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Didn't live up to my expectations, give this one a pass.

Author: awesomeiyan from Canada
9 August 2016

Dishoom was a movie I was looking forward to since June. I thought it would be a entertaining masala movie. But this film was very disappointing because the movie falls flat and is very rushed. It needed crisper story telling and the characters just show up and do not have a background at all and they all seem very forced considering it's 120 min run-time. Apart from the negatives, this film does have positives the action sequences are simply breathtaking and outstanding. It's fast paced and adrenaline rush type of feeling you get keeps you engaged. It has a well-written first half but another negative the second half! It is very dumb and boring that it has a thousand type of endings because of the plot holes. Speaking about the ending itself, it is very rushed and does not end well.

The performances, John-Varun's chemistry is very good. John Abraham is not as good as expected he was OK I guess. Varun Dhawan is pretty good to be honest his take on Junaid is very fun to watch. Jacqueline Fernandez one of my favorite actresses is wasted but not bad. Saqib Saleem is decent. Akshaye Khanna though makes an awesome comeback I loved his performance in here and was disappointed that he did not have much screen time he is a very underrated actor. The guest appearances. Akshay Kumar is a delight to watch along with Vijay Raaz. Nargis Fakhri is MEH! Parineeti Chopra is also meh...

The story is well-written for the first half but is bad in the second.

The action sequences are awesome the cinematography for it is done amazingly especially the helicopter sequence. The locations chosen were also pretty great.

The music is really good Sau Tarah Ke is a song I've been listening to on a loop and it is one of the best party song of the year! Love it. Toh Dishoom is a song that will get you up and has a good beat and is very catchy. Jaaneman Aah is decent.

Overall, Dishoom is entertaining in parts and has amazing action sequences, could have been longer at least 135 min approx. But it is an average movie and forgettable by a week. I will give it a 5/10 the percent will be 60% and the grade will be C-.

Thank you so much for reading my review on this outdated sound effect but note to self: Not one Dishoom was heard in this movie!

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Author: neilp2012 from Singapore
31 July 2016

The review for this movie can easily be summarized in one word thrash.

The writing was uninspired and really didn't even make sense. It's like the writers were more focused on trying to fit in as many clichés as possible and not on an actual story. With the first half an hour you'll lose count of the number of clichés you've seen. There are so many clichés that you will cringe all the way through.

Apart from John Abrham the acting was not good. John Abraham managed to capture all that could be caught of his character but the other actors in this film showed that they only know how to do one thing and that is overacting.

This film's music was repetitive to the point in got annoying.

Honestly this film is a borderline human rights violation, watching it felt like torture. Oh and when at the start when it says, "no animals were harmed in the making of this film" that statement is very hard to believe when you lions chains. The purpose of the lions in the scene also didn't really make sense and just left you wondering what was the point of torturing those poor animals.

If I could I would give this movie 0

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An Average Show. ♦ Grade D+

Author: Tejas Nair from the Entertainment Capital of India
29 July 2016

This adventure has some good action for fans of that genre, but it seems logic wasn't invited.

When a popular Indian cricketer is kidnapped by an unknown assailant, the government sends Kabir (Abraham), a no-nonsense, disobedient, and beasty special ops officer, to Abu Dhabi to salvage the situation. He teams up with Junaid (Dhawan), a fledgling cop with a comic nerve. Together, they trace the cricketer's last known whereabouts, which becomes the foundation of the story.

The first ten minutes will intrigue anyone who is interested in thrillers, but Kabir's entry with the arrogant, to-the-work attitude plays with our patience. To add to the annoyance comes Junaid in his perpetually oversmart air, trying to find humor in every effing thing around him. The narrative throws in characters and special appearances like that malfunctioning automatic tennis ball thrower which does not stop at all. We have Akshay Kumar playing a homosexual man who wants to see the protagonists in their unmentionables, Jacqueline Fernandez who plays a small-time, identity-stealing thief, Rahul Dev as a left hand guy, and finally Akshaye Khanna in a role that he portrays quite smoothly. Be that as it may, the character thrower does not stop even towards the end. And over everything, everyone in Abu Dhabi seem to understand and be able to converse in Hindi.

Dishoom is just another of the mindless action comedies that rely on the lead actors' muscles and lead actresses' clefts; why else would they cast Nargis Fakhri in a 20-second role? There are a couple of twists and turns towards the second half which has the ability to keep the audience partially hooked. However, at the end of the whole charade, one WILL ask if it was worth it. And the answer will most probably be on the negative.

Abraham does what he does best: showcasing of his fit bod. Dhawan complements him, but in addition, tries very hard to be funny. It was great to see both Dev and Khanna after a very long time. They both do a fine job. Had no expectations from the actresses because all they do nowadays in male-centric films is flash their assets and laugh at their male co-stars' jokes.

The writing is stale, but the execution is what I have given four stars here for. Some good locations were chosen and some good angles in the photography. Overall, it's just an afternoon watch on Netflix six months from now.

