in order to post this, but the movie was so stupid and boring that I don't have ten lines to even give. So what to do what to do except to repeat myself , save yourself that time it will absolutely be time you can not get back so move on and watch some thing else. This movie is bad and stupid , this movie is bad and stupid. Just trying to get to the stupid 10 line minimum . I have eight only two more lines to write so I can submit this. Don't waste your time watching this movie. Trust me you will thank me. Even this ten line minimum is stupid , it sure is time I will never get back

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