BOTTOM LINE: Rohit Dhawan's Dishoom is a rundown action film where the unintended humor wreaks havoc with the story flow, which is not that great in the first place. Wait for TV premiere!

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

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Worst film ever

Author: astrokirkman from Mumbai
28 July 2016

Watched it. Wish I had walked out. 1 star is too generous for this movie. Saddens me. Bollywood takes a few more steps back.

Varun is OK. John is a bad actor. Jacqueline was only good in Roy. In this film she is terrible Akshaye Khanna is good. Akshay Kumar cameo is nothing to write home about.

Disappointing from Rohit Dhawan. His first film Desi Boyz was bad but sad to say this is much worse. No evolution at all.

Another buddy cop film. But buddy cop genre is tough. Needs excellent screenplay and direction. Unfortunately both missing. 1/10

David Dhawan's earlier films were a lot more progressive than this regressive 2016 film.

Sajid Nadiadwala will lose his equity with films like Housefull, Dishoom and the upcoming Flying Jatt.

I don't recommend to watch this movie to anyone but recommend skipping it totally

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Face Paced Drama!

Author: prateekhemdev from India
18 November 2016

The trailer of the movie did not create high expectations as it looked like a typical Bollywood action drama with John and Varun as these good looking cops. The movie actually was a pleasant surprise with catchy songs and sharp direction. Debutante Rohit Dhawan has done a great job by not wasting time and to the point story telling. John as an actor has not evolved a bit with his nice physique and poker face his performance is average. Jacqueline also is in her comfort zone doing the same poor performance. But, Varun has taken a lot of efforts to improve which can be seen in his chemistry with John. The exotic locations and Rahul Dev add some spice to the screenplay. Wagah played by Akshay Khanna is a total disappointment and in negative role evokes pity than fear. The overall experience was average and I would go with 7/10 for the efforts of Varun and Rahul Dev.

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Author: nama chakravorty from India
1 August 2016

The Buddy-Cop genre hasn't been a regular in Hindi movies, but with 'Dishoom', it somewhat makes a comeback. Though the film isn't as fun as it should've been, its fast-pace & grand visuals make for up for it. Well, almost.

'Dishoom' Synopsis: When India's top batsman Viraj Sharma (Saqib Saleem) goes missing in Middle East, two cops Kabir Shergill (John Abraham) and Junaid Ansari (Varun Dhawan) from either side of Arabian Sea must team up for a 36-hours man-hunt before the final match between India and Pakistan.

'Dishoom' is fast-paced & always on the point. And that's its biggest strength. Its minus, however, is that there is no soul here. No, I wasn't expecting a soulful experience, but 'Dishoom' is just chew your popcorn entertainment. The first-hour runs on a rocket-speed & the camaraderie between its two leading-men, is fun to watch. Its the second-hour, where the pace drops. The journey to find the celebrated batsman is dragged for long & even the crispness wears you off. In short, 'Dishoom' has a winning first-hour, but a disappointing second.

Hussain Dalal's Screenplay tackles the buddy-cop genre & runs on a fast-speed, but is not up-to the mark post-interval. The Writing needed to be crisper. Rohit Dhawan's Direction is decent. Ayananka Bose's Cinematography is marvelous. 'Dishoom' is a visual delight & the ace cinematographer, nails every frame. Editing is sharp. Art & Costume Design are excellent. Action-Sequences are ably executed. Background Score is super. Songs are good.

Performance-Wise: John & Varun work well together. John dominates on his huge personality, while Varun oozes energy. But its Akshaye Khanna who steals the show. As the menacing bookie, Khanna stages a comeback & chews on the scenery. Jacqueline Fernandez looks stunning & delivers fairly. Saqib Saleem is decent. Rahul Dev is first-rate. In Cameos, Akshay Kumar is a riot & brings the house down. Vijay Raaz excels.

On the whole, 'Dishoom' is, at best, a one-time watch.

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Rohit Dhawan misses the bus again !!

Author: Akshay Kumar (akshay-ak-kumar) from Bangalore, India
20 August 2016

Rohit Dhawan needs to learn a couple of tricks from is successful director dad David Dhawan.

David who created his brand of comedy in the 90s with Govinda and Salman Khan ensured that his films were never boring and always maintained a balance between both halves.

Desi Boyz had an excellent idea but poor execution making it boring. With Dishoom, he makes good progress but again the curse of 2nd half strikes making the overall product neither good nor bad.

Dishoom starts extremely well. A leading cricketer is kidnapped and the Indian & UAE Govt has 48 hours to find him before the final. The Indian Foreign Minister sends John Abraham, a no nonsense cop to solve the case and he takes Varun Dhawan as his partner who cannot even find a missing dog. And joining them is Jacqueline, a thief in the hunt.

The 1st half is superb and I'm not kidding. Rohit beautifully tells parallel stories, one of the two cops going in search of clues and the other what happened to the cricketer. There are some good twists and the entry of Akshaye Khanna takes the movie to another level.

However, the 2nd half is bad to say the least. After interval, Rohit and his writers lose the plot and the movie becomes average. In the hunt of more clues, the heroes end up doing stupid things and I was left bewildered.

The climax could have saved the film but again the heroes beat the cricketer and somehow the cricketer has all the strength and with broken bones goes on to play the finals. Wow.

However, there are good things in the movie. John Abraham is nice playing the tough cop while Khanna in spite of the poorly written character plays the villain deliciously. Jacqueline is the beauty show piece.

And then there are two brilliant comedy sequences which will leave you to splits. One where Satish Kaushik calls Varun as prospective father in law and Akshay Kumar as a homosexual man. Kumar is simply brilliant and I bet you can't stop laughing when he delivers one after another cheesy dialogues.

However, this is a Varun Dhawan film. And boy he delivers in style. When he is on screen, the movie lights up.

There is only song in the movie which is good and Rohit is smart to keep the pace fast and movie short.

A time pass film.

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Not a strong enough Dishoom, Akshaye Khanna's part disappointed me

Author: Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar from Pakur, Jharkhand, India
4 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The only hope I had with Dishoom was Akshaye Khanna. This was supposed to be his comeback film and I was looking forward to the kind of presence he had in some of his previous films, especially Humraaz, as he had a negative role in that one. Alas! All my hopes were deflated. Except a few mildly strong one-liners, Khanna has nothing substantial to do in Dishoom despite being the film's main antagonist. He has no action or fight scenes with the film's two main leads, John Abraham and Varun Dhawan, maybe because two brawny hulks like Abraham and Dhawan beating up an actor like Khanna (who, I think, still has some credibility because of some of his films in the past) would have been terribly unwatchable. Dishoom, I felt, was saved by just two people: Varun Dhawan, and Akshay Kumar in a special appearance. Varun Dhawan repeats his cute-and-naughty-boy-next-door act from Main Tera Hero and Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and, trust me, he just excels in it. The entire film is tolerable only because of Varun Dhawan. His cherubic smile, his comic timing, everything added up to create an endearing character that made me smile even as I walked out of the multiplex thinking of Dhawan's character while everyone else had vanished from my mind. As for Akshay Kumar's special appearance, I wonder if his playing a gay character is a progressive step for Bollywood. Whatever, Akshay Kumar just charmed me. I wonder if Dishoom intends to be a gay-friendly film, because there are enough eye candies on offer: John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Saqib Saleem, Rahul Dev, Tarun Khanna, Akshaye Khanna (if one seeks intellectual/mature-looking studs), and Akshay Kumar and his all-male harem as well. As for the rest of the film, the story is, obviously, forgettable and does not demand much thinking or logic. I hope this is not a spoiler: A bulldog plays an important role in the film. There are few good action and chase sequences (but nothing that we have not seen before) coupled with a thumping background score which also includes portions from that catchy song "Sau tarah ke rog le loon", and a Houdini-like act involving dislocation of one's shoulder. Other than that, there is a loud jingoism of the cricket kind. And other than that, and other than Varun Dhawan, there is Satish Kaushik doing a terrific cameo as a voice on phone (the kind of cameo that Bharati Acharekar did in Ritesh Batra's The Lunchbox➖and she too was fabulous in it). Check that out.

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A buddy-cop movie that has its pros and cons. Music will keep you engaged throughout the film

Author: oazam
1 August 2016

Varun Dhawan will keep you to the edge of your seat with his comedic performance as a cop. The action sequences were executed perfectly just like the helicopter scene. If you're a fan of pure 1990 masala entertainment, then this is definitely a film for you which has a mixture of action and comedy. Pritam has successfully delivered good energetic music and would want to make you stay for more during the film just like Sau Tarah Ke. It makes sense that since this is Rohit Dhawan's second film and they put a song from Desi Boyz called Subha Hona Na De in a remix version. Akshay Kumar in his cameo appearance role made it bearable as well as Nargis Fakhri and Parineeti Chopra. Akshaye Khanna's comeback was outstanding. You would want to stick for more because of him the way he plays the role as the kidnapper of Viraj Sharma, played by Saqib Saleem who also played his role really well. Despite its pros, lets get to the cons. After Welcome Back, I lost hope in John Abraham although Rocky Handsome was bearable. This time his role was below average. He was too dark and very quiet at times during the film. Jacqueline Fernandez was average during 1st half but during 2nd half, it lacked some sugar that I was expecting. The direction of the film is something that was a letdown. Ayananka Bose did a good job with the camera-work but the angles felt like I missed something in the movie. The editing was too sloppy and I felt that the editor added to too much that wasn't needed. Overall, the movie is decent in parts but does have its flaws.

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Nothing much to offer but it still never bores you

Author: Ankit Bhatnagar from New Delhi
31 July 2016

Nothing much to offer but it still never bores you. Redemption of no-plot is done by decent direction and an average performance by all the actors.

Storyline Rating: 2 Content: 1 Commercialization: 4 Entertainment: 3

Acting Rating: 3 Varun Dhawan: 3 John Abraham: 3 Saqib Saleem: 3 Jacqueline Fernandes: 3

Direction Rating: 3

Music Rating: 2

Cinematography: 3

Editing: 2

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